Nebraska judge Peter Bataillon goes easy on gun crime but won’t tolerate abortion

A WHILE back, according to outraged cops in Omaha, a judge gave a convicted gun offender a probationary sentence.

The felon – one Lafayette Reed – was arrested by OPD officers for carrying a concealed weapon  –  a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. It was his second offence.

He promptly broke the terms of his probation, was again hauled up before Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon … and was given probation – AGAIN!

Judge Bataillon is again in the news, this time over his refusal to allow an abortion for a 16-year-old in foster care who had been physically abused and neglected by her parents.

In a closed hearing this summer, the teen told the judge she was ten weeks pregnant and asked for a court order allowing an abortion. She said she would not be able to financially support a child and feared she might lose her foster placement if her foster parents, whom she described as having “strong religious beliefs”, were to find out about her pregnancy.

Bataillon found that the girl had not shown she was mature enough to make the decision to seek an abortion, and asked the girl if she knew that:

When you have the abortion, it’s going to kill the child inside you.      

Pro-choice supporters in Nebraska

Pro-choice supporters in Nebraska

The case took another disturbing turn this week when the Nebraska Supreme Court, hearing an appeal against the judge’s decision, upheld his verdict.

This, despite being told that by the girl’s legal representative Catherine Mahern that the judge failed to recognise the exception for abuse in Nebraska’s parental consent law, and that Bataillon should have recused himself because he was not impartial, as evidenced by his “killing a child” remark.

But the high court did not consider the girl’s argument that Bataillon should have recused himself, because she did not ask him to do so or question his impartiality at trial.

Court records found online make reference to a Peter Bataillon who served in the 1980s on a committee for Metro Right to Life, an Omaha anti-abortion group.

Nebraska has the strictest laws on abortion of any state in the US. In 2010 a Nebraska mum Danielle was denied an abortion even though the child would not survive. Her doctors told her “she’d just have to wait.” So she did, in “torture,” and gave birth to Elizabeth at 3 pm, watched her gasp for breath, and then watched her die at 3:15 pm on December 8, 2010.

The outcome of my pregnancy, that choice was made by God [but] how to handle the end of my pregnancy, that choice should’ve been mine.

Inspired by Nebraska, abortion opponents in five other states have won passage of measures banning virtually all abortions after five months of pregnancy.