Foolish Saudi Arabian ‘psychologist’ warns that women drivers risk birth defects

GROWING pressure among Saudi citizens – both women and men – to have the ban on female drivers in the Islamic kingdom lifted is being viewed with grave concern by Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan, who has felt compelled to issue a health warning.

Al-Luhaydan, described here as “a judicial and psychological consultant to the Gulf Psychological Association”, declared:

Driving could have a reverse physiological impact. Physiological science and functional medicine studied this side [and found] that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. This is why we find for women who continuously drive cars their children are born with clinical disorders of varying degrees.

The learned sheikh was reacting with alarm to a campaign that is urging women to get behind the wheel on October 26.

The Saudi women's drive campaign logo. We added the sheikh for comic effect.

The Saudi women’s drive campaign logo. We added the sheikh for comic effect.

The campaign website’s mission statement says:

The October 26th movement is a grass-root campaign by the women and men of Saudi Arabia. Its aim is to revive the demand to lift the ban on women driving. The campaign has no anti-Islamic or political agenda for neither Islam nor the official laws of Saudi prohibit women from driving. Islam and the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia both ensure that all, regardless of gender, have the right to freedom of movement. King Abdullah has also stated that the ban is only societal.

Hence this campaign was started to urge the government to issue an official decree lifting the ban.

More than 11,000 have signed the declaration that adds:

Since there are no clear justifications for the state to ban adult, capable women from driving, we call for enabling women to have driving tests and for issuing licenses for those who pass.

This is one of many photographs posted on the campaign website

This is one of many photographs posted on the campaign website

Sheikh al-Luhaydan urged campaigners to consider:

The mind before the heart and emotion and look at this issue with a realistic eye. The result of this is bad and they should wait and consider the negativities.

Al-Luhaydan’s statement drew immediate reaction on social media, with many Saudis ridiculing his “great scientific discoveries.” An Arabic Twitter hashtag “Women_driving_affects_ovaries_and_pelvises” was created and is going viral among Arab users.

Female twitter user @Shams_AlShmous sarcastically applauded the sheikh’s “exclusive scientific achievement.”

A female user with the name of Ms Jackson @B_B1ack tells everyone:

What’s your understanding of physiology, leave it to our Sheikh al-Luhaydan.

Another female @Mshaal80 asked whether al-Haydan:

Studied Shariah, medicine or foolishness.

And on The Muslim Issue it was suggested that driving could also have a negative effect on MALE drivers:

Completely new  scientific research provided to us from Mecca tells that driving can affect the intelligence level and penis size on Muslim men. So, Saudi men should seriously consider a ban on all driving for men – and leave it up to the women.

In addition, sunshine has shown to have a severe damaging effect on Arabs, the men in particular, leading to possession of jinns. Therefore it is of the utmost sincere scientific and medical advice that Arab men must immediately cover themselves in a thick black cloak, the thicker the better, and make sure no skin can be seen at all. There should be severe punishment of Arab men who are not covered. Flogging and execution of slutty Arab men who display any skin is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, the head of the kingdom’s religious police said last week that the

Islamic sharia does not have a text forbidding women driving.

Sheikh Abdulatif al-Sheikh stressed that since he was appointed as head of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice religious police have not pursued or stopped a woman driving.

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24 responses to “Foolish Saudi Arabian ‘psychologist’ warns that women drivers risk birth defects”

  1. barriejohn says:

    They should tread with care. This news appears in today’s Observer:

    Two prominent female rights activists who went to the aid of a woman they believed to be in distress are expected to go to jail in Saudi Arabia on Sunday after the failure of their appeal against a 10-month prison sentence and a two-year travel ban.

    Wajeha al-Huwaider, a writer who has repeatedly defied Saudi laws by driving a car, and Fawzia al-Oyouni were arrested for taking a food parcel to the house of someone they thought was in an abusive relationship. In June they were found guilty on a sharia law charge of takhbib – incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband, thus undermining the marriage.

    Campaigners say they are “heroes” who have been given heavy sentences to punish them for speaking out against Saudi restrictions on women’s rights, which include limited access to education and child marriage as well as not being able to drive or even travel in a car without a male relative being present.

  2. T says:

    Did this idiots mum drive a car then. Maybe that would explain his apparently congenital stupidity.

  3. the Woggler says:

    As a walking birth defect, I guess he should know.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    Dunno about you lot, but I find those burqa’d steering wheel symbols a tad sinister ….

  5. Robert Arlan says:

    As there are Nobel prizes each year, awarded for those who have made worthwhile contributions to mankind….shouldn’t there be something that recognises absolute nutters. Saudi Arabia should dominate the list.

  6. Ryan morrigan says:

    All cultures are beautiful.

  7. Brummie says:

    Explain Ryan?

  8. AgentCormac says:

    ‘Saudi women want to drive a car by himself’

    Am I missing something…? I am, aren’t I?!

  9. Ryan morrigan says:


  10. Canada Dave says:

    @ Agent Cormac

    “Am I missing something…? I am, aren’t I?!”

    You am missing something….it does not matter if Muslim women
    can spell.
    That’s the way the Muslim men like em….covered up and stupid.

  11. Canada Dave says:

    The worse thing to be if you are a Muslim woman would
    be to have good looks and be intelligent ….neither of which would be of any use because no one will see you and being smart is a death sentence.

  12. AgentCormac says:

    @ Canada Dave

    Thank they for sorting that two out.

  13. barriejohn says:

    What about the so-called “White Widow”, and others who play a leading role in terrorist groups? Is THAT Islamic? It appears that there are different rules if you are a “militant” Muslim woman.

  14. 1859 says:

    Driving cars ‘automatically affects the ovaries and rolls up the pelvis’ Wow! Finally, this amazing scientific discovery explains why all women drivers in the rest of the world are so bad!!! And, of course, why men are such aggressive drivers – for at least a century since the motor car was invented, men must have been, and still are, sitting on their dicks, squashing their balls and fuming with unimaginable pain – it is scientifically obvious is it not? May it not explain all the wars of the 20th Century? I think the ‘learned’ sheik should be awarded the Nobel Prize for this.

    What will these men not do to keep control of their property?

  15. Barry Duke says:

    “I think the ‘learned’ sheik should be awarded the Nobel Prize for this.”
    Oh yes, 1859, but first it should surely go to this fella who used magnets to prove the “wrongness” of same sex unions:

  16. Trevor Blake says:

    Speaking of birth defects and what Islamic Sharia law does not forbid…

    In England, Muslim births are three percent of births and nearly one-third of all children born with genetic illnesses. Centuries of inbreeding with no change today are a suspected cause.

  17. Stephen Mynett says:

    The trouble with the Nigerian nutbar was he was looking at the wrong force, it is a strong force that keeps relationships together. Therefore he should have analysed the main Hadrons, protons and neutrons, as they consist of three quarks held together by the strong force.

    So, obviously, a menage a trois is the way nature intended.

  18. ExPatriot says:

    Where did these two nut cases get their degrees from,by mail order or from a pile of dung somewhere.I don’t see how they could have gotten thgem from any decent school as they both are suffering fron cases of terminal stupidity.

  19. Smaritan says:

    Women should also be given equal rights

  20. sssbd2009 says:

    Funny but Thought provoking – About Segregation of Male & Female by ISLAM.
    Science Fact: If you want to get better results at work place or at classroom stop inter-mixing of men and women———– The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools.
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    (Sorry for any objectionable pictures, I am not responsible for them)
    Science Fact: Interacting with women can impair mens cognitive functioning ====
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    Science Fact: – a woman’s face is like chocolate, cash (money) or cocaine (Addictive drug) to a man’s brain, according to Harvard University researchers NEW YORK (Reuters Health). Find out more———-
    So, the religion of Islam gave us the perfect system of segregation (between men & women), so that men can function properly without being distracted or dumb & to keep the society running smoothly.
    And also we can assume from those information that, it is very important for Muslim women to use Burka/Abaya/Hijab/Niqab/Zilbab to cover their body/face.
    Islamic Evidence for prohibition of mixing of Men & Women:-

  21. Barry Duke says:

    To sssbd2009: “A woman’s face is like chocolate, cash (money) or cocaine (Addictive drug) to a man’s brain”.

    Ummmmm … Clearly, from this post (plus a bunch more that I trashed) your brain has been comprehensively fucked up. What have you been staring at so long to achieve this level of idiocy?

    Or perhaps you’ve been banging your head too long on a concrete floor while praying to your ridiculous AAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

  22. AgentCormac says:

    @ sssbd2009

    You seem to enjoy using the phrase ‘science fact’ a lot. Do you actually understand what it means? I mean, you are clearly an apologist for religious lunacy, so ‘science fact’ should be the antithesis of everything you have been brainwashed into believing.

    Just a thought, but have you ever wondered what it must be like living in the 21st century rather than the Stone Age? You might like it here. Pity that those who control your mind will never allow you to try it.

  23. Polomint38 says:

    A bit late with this post
    No Woman, No Drive.