How beastly: cross country organisers force US teen out of a race by assigning her the number 666

WITH a mind mucked up by godly garbage,  Kentucky teen Codie Thacker came over all queer when she was assigned the number 666 for an upcoming cross country race.

Gina Croley, Thacker’s cross country coach, tried to get the number changed, but officials for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association denied the request. At that point, Thacker, 16, decided not to compete.

Codie Thacker

Codie Thacker

According to this report:

As religious devotees and heavy metal fans are well aware of, ‘666’ is considered the number of the beast in the Bible, and Thacker didn’t want to risk her faith just to compete.

Thacker is quoted here as saying:

It’s the mark of the beast. I didn’t want to risk my relationship with God and try to take that number. sense I stood up for my beliefs and I stood up for God.

A spokesperson for the KHSAA said that race officials would have granted Thacker’s request had they been made aware it was for religious reasons.

Hat tip: Agent Cormac