Rape victim’s lashes INCREASED – because her lawyer publicised her barbaric sentence

Rape victim’s lashes INCREASED – because her lawyer publicised her barbaric sentence

SAUDI lawyer Abd al-Rahman al-Lahim had the temerity to draw the world’s attention to the fact that a court had sentenced a 19-year-old rape victim to 90 lashes.

The resultant publicity so enraged the Saudi judiciary it has INCREASED the sentence imposed on the young woman to 200 lashes, plus six months in jail.

And the court punished al-Lahem too – banning him from further defending the woman, confiscating his license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

 Abd al-Rahman al-Lahim

Abd al-Rahman al-Lahim

The human rights activist – who won the 2008 Human Rights Defenders Award but was prevented by the authories to travel to London to receive it –  turned to the international community for help in freeing his client who had originally been convicted of violating Saudi Arabia’s rigid Islamic sharia law on segregation of the sexes.

The justice ministry implied the victim’s sentence had been increased because the media had been alerted. A statement issued by the official Saudi Press Agency said:

For whoever has an objection on verdicts issued, the system allows to appeal without resorting to the media.lashes

The rape took place in 2006. The victim said it occurred as she tried to retrieve her picture from a male high school student she used to know.

While in a car with the student, two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area. She said she was raped there by seven men, three of whom also attacked her friend.

The case was referred back to the General Court by an appeals court last summer, after the woman’s lawyer contested the initial verdict, saying it was too lenient for the rapists and unjust for the victim.

In addition to more than doubling her sentence, the Saudi General Court also roughly doubled the prison sentences for the seven men convicted of raping her.

The upholding of a decision to punish the victim triggered international outcry.

Canada said it would complain to Saudi authorities about the sentence, described as “barbaric”’ by Jose Verger, the Canadian minister responsible for the status of women.

The New York based Human Rights Watch said the verdict:

Not only sends victims of sexual violence the message that they should not press charges, but in effect offers protection and impunity to the perpetrators.

While not directly criticising the Saudi Arabia’s judiciary, US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said:

I think when you look at the crime and the fact that now the victim is punished, I think that causes a fair degree of surprise and astonishment. It is within the power of the Saudi government to take a look at the verdict and change it.

But the Saudi judiciary stood by its decision. It said in a statement:

The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism, away from emotions.

The statement also said that the “charges were proven” against the woman for having been in a car with a strange male, and repeated criticism of her lawyer for talking “defiantly” about the judicial system, saying “it has shown ignorance.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that another Islamic basket case of a  country, Pakistan, has banned the country’s first gay website.

The site, set up to help members of Pakistan’s homosexual and transgender community socialise and share experiences, was shut down on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said they had halted access to the site after complaints from Internet users. Said spokesman Kamran Ali:

We blocked the website under the law because its content was against Islam and norms of Pakistani society.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake (Pakistan report)


98 responses to “Rape victim’s lashes INCREASED – because her lawyer publicised her barbaric sentence”

  1. Johm says:

    Those strong words probably took a lot of courage from US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.
    On another note:
    @ mr umar farooq: you are one sick puppy.

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  3. Bridget says:

    To everyone saying that Islam as a religion caused this – Saudi Arabia has Wahaabism as their state religion, which is a very extreme but very frowned upon strand if Islam that is not popular across the rest of the Muslim world. This is necessary to consider when you claim that all Muslims believe this or are like that because it’s a different set of laws and completely different interpretation of the Qu’ran, so please refrain from comparing it directly with other forms of Islam and every Muslim, in the Arab or Western worlds.

  4. Shaun says:

    Umar Farooq… What a complete Dickhead

  5. Almo says:

    Such sick, sick mentality within the muslim community. I doubt if they would be able to front a court in most countries as they would obviously be judged as mental cases incapable of understanding why they were being tried.

  6. S. Suchindranath Aiyer says:

    How very Moslem! Most Islamic. The Ghost of the Prophet (PBUH) would be proud. Given the US track record of the Boston and Salem Witch Trials, the Mc Carthy-Hoover collective psyche and the Media Trials of Sadam Hussein, Bashar Al Assad et al, there is little to wonder at that Tweedle Bush and Tweedle Blair are heroes and that the US is the most faithful ally that the Saudi Wahahabis, aka Al Qaeda, aka Taliban, aka Pakistan have!!!

  7. Ahmed says:

    Hi to all.

    I see no muslims replying but im going to take 1 swing at this so hear goes.

    I am a muslim. I condemn Al Shabab, Al Qaeda etc.. but also Dr Terry jones, the Israeli defence force and other terrorist and xtremists worlwide. I condemn Assad- Syrian leader, the apartheid occupation of Palestine, 9/11, Bali, Kenya, the US invasion of Iraq, the US drone strikes on innocent children, and all atrocities perpetrated by ‘Muslims’ AND non Muslims alike. You see, terrorism knows know religion or creed, yet some muslims want to use their Religion to justify their actions. Which is wrong!! Terror is the act of inciting fear by extreme measures. It doesnt mean that you’re an army that killing innocent civilians is ‘collateral’

    Because terror, isnt abbout Religion. Why is it that a caucasian perpetrates a crime – he’s mentally unstable, but when a muslim does it the words : extremists, islamists, jihadists.

    About this article – There are 4 schools of thought regarding the Shariah law. Saudi implement strict shariah law – however they have another view of it – therefore using their logic thats why the sentence went up. I am not condoning it – I am just explaining to you how it works.

    Please understand that Islam is a perfect Religion – muslims are not. Did Pastor Terry Jones who undertook the Pagan act of burning Quraans do so under the guise of religion? if so why is the world not labelling all Christians as Pagans? because that is your’lls logic at the moment. This whole Islamophobia ( esp after 911 when Osama was blamed with NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE.. but we getting of topic) is clearly what drives everyone.

    U know Islam, from the media, why dont you ask peaceful muslims like myself, who blend in with society and yet pray 5 times a day and our women arent “oppressed”. (How headscarf is oppressing women is beyond me, but hey you guys have GREAT logic)

  8. Ahmed says:

    How can people watch “Red Dawn” and support the wolverines and not Palestine over Israel.

    Heres how the movie goes :
    Americans living on their land, invaded and occupied by another country, people revolt and get labelled terrorists.

    How is that not the same as Palestine? Palestine existed BEFORE Israel. Israel were given land, they now occupy it FROM THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY LIVED THERE – and when they revolt – they’re terrorists.

    Has anyone watched the Oxford debate on whether Islam is a bad religion? Why dont you watch it before making outrageous statements.

    Get into your Islamophoboic heads – ISLAM IS PERFECT, NOT MUSLIMS. People have tendencies, psychological states of mind.

    If a gy who has murderous tendencies goes and beheads someone ( birmingham) – why do people blame his religion and not his mind? Do you people even know whats in the Quraan or only “WHAT THE MEDIA REPORT”. I have memorised the Quraan cover to cover and I dont see one mention that you gota blow urself up in public or hold people captive in a mall.

    Al Shabab are a terrorist group but bear in mind – they are incorrectly using Islam to justify their actions. There are other non muslim terrorist groups in the world just as sick.

    The Islamic body in RSA here have condemned the attacks. They are cowards!

    Have we not forgotten about the holocaust, the Sabra and Shatilla Massacre, Rwandan Genocide, The crusades, Guatamala, Peru, Haitim, Burundi, Chechnya/ Bosnia etc.. Only Muslims perpetrated these? Come guys, dont paint us all the same.


  9. Ayesha says:

    Hi, I am a muslim women living in South Africa. No doubt the sentencing is totally absurd and barbaric. It is for this reason and through people of this caliber that muslims around the entire world are misinterpreted. Here in South Africa we live in peace and harmony with eachother. Muslim women are treated equally in the household, at the office, or wherever it may be. My heart goes out to the victim… but I think that we must acknowledge the fact that the lawyer (being another muslim) did stand against the sentencing…before making the assumption that no muslim is willing to protest. I hope that soon enough there will be peace amoung muslim folk and the rest of the world. I hope that somehow and in some way muslims with this sort of mindset (such as this court) would finally start understanding their own religion. And I hope that we could all be free of hate and hypocrisy.

  10. Ahmed says:

    If men are ‘allowed’ to rape a women ‘if shes alone with them in a car’ – hahahaa again ur idiotic logic. Shahnaz, Dont blame Islam and side with Western Policies. Islam prohibits for eg Alcohol because of its downfalls. It does not encourge interraction between unmarried male and unmarried female to prevent rape. So now it has happened, you saying its her fault she shouldnt have been there? I am not saying saudis here are right but your arguments are laughable on so many levels.
    You need guidance. And No ‘Jihadis’ musnt be destroyed – TERRORISTS must be destroyed .Any person from any culture from any creed who terrorises other human beings must be destroyed. You level of intellect and knowledge of your own religion is shocking.

  11. AgentCormac says:

    @ Ahmed

    Like every other religion, Islam is the absolute antithesis of perfection. Now run along and take your tiresome, predictable little rants some place else.

  12. Vee says:

    @ AgentCormac, It’s best to ignore trolls, besides he probably doesn’t understand a word you said.
    @William, Islam is not the biggest evil, there are numerous other evils that happen right under our noses and they are never documented, or called controversial when they are.
    @Hamza, thank you, it’s nice to hear some reason from someone within.
    I know many Muslims in SA and none of them are violent or perverted, they somehow manage to live seeing women’s faces, arms, legs, even tummies sometimes without being “forced” to rape them.
    The very fact that a victim should get ANY punishment is sick. I think a man that rapes should have his member removed

  13. notveryreligious says:

    agent corn-mac. What an unimpressive comment. absolute antithesis of reasonable, sociable etc. May you get strangled in your sleep sometime soon.

  14. Michael says:


    I am an atheist, brought up in a Christian country/family with Muslim & Christian friends. I have a lot of empathy towards Muslims that the peaceful majority is tainted in peoples minds by the actions of a violent minority of extremists.

    The issue at hand in this article however is the absolute barbaric decisions made by a government in the name of “Islamic Law”, not an uneducated mentally unstable extremist. It’s things like these which further alienate and cause mistrust of what by rights is meant to be a peaceful religion.

    You asked why when a caucasion commits murder they are just classes mentally unstable. If acts of murder/terror or barbaric atrocities are said to be in the name of Islam by the perpetrators then people will obviously link the two wether its right or wrong to do so. There are probably just as many crazy people from other religions who also commit vile acts however if they are not claiming to do it in honour of their god then people obviously aren’t going to link it to their religion.

    In regards to Israel, whilst I do not agree with their foreign policy and think that is wrong the way they operate with most things, they are a race of people who deserve to be alive as much as everyone else on this planet. The reason why they probably have such heavy handed cruel tactics with their neighbours is because almost every Muslim nation that surrounds them has vowed for their destruction. Fighting for the survival of your people is a more noble cause than fighting to destroy a race completely because they worship a different god and are living on a certain piece of land. Once again I reiterate that I understand the majority of normal peaceful Muslims couldn’t care less and just want to live peaceful lives with their loved ones. However the reputation and branding of the religion is damaged once again by the extremist attitude and violent rhetoric. It breeds fear.

    I completely agree with many of your points and honestly wish more people had the chance to meet normal everyday Muslims like yourself to help cement the belief that we are all the same regardless of beliefs and race and that most people don’t want the violence and hatred that exists. It’s just such a shame that there are a minority of Muslims & Muslim governments that further enhance the stigma and continues the cycle

  15. Daz says:

    Because “May you get strangled in your sleep sometime soon” is the very essence of reasonable debate. Fuck off.

  16. barriejohn says:

    May you get strangled in your sleep sometime soon.

    By a Muslim? This thread has got beyond ridiculous, especially as the story is about seventy years old.

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  18. W-lf says:

    Earth’s dirtiest scum, fucking cowards is what they are if they treat a woman like that.

  19. AgentCormac says:

    @ notveryreligious

    Sorry if you found my comment ‘unimpressive’. I suppose by comparison you think hoping I get murdered in my bed is the height of intelligence and therefore mightily awe-inspiring. Which only goes to show what a fuckwit you actually are.

  20. colin k says:

    Ahmed, Islam just like any other religion is not perfect. infact, religion itself is imperfection, all that exist today are full of contradiction and lies.

  21. Naseeb Ullah says:

    Asalaam-O-Alekum! My name shows my religion! The punishment is very right without any shadow of doubt, but for a Muslim girl. As in Muslim society no woman is allowed to go alone with a male mat how is not related to her, except (i) her Father, (ii) her Brother (iii) her Husband and (iv) her Son. The ignorance of this law which is the Law of Quraan is like ignoring the Quraan, and who ever without any knowledge do so is a sinner. Who the hell is contractor of the rules for the societies of the entire world. Who the hell is west putting their nonsense and non-ethicale ideas on the other parts of the world. Islam does not allow woman to be used as sex doll as in Europe and America.

  22. AgentCormac says:

    The punishment is very right without any shadow of doubt…

    Naseeb, on a moral and/or intellectual level, have you ever wondered whether the Stone Age really is the right era for the human race to remain?

  23. remigius says:

    Islam does not allow woman to be used as sex doll

    Sex dolls need to be blown-up first – I’m sure Islam doesn’t have a problem with that, eh Naseeb!

  24. IamNonMuslim says:

    Now well this news is shocking.
    whats more shocking is some muslim coming up and saying this is right, “woman deserves punishment”.
    Then another muslim comes and says, “not all muslims are like this” but hey this punishment is in the name of Islam, not muslims.
    then another muslim comes and says “islam is perfect religion” when religion and perfect do no exist together. religion is a con mans bitch

    Then another muslim comes and says – ” we are united under one Ummah and by one God” where is the unity?

  25. Vee says:

    @ Naseeb, you don’t think 2 girls were forced into the car by the 7 horny swines? I hope this never happens to your wife,daughter,sister or mother. But I suppose you would still have the same opinion :/
    It’s pathetic that a woman must be blamed for a man’s carnal sin. They must control themselves just like others do, it is their sin, not the victim’s. I’m sure Allah would agree if you ever got a chance to ask

  26. barriejohn says:

    Vee: You’re wrong. Allah would agree with everything that paedophile/rapist/misogynist/homophobe/murderer/racist, Mohammed said, because Allah is Mohammed.

  27. Angela_K says:

    Naseeb ” Islam does not allow woman to be used as sex doll” No, but your disgusting religion forces women to become baby factories, slaves to men and also denies them an education. Members of your cult have no problem raping under aged white girls here in the UK.

  28. knives says:

    There’s no such thing like perfect religion.Religion can’t save thats fact.

  29. Matt+Westwood says:

    Sorry AgentCormac, I believe your reaction to Ahmed is non-constructive.

    Here’s one of the people we are crying out for: someone within the religion who is prepared to shout out that this sort of behaviour done in the name of religion is unacceptable — and you’re beating him up just because he identifies as a muslim? Sorry, but shame on you, I thought you were a bit more liberal than that.

    @Ahmed: When a madman kills people, indeed it’s a bad thing. Usually that madman (it’s usually men) has a reason for doing it, even if it’s twisted. And when one does it in the name of a religion, it’s most twisted of all.

    The fact is, there are *many many murders* done “in the name of Islam” than any other religion in the world (although there are knots of barbarity everywhere, Buddhists in Burma (or is is Thailand?) for example). And it is also a fact that *most* other mass murders are *not* done in the name of a religion, but there have been some nasty ones in the name of Christianity. It happens. And *in general*, that religious connection is highlighted. I suppose the only missing link is the establishment that Muslims who commit acts of mass murder (or even just murder) in the “furtherance” of their faith need to be identified as being mentally ill.

    But why is it that most of the murders done in the name of Islam is done against fellow Muslims?

  30. barriejohn says:

    Matt: The big question is this – if so many murders (including mass murder) are committed in the name of religion, then in what way does religion provide a higher moral standard and the impetus to live a more moral life? This is the claim that is made for “faith”.

  31. Fran says:

    Admed If you we’re of a normal intelligence you would not be moslim to begin with so please don’t try to explain the moslims. There is no such religion THEY ARE A CULT PERIOD

  32. Ali says:

    Well she went to out to get fucked up anyway, not knowing it would be a gang bang.
    Adultery in first place is illegitimate in Islam which fuckers like you who themselves tell their sister and mothers to go and get fucked up by strangers, wont understand why it is illegitimate in Islam.
    Everything is fine with this case, giving victim a sentence of 200 lashes, 6 month jail etc etc, except one thing, THE RAPISTS ARE STILL ALIVE AND THEY ARE SENTENCED ONLY FOR 9 YEARS WHICH IS NOT RIGHT, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN BEHEADED this is the only thing i m not happy with in regards to this case otherwise everything is fine with it.

  33. Matt+Westwood says:

    Sorry, I just think it’s polite to try and meet moderates half way.

  34. Matt+Westwood says:

    On the other hand Ali is a fucking prick.

  35. barriejohn says:

    These have just got to be trolls PRETENDING to be devout Muslims. No one could be that thick, surely?

  36. AgentCormac says:

    Sorry AgentCormac, I believe your reaction to Ahmed is non-constructive.

    Here’s one of the people we are crying out for: someone within the religion who is prepared to shout out that this sort of behaviour done in the name of religion is unacceptable — and you’re beating him up just because he identifies as a muslim? Sorry, but shame on you, I thought you were a bit more liberal than that.

    My apologies if I have been missing something here, Matt. Ahemd has claimed on several occasions and in great big capital letters (just to make sure we don’t miss the point) that ISLAM IS PERFECT. You explain to me how that sits with the principles of freethinking.

  37. jaguar delfin says:

    Im upset with the government system of midle east countries, for usually overseas filipino workers were being deprive of their rights and generally abused by their employers and moslim nationnals. The find OFW especially filipina women as their SEX symbols. Indeed, DFA can’t take actions for they were only a piece of *****.

  38. barriejohn says:

    Well said, jaguar delfin. The ludicrous claim that Muslims “respect” women and people of other faiths is contradicted by all the evidence!

  39. Faiz Uddin says:

    This is indeed sad news! Instead of progressing into a new age where the tenants of the Sharia law are amended to accommodate new ideas, thoughts there seems to be a regression to the dark ages. Instead of punishing the perpetrators, they are punishing the victim – how UNJUST!

  40. Daniel says:

    200 lashes for rape victim = Sharia law
    Sharia law = Islam
    Islam = perfect
    Perfect = 200 lashes for rape victim

  41. Daniel says:

    What Ahmed is trying to say :

    200 lashes for rape victim = Sharia law
    Sharia law = Islam
    Islam = perfect
    perfect = 200 lashes for rape victim

  42. M. Hoque says:

    Saudi Arabia does not belong in the list of “civilized” nations, – it is still in the 7th century !

  43. AgentCormac says:

    What Ahmed is trying to say :

    200 lashes for rape victim = Sharia law
    Sharia law = Islam
    Islam = perfect
    perfect = 200 lashes for rape victim

    Thank you, Daniel. I did wonder if it might have been just me reading that one wrong.

  44. Diana Seghorn says:

    I am outraged by the sentence, however I do realize that there are apparently extremists running the courts, because all Muslims do not agree with this. The laws of Islam do not protect women at all. However there are Muslims who believe things need to change. Please do not clump all Muslims in a bundle and throw them away. Just like we disagree with our government decisions, many disagree with their judicial system. I am a born and raised true American that learned to judge individuals for who they are not entire groups as difficult as that can be, it is a necessity to living the American Dream.

  45. While money indeed buys a lot of things there are things money can’t buy when they insist on living in the stone age, hehehe. I wonder if the Arab judges give themselves 200 lashes too every time they make a wrong decision?

  46. Jen says:

    Keeping men and women separate does not decrease rape, it increases the risk, because it makes it easier to see women as “other” and “inferior” when they are not seen as human beings and equals. =/

  47. Craig says:

    Justice, in the Islamic Style. Something which belongs in the Dark Ages and the History Books……otherwise a complete anathema in the 21st Century. Leave it to religion to show us what Barbarity is. Again.

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