More lunacy from Planet Islam: Tattoos are ‘harmful’ and draw unnecessary attention to inked individuals

AT THE heart of a fatwa about tattoos issued by the Directorate General for Religious Affairs in Turkey is the concern that Muslims would be drawing unnecessary attention to themselves, something Islam frowns upon.

Now I would have thought that tattoos would be the least of their worries in this regard.

Surely wearing silly hats, silly beards, banging their heads on the ground while making silly noises, and enclosing themselves in black bin-bags are practices far more likely to draw attention to adherents of the Religion of Peace. Of course there’s also the beheadings, the stonings and the terrible tantrums thrown over cartoons. But no, it’s tattoos that are the problem.

Our favourite atheist tattoo

Our favourite atheist tattoo

The body’s High Committee of Religious Affairs, the Diyanet, said:

In Islam, drawing attention [to oneself] and changing the properties and form given by birth is considered to be altering creation, and is therefore banned,

It adding that the practice dated back to the pre-Islamic “age of ignorance”. The statement also mentioned that the Prophet Mohammed said that those who changed how they were created were distancing themselves from God’s mercy and grace, and concluded:

Therefore, getting tattoos is not permissible.

But genital mutilation of men and a great many females, is of course, mandatory. The Diyanet also clarified that Islam disapproved of earrings and other items of jewellery for men.

Muslim man should keep away from using jewellery that is proper for women, because our Prophet ordered: ‘Men who try to resemble women and women who try to resemble men stand apart from God’s mercy and grace’.

It added that this would be considered mekruh, in other words “almost illicit”. However, the statement said that long hair on men and styling hair in any kind of way is not considered illicit, so long as the hair is kept clean. Hat tip: BarrieJohn