US comedian’s tweeted joke about Muslim superhero Ms Marvel is branded ‘racist’ and removed

US comedian’s tweeted joke about Muslim superhero Ms Marvel is branded ‘racist’ and removed

CONAN O’Brien is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer, and voice actor  – and he uses his influential Twitter account almost exclusively to share jokes on the latest news with his more than nine million followers.

But it all went horribly wrong on Friday evening when O’Brien (or possibly an assistant) tweeted a joke about Marvel’s new Muslim female superhero:


This has caused a major backlash and brought out accusations of “racism” against the comedian, such as the one below.


Angry respondees not only pointed out to O’Brien that his comment was “prejudiced towards Muslims” but also that the character being introduced by Marvel is a teenage girl from Jersey City, not a housewife from Saudi Arabia. In other words, there’s more than one type of Muslim woman.

Conan O’Brien deleted the offending tweet but so far has not apologised.

Marvel's  Khan family: Kamala Khan, aka 'Ms. Marvel' (second left) with her brother Aamir, father Yusuf, mother Disha and friend Bruno.

Marvel’s Khan family: Kamala Khan, aka ‘Ms. Marvel’ (second left) with her brother Aamir, father Yusuf, mother Disha and friend Bruno.

More bonkers news about Islam has just emerged from Malaysia, where a human rights group, the Coalition of Malaysian NGOs, or Comango, has been accused of attempting to make Malaysia a haven for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT)  – oh, and for promoting “freedom to commit apostasy”.

Datuk Dr Hasan Mohamed Ali, President of the non-governmental organisation Jalur Tiga (Jati), declared war on Comango, saying that Comango’s:

Most ill-mannered demand was its call to repeal Syariah Law in the country which is a core component of Islam. It is obvious that Comango’s call is a criminal and treacherous act towards the nation. This is why we should declare war on them. Malaysia does not need ‘warriors’ like them.



35 responses to “US comedian’s tweeted joke about Muslim superhero Ms Marvel is branded ‘racist’ and removed”

  1. Albert Yome says:

    “Malaysia Truly Asia”? I’ll give it a miss then. But left a positive comment on Coalition of Malaysian NGOs FB page.

  2. barriejohn says:

    They just use the “race card” because it suits them. As so many Muslim men reportedly have homosexual experiences, maybe they should be crying “homophobia”.

  3. Chrysoprase says:

    Racist? I figuratively wish somebody would clobber them with a dictionary.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    I have no idea why this character was created. Muslims detest the idea of female Muslim superheroes. They shoot them in the head. Two words: Malala Yousafzai!


  5. barriejohn says:

    If she’s just “a teenage girl from Jersey City” what’s the point of making her a Muslim superhero? I’m a bit confused here. BTW don’t forget that the Lone Ranger wore a mask:

  6. Intersubstantgenuflukpostasy says:

    Hair trigger sensitivity.

  7. Great+Satan says:

    There is scope here for blasphemeous cartoonists doing some mischief making… I wonder how the muslims would respond if the muslim super-woman started wearing a sexy Wonder Woman type basque for instance ?!…

  8. Matt says:

    there is only one race , the human race

  9. TrickyDicky says:


    The religion of permanent offence

  10. Rafael says:

    How telling the truth could be racist? Poligamy *is* a thing between Muslims. The Qu’ran has it stated very clear that a man should take several wives.

    Being offended at that is saying that Islam is offensive.

  11. Nelmonster says:

    Tell me again, what race is Islam?

  12. L.Long says:

    What did Conan say that is wrong???
    If the girl is married then he is 100% correct.
    If the girl is not married than how can the father control her or throw acid into her face when she is talking to a strange male???
    The other tweet from Lauren shows she knows very little of muslins.
    Because if she don’t like the truth that’s too phucking bad.
    If the muslins don’t like the comment then PHUCKING CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR AND BASIC BELIEFS!!!!
    And the dumb-assed maroons who said it was ‘racist’ need to stop going to church and go back to school to learn a few things…Lauren can start.

  13. Angela_K says:

    I sincerely hope O’Brien does not apologise because he has nothing to apologise for and it only emboldens the Muslims to demand more if he did. A Muslim superhero? wouldn’t it someone who bombs and slaughters the infidel – oh hang on that’s already been done.

  14. remigius says:

    A female muslim superhero? I really hope she can fly, cos she certainly won’t be allowed to drive!

  15. Brian Jordan says:

    Maybe she’ll have a flying horse.

  16. charlie says:

    No kidding, they NEED a dictionary NOW. Muslims/Islam is NOT a race.
    I also agree 100% that there is ONLY one race; the human race.
    The only differences is that some people have better tans than some of us of European ancestry.
    Islam, instantly being offended since the 7th century.

  17. Jonas says:

    So basically this is an article about how Lauren here is an idiot and needs an education? That’s what I got out of this.

  18. ZombieHunter says:

    maybe there needs to be a team of muslim superheroes


    he must defeat the evil commander infidel and prevent him from educating women 😛

  19. 1859 says:

    Be careful…humour is a wonderful, but powerful weapon. The problem is it can humiliate those to whom it is directed, and as we know islamic ‘scholars’ will tell their followers to kill those who mock, or in any way take the piss out of islam. This belief system IS so absurd it begs to be made fun of and I would so much love there to be a comedian with the insight and courage to tear apart this stone age cult…if only it didn’t end in bloodshed down some back alley.

  20. corwin says:

    Hopefully she can fly, seeing as so many Muslim elders don’t want her driving.

  21. charlie says:

    I may have this quote not quite 100% correct and I think it originally applied to what a real journalist/reporter was supposed to do, but I think we atheists/rationalists/humanists might do well to use it to fight the superstition of organized religion also.
    We should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Aid those who have been hurt/abused by vile religion and afflict the vile religions. Take them down, but not with violence as that never solves anything. We can do it with humor, making fun of their idiot “beliefs” (which few of the higher ups in most religion actually believe any way) and by using logical and rational discussion and their own (un) holy books. Turn their religions back on themselves.
    Just my 2 cents from the US of A. Some what much less than 2 pence in UK monies. Not sure what it would be in Euros. International finance is not my strong suit.

  22. AgentCormac says:

    @ Charlie

    Good quote, be it 100% accurate or not.

  23. Barry Duke says:

    1859: The wisecrack is mightier than the suicide bomber. If enough people summon up the courage to take the piss out of the Musloons, we will eventually laugh them out of existence.

  24. 1859 says:

    Odd isn’t it ? Just how over-sensitive muslims are re. their particular religion? I mean, now you can take the piss out out christianity, possibly hinduism(?) and bhuddism. But take the piss out of islam and all hell breaks loose! One wonders if this has not got something to do with the fact that, deep down, muslims sense the infantile stupidity of their particular cult? Dunno…Anyone got a view on why muslims are so, SO ‘touchy’?

  25. Barry Duke says:

    It’s not rocket science 1859. Infantilism, or stunted emotional growth, lies at the very heart of Islam. It has more prohibitions than a ton of Old Testaments. You can’t eat pork. You can’t like dogs. You can’t drink alcohol.You can’t look at females. You can’t be homosexual. You can’t have a wank. You can’t fall asleep while praying because a djinn will piss in your ears … The list goes on and on and on. The guilt and frustration that accompanies all these barriers to being normal, fulfilled human beings who have choices is bound to create people who are totally dysfunctional. Small wonder that they have no sense of humour, and become murderous when it’s pointed out to them how utterly insane their beliefs are. Islam was invented by a madman with the intention of driving people mad. Simples!

  26. 1859 says:

    You mean islam has more then Ten Commandments? Holy crap! A mere 10 commandments have ruined the lives of countless millions of people – just imagine what 10+ commandments would do! I thought djinns lived in bottles and were friendly when rubbed?

  27. scott says:

    I’m a liberal, yet this kind of liberal bullshit is kind of liberal bullshit that annoys me the most.

    He paints a picture of something that the super hero is not, and what it is not is what makes it funny.

  28. Gordon Bennet says:

    Look up in the sky!
    Is it a Jinn?,Is it a Kite?
    No it’s Muslim girl.!

    Faster than a speeding donkey.
    More powerful than an Imams breath.
    Muslim girl,able to withstand bullets to the head,able to repel acid to the face.
    Muslim Girl.
    Fighting for Lies, injustice and the Islamic way.

  29. barriejohn says:

    I hate to be pedantic, but the Torah (which is, after all, where Mohammed got his inspiration) contains hundreds of commandments!

  30. remigius says:

    I thought djinns lived in bottles and were friendly when rubbed?

    Tha’ shounds a bit like me – hic!

  31. Brittany says:

    Oh good God. Even if you don’t like the joke we know what it’s making fun of; religion! (Whether it’s a Pentecostal, a Muslim, a Jehova’s Witness, or a Christian.) People need to get the stick out of their ass.

  32. Roddy2112 says:

    Muslim is not a race. Muslims Christians and all the other religions that are anti-science should be made fun of.