Despicable trend: Killing animals for Christ

Despicable trend: Killing animals for Christ

DU TOIT and his family are fundamentalist Christians who believe that it’s Cool to Kill for Christ, and they have created a disgusting “Provider for Christ Hunting Adventure” business.

Its goal:

To support the creation of new and more energized Providers for Christ, and the families of men and women based on Biblical principals.

This is done by killing animals including Impala, Blesbok, and Blue Wildebeest, but provision is made for those wanting to slaughter bigger beasts.

This is what you’ll get if you sign up for one of Du Toit’s killing sprees (cost: $2,395 per hunter):

Transfer from the airport to our camp, accommodations, and meals, worship and Christian seminars by local ministers. (You may bring your own to share with us as well). Ground transportation during your Safari.

Hunting of one animal to include choice of: Impala, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest (up-gradable and additional animals available).  Trophy skins/horn’s/skulls remain yours. (Taxidermy and shipping/dipping is your responsibility. We will facilitate trophy preparation and salting).

Oh, and as a bonus you’ll get to:

Minister to the poor at an orphanage and squatters camp with a Christian organization. This will involve bringing your meat to the camps and using your other talents to help the children. Feel free to bring needed items such as candy, clothing sports equipment, and medical supplies. These are always in short supply and greatly appreciated.

You will be invited to worship with the people in the camps. They are learning to love Jesus Christ and will be energized by your support. If you have special talents and want to use them, let us know and we will try our best to facilitate you in using them for God.

Commented this outraged blogger:

It’s stuff like this that gives Christians a bad name. If the people need food, clothing, and supplies and you can provide it for them, that’s a wonderful and kind thing. But to stuff it down their throat with a dose of cultural and religious imperialism–revolting. And using a religion as a justification for an expensive sport shooting vacation is just creepy.

The rise of child, elder, and LGBT abuse/deaths in Uganda and other African nations has been directly linked to American evangelicals preaching a violent, hate-filled form of Christianity (which sorta goes against the idea of Jesus being the Prince of Prince and loving thy neighbor). 

Add to that the loss of indigenous culture and tradition and wildlife – that’s not “progress,” it’s cultural extinction. Minister to the poor, help the needy, but don’t freaking shoot things and then evangelize and seek to covert by being Bwana.

A petition has been set up to shut down this hideous business. Regrettably it totally excludes the religious element.

Hat tip: Robert Stovold


21 responses to “Despicable trend: Killing animals for Christ”

  1. L.Long says:

    Xtians have shown thru the ages that they have NO PROBLEM with killing on large scales. Witch hunts in Europe, crusades, and the deliberate killing of Native Americas to get their land and get them heathens out of the way. I see nothing really odd about this group.

  2. TrickyDicky says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  3. Gary Hill says:

    Discovery Institute ‘fellow’ Jerry Bergman once wrote a truly dreadful paper(‘Was Charles Darwin Psychotic?: A Study Of His Mental Health’) in which he makes great play of the only symptom that could be construed as psychotic – he enjoyed hunting as a young man.

    Not unlike these Christian psychotics, then.

  4. AgentCormac says:


  5. barriejohn says:

    The blogger is spot on:

    If the people need food, clothing, and supplies and you can provide it for them, that’s a wonderful and kind thing. But to stuff it down their throat with a dose of cultural and religious imperialism–revolting.

    That’s Christianity all over:

  6. Miguel says:

    That is the hypocrisy of religious people, there is a campaign on Spain and Latin America against bullfights, believe it or not the fiercest defenders of bullfighting are the Catholics, the so called “Fiesta Brava” is packed with religious symbolism and high rank priest don’t mind to participate in this practices.

  7. Barry Duke says:

    Oh I do believe you Miguel. I live in Spain and joined a march in Barcelona against bullfighting.

  8. oldmanjenkins says:

    Is that R Lee Ermey in the middle? If they want to hunt then fine, go a natural, and fight like “god” created with their bare hands. Lets see how much fun this kind of hunting is. Hunting for sustenance is fine, this is just glory killing to show who has the bigger knob.

  9. Angela_K says:

    As I posted on Facebook.

    God, Guns and Gays: The right wing American obsession. I’d love to read that one these loons had been mauled to death by a big cat.

  10. charlie says:

    I have zero problem with hunting as long as the hunter eats the meat. I have two sons-in-law who hunt. Their children also hunt at times. They do so legally and take regular hunter safety classes. They eat the meat and share with friends and family. Gregg makes some delicious deer sausage and gave us some nice venison steaks last year. He smokes the meat and seasons it just right. They hunt to supplement their groceries and for the sport. It is a good way for dad and son to bond and does have a long human tradition. They obey the rules and also fish and shrimp on the Gulf in season.
    Trophy hunts are a scam and a sick joke. The only partially redeeming thing this gang does is to share the meat with the orphanages. The using the xtian message as part of the “sharing” is vile of course.
    Yes, the xtians have a very long, sordid history of mass murder, not only of animals, but fellow humans as well. Just look at my country, the US of A as a prime example of xtian abuses, mass murder, illegal firewater, small pox infested blankets. Or, New Zealand and the Maori, Australia and its continuing to this day of what they do to the Aborigines. Shame of the xtians for their false piety and the scam they have gotten away with for centuries.
    Damn hypocrites pushing a vile, distorted message of dog’s “love” and then turning around to continue their vile form of racism. Shut this vile mess down. Save the people from them and the wild life as well.
    I also agree with that blogger cited above and the comments posted here so far.
    ENOUGH! Live and let live. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you predates ALL current organized religions and was never exclusive to any of them, no matter what propaganda they spew today. Organized religion, oppressing humans and other living things for millennia. A pox on them all.
    Sorry to rant on so long, but some things just get this old working class man would up.

  11. charlie says:

    In my true opinion, hunting as a “sport” would be a much better real sport IF the animals also had guns and ammo. I had a cartoon from some magazine that showed two hunters out for deer, the panel shows them about to aim at a large deer, the deer is pointing a Thompson .45 caliber submachine gun at them. Now THAT is real sport.

  12. Great+Satan says:

    I agree with Charlie. I have no problem with hunting for food/pest control, I’m a farmer so I do it myself, and in my area it is regarded as a natural birth right, but what gets up most genuine hunters noses is the toff twats who delude themselves they are hunters by shooting tame pheasants driven towards them by beaters, or grouse moors massacring all the raptors and mountain hares.
    There is actually an “underground leaflet” doing the rounds amongst tenant farmers & crofters etc via e-mail + photocopy – here it is, I hope it fits in this page, feel free to duplicate and pass on ;


    Does it really fuel the economy ?

    The landed gentry often make a big deal of the “fact” that they are
    bringing in money to the economy through commercial pheasant and
    grouse shooting … but just where does this money come from ?

    Whilst in some instances, it is private money – this is not always the
    case – lets’ look at the ways in which they get the rest of us dupes
    to pay for their expensive hobbies.

    1. Tax Loss Adjustment and similar avoidance

    This is a technique whereby you can run a successful business, and
    then buy, for example, a grouse moor, in reality as you’re private
    lifestyle accoutrement, but ostensibly as a viable related business.

    Grouse moors in particular are often loss making, usually due to bad
    weather in spring killing off the chicks, but the tax laws as they
    currently stand enable losses from one business – in this case a
    financially unsuccessful grouse moor – to be offset against the
    profits of another proper business.

    Thus tax revenues that should be paid to the Inland Revenue, and
    thence on public services such as education and defence, end up paying
    for someones opulent private hobby.

    In other words, the taxpayer – thats you and me – are paying for the
    lifestyle of the already super – rich junketing at our expense.

    These scams may sometimes be run through “Anglo – Dutch” or “Anglo –
    Danish” businesses registered abroad, making it difficult for the
    Inland Revenue to stop this tax avoidance.

    2. Corporate Hospitality

    – most commercial big bag pheasant shooting, and much grouse shooting,
    is funded by this.

    Basically it involves company directors and businessmen renting out
    days shooting for other Company Executives etc., and themselves, with
    the company’s entertainment & hospitality budget being used to pay for
    it. Again, aside from being an abuse of company funds, this eats into
    taxable profit.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland were well known for booking days of
    partridge and pheasant shooting on highland estates, often costing
    thousands of pounds, not including any hotel & restaurant etc bills.

    A variation of company funds being used to supply estates profits is
    the “bonus boys” phenomena, whereby city fat cats just grant
    themselves big bonuses as a reward and then spend it on shooting.
    Rewards for what, one may ask ? Ruining the economy ?!

    It isn’t even as though many of the pheasants end up as food, there is
    a surplus in excess of market demand shot, and many estates simply
    dump these.

    Estates claim to be supporting the local economy, but in effect this
    sort of fiddle is just robbing Peter to pay Paul, with them taking a
    very generous cut for themselves along the way.

    3. Farm Subsidies & Grants

    Most, if not all, shooting estates also call themselves farms and thus
    claim subsidies from the taxpayer.

    Surely if they are such an independent money earner, they shouldn’t
    take public funds ?

  13. Groover says:

    @Oldmanjenkins…Hunting for sustenance is fine, this is just glory killing to show who has the bigger knob. Er no. This is just glory killing to show who has the smaller knob! (and least intelligence)

  14. Toyne Howell says:

    Trophy hunting is like God! it is bullshit!!!!!

  15. Robster says:

    The religious organisations must be running a course somewhere on how to appear as completely heartless, completely gullible, hateful, deluded and nasty little people one-oh-one. It’s what they do best, so the training must be good. Do the scientologists run the training?

  16. barriejohn says:

    Robster: Funny you should say that…

    How wicked of the “socialists” to want to increase taxes instead of leaving people to use their money to benefit society in their own philanthropic ways!

  17. osvaldo says:

    Inorantes de mierda

  18. Barry Duke says:

    Estoy de acuerdo totalmente, osvaldo!

  19. Alfafan says:

    Not like the good old days when they were up against the lions in the colosseum. At least the lions had a sporting chance to take down a few christians before they were murdered.