NY man blows whistle on a ‘psychic studio’ – after spending over £10,000 on a ‘curse shield’

ONE assumes that the $16,800 Ryan Reid from West Henrietta, NY, spent at Fatima’s on a “shield” against a curse plus “channel angels” wasn’t dosh well spent, for he made an allegation of fraud against Harry Mitchell’s  psychic studio, which the police then closed down on the grounds that dealing in curse-related matters breaches local laws.

After Reid made his complaint, police investigated the shop in Salem, Massachusetts, and found that its fortune-teller license had expired, so they forced it to close. But the city’s licensing board has since allowed the shop to reopen for the remainder of the year, provided that curses are left out of the equation – and after learning that Mitchell had refunded most of the money.

The Psychic Centre that broke curse regulations

The Psychic Centre that broke curse regulations

Christian Day, a “warlock” who is the owner of two Salem woo shops, expressed anger over what he perceived as an unfair targeting of Fatima’s, and said that others should be investigated for doing the same thing as Fatima’s.

He waffled:

If they’re a fraud, then we’re all frauds, and all religion is a fraud. They’re not regulating the priest who absolves you of your sins and tells you to put some money in the collection basket, or the old lady who sends all her money to Pat Robertson. They pick on us for one reason: They’re afraid of us. They’ve always been afraid of us.

Day was in the news at the beginning of the year when he lashed out at Fox News for criticising the decision by the University of Missouri to accommodate festivals regarded as sacred by Wiccans and Pagans, and not have exams on those days.

He said:

Religious surveys over the last two decades suggest that Witchcraft is America’s fastest growing faith. America is a bubbling cauldron of different peoples and faiths and it is to our credit that our nation goes out of its way to respect those days that are sacred to us. Witches believe in respect for all faiths and Tucker Carlson’s divisive rhetoric is out of step with American values.

Carlson, a guest on the show, stated that

The bad side of Wiccanism is that, obviously, it’s a form of witchcraft.

Be afraid ... be VERY afraid! This is scary Salem 'warlock' Christian Day.

Be afraid … be VERY afraid! This is scary Salem ‘warlock’ Christian Day.

Other members of the fortune-telling community, however, were glad to see Fatima’s temporarily closed down. One local fortune teller Timothy Reagan said:

What I do is read people’s energy. What they do is charge thousands of dollars for sea glass to read a curse. They prey on people who are weak, and they make us all look like frauds.