‘Moderate’ Muslims endorse stoning of gays

‘Moderate’ Muslims endorse stoning of gays

AFTER overwhelmingly agreeing by a show of hands that they were “normal” Sunni Muslims and not radicals or extremists, delegates to a “peace conference” in Norway earlier this year indicated their full support for the death penalty for adulterers and gays.

'Normal' Muslims show their support for stoning. Click on pick for shocking video

‘Normal’ Muslims show their support for stoning. Click on pick for shocking video

Note: There is another version of the same video with subtitles that makes this gathering even more chilling.

This vote, says the Chairman of a Norwegian organisation Islam Net, Fahad Ullah Qureshi, is indicative of the fact that ALL Muslims hold the view that the Koran is correct when it prescribes stoning, not just radical preachers.

The show of hands was requested during a section of the conference that dealt with the manner in which the media reports the words of:

Shaykhs who speak openly about the values of Islam.

AS soon as these preachers are invited at speak at an Islamic gathering:

The Islamophobic Western media starts murdering the character of that organisation and the invited speaker.

The explanation posted under the YouTube video says:

The question these Islamophobic journalists need to reflect upon is; are these so called ‘radical’  views that they criticize endorsed only by these few individuals being invited around the globe, or does the common Muslims believe in them? If the common Muslims believe in these values that means that more or less all Muslims are radical and that Islam is a radical religion.

Since this is not the case, as Islam is a peaceful religion and so are the masses of common Muslims, these Shaykhs cannot be radical.

Rather it is Islamophobia from the ignorant Western media who is more concerned about making money by alienating Islam by presenting Muslims in this way.

Islam Net invited nine speakers to “Peace Conference Scandinavia 2013”.

It added:

These speakers would most likely be labelled as ‘extremists’ if the media were to write about the conference. The attendees were common Sunni Muslims. They did not consider themselves as radicals or extremists. They believed that segregation was the right thing to do, both men and women agreed upon this. They even supported stoning or whatever punishment Islam or prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) commanded for adultery or any other crime. They even believed that these practises should be implemented around the world.

Now what does that tell us? Either all Muslims and Islam is radical, or the media is Islamophobic and racist in their presentation of Islam. Islam is not radical, nor is Muslims in general radical. That means that the media is the reason for the hatred against Muslims, which is spreading among the non-Muslims in Western countries.

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  1. Broga says:

    @Ahmed: I found your comments welcome and encouraging.

  2. Barry Duke says:

    Thanks to Glenn, who earlier today sent me a link to the video that has sub-titles, and makes for even more disturbing viewing. I have posted it in the main piece too.

  3. Bruce Stephenson says:

    I know several moderate muslims. One likes to rant about the evils of organized religion. Another wants to bring peace to the simmering Azeri/Armenian conflict. Neither is particularly homophobic nor adulterophobic, and both oppose the death penalty. This video strikes me as propagandist in nature.

  4. Sarah says:

    LOL@ the ignorance and bigotry here. Of course moderate Muslims don’t exist. And the fact these ‘moderates’ aint so moderate is proof positive! That’s just how logic works! They not moderate = there are no moderates. The existence of actual moderates does nothing to defeat this excellent logic. You dumb fucks.

  5. Ahmet says:

    As a Muslim, I don’t agree with all of those things the speaker mentioned. These guys represent the most radical views in Islam. Admittedly, this kind of thoughts are common in Middle-East, but the interpretations on Islam depends on regions. For example, Bosniaks and Turks have very moderate views. People should not think in the way that this is the merely interpretation of Islam.
    Stonning penalty and execution of gays are not written in Quran. These kinds of beliefs are based on hadiths, which is considered as secondary source of the religion and means “sayings of Muhammad the prophet”. However, Muslims don’t believe that all hadiths written in the books are not genuine, this is the source of unending controversy among Muslims. That is the reason why Muslims beliefs differ from each other. Of course, there are lots of hadiths which majority of Muslims agree on that they are genuine words of the prophet. Nevertheless, the hadiths like above mentioned leads controversy among Muslims. Some Muslim clerics and theologists claim that these kinds of hadiths contradict the tenets of Quran, that’s why they must be considered as null, which is the very idea I agree with.

    Anyway, ?n my country, Turkey, actually people do not even care about controversy over Islam.
    Turkish people generally consist of religious, middle-religious and the peoople who identify themselves as Muslims but do not practise their religion.

    Conclusion: All the Muslims are not same, but of course, radicalism is a huge problem undeniably.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Bruce Sephenson: In what way is the video “propagandist”? You can’t be suggesting that none of this took place, surely?

  7. BIqbal says:

    Unfortunately, the most Muslims who are vocal and express themselves publicly are radical ones. Liberal Muslims kind of stay on sidelines and are generally afraid to express their views lest they be labeled agent of the west. This needs to change.

  8. Dean Fox says:

    Ahmet. I appreciate your not supporting the stoning of adulterers and homosexuals and the other stuff the audience of the conference clearly do support. Bear in mind though this conference took place in Norway and the audience were Norwegian Muslims. The speaker went to some lengths to say the audience were a broad representation of Norwegian Muslims and that none of them consider themselves extremist or radical. As far as one can project from the one straw poll it seems those thoughts are common not just in Middle-East.

    Some may criticise his logic that the consensus of opinion means those acts are normal but in actually from a sociology point of view he’s correct.

    He didn’t ask if it was better to die a martyr’s death for the cause of Islam than to die normally, more research is needed.

  9. krauseb says:

    Why don’t the so called “moderate Muslims” stay in their own country and change things for the better.
    I bet if I were to tell a so called “moderate or liberal muslim” that the Koran was all BS I would see a big change in their liberalism.

  10. yasser says:

    even the bible clearly prohibits the same sex practices as we can read Ezekiel 18:19,..and ofcourse the most well known Sodoma and Gomorah which happened in Shams (modern day lebanon,jordan,palestine) because of these gays,..islam is correct of not tolerating this sodomy and lesbianism because it may lead us to our own destruction if we truly believe in God.

  11. Barry Duke says:

    Yes Yasser, but the Bible is bullshit, just like the Koran. The “Sodoma and Gomorah” story is just a fairy tale! Ask any atheist.

  12. JohnMWhite says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah also were not actually full of homosexuals and the city of Sodom’s name has no relation to the etymology of sodomy (which itself is an umbrella term for acts that can be either homo- or heterosexual, such as anal or oral sex). Please, yasser, open a book other than the bible once in a while.

  13. barriejohn says:

    Oh yes, of course; Yahoo rained down fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, just as Phil Collins tells us in Genesis, and Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt, which you can still see to this day as a warning to all. That’s what’s in store for all of us if we continue to tolerate these homeysexewals. What have these people got in place of brains?


  14. barriejohn says:

    I’ve never come across BifSniff before, so thanks, Yasser, for that entertaining little diversion!

  15. barriejohn says:

    One more:

    Laughing my socks off here!

  16. Angela_K says:

    Yasser. “.. it may lead us to our own destruction if we truly believe in God”.

    It is obvious you have spent too much time reading religious bollocks and not learning about Grammar and punctuation. So reading the part of your sentence above, you state that if we don’t believe in your god we’ll be destroyed. Therefore what you are actually saying is “if we don’t believe in your god we won’t be destroyed”. And it follows from this that being a non-believer makes more sense and is safer.

  17. […] 'Moderate' Muslims at Norway 'peace conference' endorse stoning … Go to this article […]

  18. Ms. Me says:

    I was surprised at a few things, but the response by the audience is one of them. This group who thinks men and women should be strictly segregated had women sitting right up front with men. I have lived in very conservative Muslim communities that did NOT stone (anyone) and they did not mix men and women.

    I was surprised that these Muslims consider themselves moderate. Stoning of adulterers was NOT commanded in the Qur’an, though lashing was for either married or unmarried unlawful sex. This is from hadith, which many Muslims believe has standing, but NOT the place of commandment or any kind of final word. The final word is the Qur’an. Furthermore, the standards for judgement is extremely high-4 witnesses to adultery or fornication are required (according to Qur’an) and it is considered to be pretty much equally evil to unlawful sex to LIE about such things. The punishment is the same-80 lashes-not death! I think too many Muslims are mired in tradition/hadith/culture to recognize the Qur’an for what it is instead of what their “scholars” are telling them. I do think that is a danger and it is something you should be afraid of because true Islam does not take hearsay as commandment from God, not even the hearsay of the prophet. We are warned in the Qur’an not to accept anything, even from a prophet, that goes against the words from God-so how did 1500 year old hearsay get so much credit? Some guy who went to Al Azhar SAID so? I don’t accept that. The Qur’an was written to common people, not scholars. This isn’t difficult and these self important scholars want everyone to think it is. Some hadith can give context to scripture, but it is not to supersede it-ever!

    Educate Muslims truly. The Quran is not harsh like the men who sometimes preach about it, anymore than Jesus was a rapist/murderer like some of the Crusaders or Inquisitors of medieval Europe. They all had agendas and they didn’t have much to do with their religion as they did their pocketbooks, power,prestige or reputations.

  19. Ms. Me says:

    Biqbal, unfortunately, most of us who speak up about our beliefs are not listened to. We don’t make the news for being moderate. I can stand from a rooftop decrying terrorism and hate and no one cares to listen! I would need to immolate myself to get any attention.

    Moderate preachers of Christianity don’t make the news. Nutjobs do-think about it. We hear a little about the success of preachers like Billy Graham but fill books with the scandals of Oral Roberts, the Bakkers, the priests/ministers who molest and things like Jim Jones and the Guyana Massacre. The preacher in the neighborhood church on Sunday who is telling us to be good, love our neighbors and do kindnesses to each other-doesn’t make the news.

  20. Barry Duke says:

    Ms Me, wherever did you get the idea that Billy Graham is a “moderate” preacher? He is, and always has been a rabid homophobe, and has been actively been opposing same sex unions over the past few years. True, he is isn’t as strident as some of his fellow evangelists, but that does not make him any more tolerant than these hate preachers.

  21. remigius says:

    too many Muslims are mired in tradition/hadith/culture to recognize the Qur’an for what it is…

    If they could recognise the Qur’an for what it is they wouldn’t be muslims.

    Educate Muslims truly.

    If you could educate muslims there would be no muslims!

  22. JohnMWhite says:

    Moderate preachers of Christianity don’t make the news. We hear a little about the success of preachers like Billy Graham but fill books with the scandals of Oral Roberts, the Bakkers, the priests/ministers who molest…

    As Barry Duke pointed out, Billy Graham is far from a moderate preacher. On the other hand, the priests of the Roman Catholic Church are about as mainstream as Christianity gets and there were hundreds and hundreds of them abusing thousands of children around the world (plus the nuns and the residential schools of Catholics and Anglicans), all sanctioned and silenced by the top brass at the Vatican. The problem is not that the ‘moderates’ aren’t on the news, it’s that the ‘moderates’ are still inherently extremists who don’t dare fight against the foundational authorities of their faiths. The moderates will not walk away from a faith that teaches it is ok to brutalise or kill or abuse people so long as authority or purity is maintained.

  23. James Jones says:

    Islam is terminal cancer on this planet and must be eliminated by whatever means possible.

  24. Barry Duke says:

    Sorry James, but your comment needed to be edited. I could not let it pass at it stood. By all means attack the religion. Many Muslims are as much a victim of Islam as those who do not sign up to this fascist ideology.

  25. I posted this to their YouTube site and was instantly blocked. Here it is FYI:

    There are over 350 million homosexuals in the world today (= 5% of 7 billion, based on exit polls of openly gay from the last 3 US Census 2004, 2008 and 2012 and similar polls across the world, plus 1% added to cover those who are ‘in the closet’ and lie about their orientation).

    It is a fact that all our parents are heterosexuals. It is also a fact that World War 2 ‘only’ killed 50 million people using all the world’s ordnance and took 6 years. Therefore to kill 350 million homosexuals will take you 7 times longer than the 6 year long World War 2. It will take you 7×6 = 42 years. During this time, our heterosexual parents will continue to give birth to hundreds of millions more homosexual children like me, just as they have always done.

    Homosexuals do not breed new homosexuals, nor do we create them through propaganda. I cannot turn you into a homosexual through propaganda, any more than you managed to turn me into a heterosexual with your violent and retributive persecution. We are not like a race that can be pinpointed to a single place, since we are born into all races and societies and families of all kinds, the world over. If you don’t think you know any, it is because you force silence through terror, and destroy our lives by forcing us to marry opposite sex partners for whom we feel absolutely nothing. You destroy not only our lives, but the lives of our unloved spouses too. They are in love with us at first but soon discover we feel nothing for them but pity. In the same way, where prejudice exists against left handed people, they can pretend to be right handed in order to escape persecution, but serious psychological damage happens to the person who cannot live openly as Nature intended them. Every heterosexual should feel able to marry a heterosexual partner who truly and deeply loves them. There is nothing good to be gained by forcing gay people to marry heterosexuals and killing us if we refuse.

    If you kill all of us, you will still never eradicate us. The only way you could be sure to eradicate all homosexuals would be to kill all our heterosexual parents too. Yet my parents had only one homosexual child, me. I have 4 siblings – 1 sister and 3 brothers who have not any desire whatsoever that you should kill me. By killing my parents to ensure I would not be born, you would also in the process prevent 4 heterosexual children, my siblings, from being born.

    I knew I was gay around age 13 so you would have to kill all gay children once they realise they are gay. Yet medical and psychological science has long ago established that your sexual orientation, whether it be heterosexual or homosexual is something you DISCOVER at puberty, it is never something you CHOOSE. Please refer to the American Psychological Association, which with over 173,000 members is the largest professional body of psychotherapists in the entire world: and The University of California research at Every major equivalent body in the world has reached the same conclusion and that is that homosexuality occurs naturally in all mammal species, and harms nobody.

    Sins like lying, stealing, cheating and killing all harm other people, and religions are right to condemn them, whereas a loving relationship between two adult male or female human beings harms nobody else and brings the same happiness to us as your opposite sex relationship brings to you. The real thing that causes harm is your hatred of us, and your persecution of us and your desire to kill us, which as I have already shown, will never eliminate us. It is your desire to hurt us and kill us that is sinful, not our love for our same sex partner.

    Religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam that teach I should be killed are therefore making a request of our parents that cannot ever be fulfilled. Whatever or whoever your God may be, be he Allah or be he Jehovah, I urge you to pray for deliverance from this scriptural misunderstanding. The lives of hundreds of millions of innocent people depend on your deep rethinking of this cruel teaching.

  26. barriejohn says:

    Derek Williams: Of course you were blocked – you were using reason! Did you see this:

    I don’t believe that the original query was genuine, but the response is brilliant.

  27. Broga says:

    I see Rupert Murdoch has been upset by Tony Blair’s platonic relationship with Rupert’s wife. Holy Tony may discover that making an enemy of Rupert Murdoch is a whole new ball game from upsetting supine politicians. As Tony is a devout RC, as is his wife, I’m sure His Devoutness would not do anything naughty while Rupert was away.