Christian hate group is outraged because the US Army has identified it as … a hate group

THE barking mad Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, is incandescent with rage after he learned that several dozen soldiers were told last week that the AFA was a hate group. He called the Army’s allegations:

Libelous, slanderous and blatantly false.

The briefing was held at Camp Shelby in Mississippi and listed the AFA alongside domestic hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam.

A soldier who attended the briefing contacted Todd Starnes, right-wing host of Fox News & Commentary, and sent him a photograph of a slide show presentation that listed AFA as a domestic hate group. Under the AFA headline is a photograph of Westboro Baptist Church preacher Fred Phelps holding a sign reading “No special law for fags”.


Starnes rushed to the defence of the AFA, saying that it:

Has absolutely no affiliation with the controversial church group known for picketing the funerals of American service members.

The soldier who contacted Starnes is an evangelical Christian and ardent supporter of the AFA, who’s main mission is to attack gay people. He said:

I had to show Americans what our soldiers are now being taught. I couldn’t just let this one pass.

The soldier said a chaplain interrupted the briefing and challenged the instructor’s assertion that AFA is a hate group.

The soldiers added:

The instructor said AFA could be considered a hate group because they don’t like gays. The slide was talking about how AFA refers to gays as sinners and heathens and derogatory terms.

The soldier said the chaplain defended the Christian ministry.

He kept asking the instructor, ‘Are you sure about that, son? Are you sure about that?’

Later in the briefing, the soldiers were reportedly told that they could face punishment for participating in organisations that are considered hate groups.

“That considered,” wrote Starnes, “the soldier contacted me because he is a financial contributor to the AFA ministry.”

I donate to AFA as often as I . Am I going to be punished? I listen to American Family Radio all day. If they hear it on my radio, will I be faced with a Uniformed Code of Military Justice charge?

The soldier said he was:

Completely taken back by this blatant attack not only on the AFA but Christians and our beliefs.

Said Starnes:

It’s not the first time the Army has accused conservative Christian groups of being domestic hate groups. Earlier this year, I exposed Army briefings that classified evangelical Christians and Catholics as examples of religious extremism.

Fischer wailed:

This mischaracterization of AFA is reprehensible and inexcusable  We have many military members who are a part of the AFA network who know these accusations are a tissue of lies.

Fischer said their views on gay marriage and homosexuality are not hate – it’s simply a disagreement.


Fischer added:

If our military wasn’t headed by a commander-in-chief who is hostile to Christian faith, these allegations would be laughed off every military base in the world.

More non-hateful Fischer quotes here.

37 responses to “Christian hate group is outraged because the US Army has identified it as … a hate group”

  1. T says:

    Just wait. It is only a matter of time until the charming Mr Fischer gets caught with his pants down. Those who rage against sexual orientation very often are enthusiastic followers of the orientation they publicly condemn. The louder the protest the deeper the guilt and need. William Shakespeare knew what he was writing about.

  2. Mike De Fleuriot says:

    “Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand! Why dost thou lash that whore?… Thou hotly lust’st to use her in that kind, for which thou whip’st her.”

    You mean this, T?

  3. mikespeir says:

    They’ll probably back down, but it will be a shame when they do.

  4. Stuart H. says:

    I know the seminars on hate groups and crimes used by most US police forces are based on briefings by the Southern Poverty Law Center. If the Army is now joining that ‘client list’ that can only be a good thing.
    I seem to recall that AFA are amongst the hate groups listed by SPLC who tried legal action to get themselves removed from such lists. I also seem to recall they lost, not on the grounds of free speech but because SPLC can always hit the courts with such a massive dossier of evidence that the hate groups decide further publicity would be harmful. Just a shame the SPLC have to waste so much money on legal costs, but shame isn’t something groups like the AFA are big on, I suppose.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    Hitler was not a homosexual. But he was a life-long Christian, a Roman Catholic whom the Church could never quite find cause to excommunicate.


  6. Ivan says:

    Quite correctly and in line with most other official bodies in the US, the army is simply using the widely accepted and respected Southern Poverty Law Center hate group listings as a guide.

    To maintain their high status in these matters, the SPLC do not list lightly and, as you can see in the following link, the AFA entry is thoroughly deserved:

    It’s a depressingly familiar read.

  7. Bongfu says:

    Boo hoo. Christians being a hate group is nothing new. They have been throughout their history.

    When I went through training in the Army we were taught the exact same thing and no one disagreed.

  8. Ryan morrigan says:

    The American south, where these groups always come from, to this day still clings to the anger and “you can’t tell me what to do” attitude leftover from the Civil War. They’re actually still pissed they can’t have slaves, let alone allow homosexuals to live. It is, for the most part, a conclave of inbred, uneducated, Republican Christian retards. The only reason we keep them as part of the US is because Republicans can’t rule the universe without their uninformed votes. Fun fact: this is also where the majority of US soldiers comes from.

  9. Broga says:

    @Mike de Fleuriot; T may mean, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” which comes from Hamlet, act III, scene II, where it is spoken by Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother.

    Although I think your quote is certainly relevant.

  10. Gilb says:

    It [the American south] is, for the most part, a conclave of inbred, uneducated, Republican Christian retards.

    So true it’s Worth saying twice.

  11. Stuart H. says:

    Excerpt from an e-mail I’ve just got from Faith In America on this topic might be of interest….

    “During last night’s programming, The Kelly File Host Megyn Kelly went to Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher for what Kelly described as developing news. Gallagher then proceeded to report that several dozen U.S. Army active duty and reserve troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby were told last week by an instructor that the American Family Association was a hate group because its longstanding animus toward gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

    Gallagher stated one of the servicemen, who he said didn’t want his name used, had contacted Fox News Radio Show Host Todd Starnes and reported the incident. Gallagher did not mention that Starnes himself had authored an article about it earlier in the day and neither did Megyn Kelly.

    What Gallagher and Kelly also did not acknowledge for their viewers is that Todd Starnes actively seeks to promote the Family Research Council and American Family Association. He was featured this weekend as a guest speaker at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., which is hosted by the Family Research Council.”

  12. L.Long says:

    It take a bunch of Xtians to claim they are not a hate group and then act hateful towards a select group of people just cuz a scrap of waste paper written by stone-age bigoted goat herders has some sort bigoted hateful statement in it.

  13. barriejohn says:

    I am counting the seconds until someone comes on here and informs us all how wicked SPLC are, as they did the last time that they were mentioned. The problem is that some people have such entrenched political views that they can’t see the wood for the trees – or perhaps they can:

  14. Notnowihaveaheadache says:

    Actually, L.Long, the bible doesn’t contain any hate statements concerning homosexuality. It does, at one point, state homosexuality as an abomination, but never actually states that Christians should hate gay people. The bible addresses the “sin” as opposed to the sinner. It’s unfortunate that in these times, Christians take it upon themselves to hate the sinner rather than the sin, but that’s up to them, not Christian teachings. The Bible actually goes so far to say that judgment among humans is hypocritical and pointless, and berates those who practice such behaviors.

  15. Allen Ackbar says:

    The US Government hates terrorists. Are they a hate group too? OK bad example of course they are but the point is… Haters gonna hate and hate is not illegal. Doing bad things because of that hate can get you in some deep shiz but are we going to start policing emotions?

  16. Craig says:

    I stopped caring what people think the bible says (or even what is written in the various versions of it) a LONG time ago.

  17. Robster says:

    Ah Christians and their err…”love” and the “love” of their nasty deity(s) as outlined in their silly old bible. I’m a wee bit surprised its taken this long for the Christian dogma to be exposed for what it is: Hate filled diatribe. To call their stone age religious nonsense anything else but hate dressed up as “love” is an overt lie that exposes the whole show as a nasty piece of work.

  18. 1859 says:

    Labeling homosexuality an ‘abomination’ seems pretty hateful to me?
    However, what is worse is the suffocating narrow mindedness of gullible people who continue to believe, with utterly bovine certainty, that the scibblings of sexually repressed old men about 2000 years ago, represents the Voice From Beyond! Far from being an ‘abomination’ homosexuality is an expression and celebration of love. Don’t be so frightened of love! Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

  19. L.Long says:

    Well Notnowihaveaheadache I’ve heard all that BS before. Just cuz some delusional nitwit says ‘jesus replaced the old testament with LLLLllOOOOOve’ means nothing! xtains are as they act….as a group. When they vote against equal rights for mixed marriage (which they have already been slapped down for) and then vote to stop equal rights for gays (which they WILL get slapped down for) they are NOT nice and what the new testaments says is irrelevant, its what they do that counts. I have said before that I have yet to meet an xtian that was not a bigot and hypocrite about something.

  20. Rudy says:


    Regardless of whether the bible states you should hate the sinner or the sin, it is still reinforcing that homosexuality is something to be ashamed of and alienates them within society, its easy to cherry pick examples of things in the bible, are you meant to love thy neighbor as you kindly stone him to death.

    I am not saying the individual is not to blame but when society reinforces the bible and does it with such little education it reaches a point where you can no longer shrug off the bad bits of the bible as the individuals fault.

    On top of that Homosexuality isn’t behavior “the sin” it is apart of who someone is “the sinner” it would be like me saying that i think woman are great because the bible says to love everyone but woman are an abomination by the way.

  21. barriejohn says:

    Notnowihaveaheadache: Did someone remove the book of Romans from your Bible then? All I see is a bitter, twisted, self-loathing bigot who spews bile and hatred towards those who are less repressed than himself.

    “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done…Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

    “I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?” (NIV)

  22. barriejohn says:

    Feel the love:

    “The confrontational Stonewall slogan (Some people are gay, get over it) that is currently touring our city, towns and villages via Stagecoach buses has caused me to think and remember what is written by the prophet Isaiah 3-9: ‘For the look on their faces bears witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom: they do not hide it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves’.”

    Kent – hmmm…

  23. 1859 says:

    Just read some of the putrid stuff this fuckwit Fischer has come out with. He comes across as a religious fascist,with an ego too big to escape his arse; an ignorant fanatic who peddles lies to further his own bigotry; man content to revel in and spread ignorance, intolerance and emotional blindness far and wide across humanity. It’s high time these hate mongers – who, let’s be honest – have, over the centuries, stirred up so much human hatred, animosity, belligerence and blatant criminality between people – is it not high time they were themselves criminalised and put in secure psychiatric units? This man is a disgusting fountain of hate, a real menace to a tolerant society.

  24. barriejohn says:

    1859: Fischer has featured here many times before, either personally, as in the link below, or in connection with the AFA:

  25. Broga says:

    @Gilb: “It [the American south] is, for the most part, a conclave of inbred, uneducated, Republican Christian retards. ”

    Brilliant. A wonderful summation.

  26. Barry Duke says:

    Speaking of uneducated Christian retards, I think I have FINALLY found a photo of the reptile Bob Hutton:

  27. […] Christian hate group is outraged because the US Army has identified it as … a hate group […]

  28. Fed-Up says:

    Actually, Notnowihaveaheadache, maybe your specific translation of the Torah does say that “homosexuality is an abomination”, but it’s not in the original. In keeping with the belief in Judaism that only actions count, that your thoughts are your own & often you can’t help them, Jewish law is NOT against anyone’s orientation, but only against their actions. & that is what is condemned in that specific quote that Fundies love so much.

    Now, I could get into all the reasons why there was no real way to get punished for it, but that’s another story. Suffice it to say that Torah does not condemn any specific orientation (If it did, it would be the heterosexuals who would be in the most trouble!)

  29. Gillian Middleton says:

    Idiot Christians who have persecuted whoever they like for centuries, now crying because someone points out how un-Christian that is.


  30. Donteatacowman says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned how Obama would have to be hostile to himself for this to be true, considering he’s an out Christian. (

  31. Shay says:

    Please remember that while yes, there are narrow-minded, hateful & hate-filled Christians, there are also those of us who believe Christ’s words: that NO ONE is perfect, and ALL are worthy of God’s love. Not all of us believe anyone should be reviled or hated for how they are made, many of us believe that our goal is to love and not judge. Lumping us all together under a banner of hate is equal to saying “all Asians do this” or “all Mexicans do that”. Yes some so called Christians qualify as hate groups. while some of us are logical, rational, compassionate human beings. And the AFA is most definitely a hate group.

  32. I spent a couple of weeks at Camp Shelby for training, what an armpit!

  33. 1859 says:

    @ Shay: Then why don’t you ‘thoughtful, caring and compassionate’ christians DO SOMETHING about the likes of Fischer and his ilk? From what you say it almost appears there are TWO religions here – your christianity and Fischer’s? One spreads compassion the other hate????????

  34. barriejohn says:

    Shay: You claim to be “logical” and “rational”, yet you are a Christian. Well, here’s an old chestnut for you: how do you “rationally” decide which bits of the Blieble – including the bits that Jesus is supposed to have said – youstill have to believe, and which bits you can now safely ignore?

  35. Ron Spain says:

    But the AFA really is a hate group. The AFA is so sick, they even hate love. How can they be any more hateful? What’s more hateful than trying to have LOVE classified as a mental disorder? Screw the sick bigots of the AFA. If they want to attack love and freedom, then let’s attack them in return.