Student assaulted, then arrested for challenging crazy campus evangelist Angela Cummings

SEVERAL  times over the past couple weeks the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga has allowed and endorsed a fire and brimstone preaching fanatical woman to scream hate and damnation at its students. They even provided her a with huge coned-in circle, complete with security and police.

Angela Cummings: as crazy as a sackful of snakes

Angela Cummings: as crazy as a sackful of snakes

According to this report, the mad woman’s rantings pushed one student over the edge last week. Cole Philip Montalvo, 24, crossed the coned perimeter with his bicycle to yell at Angela Cummings:

Hey ma’am, if you’re trying to spread the good word, maybe you shouldn’t be telling everyone that they’re sinners.

Cole Philip Montalvo

Cole Philip Montalvo

A security officer grabbed Montalvo. Two officers then moved in. As Montalvo tried get away, he was forced to the ground by several officers. As he was being handcuffed, he yelled:

What the fuck did I do?

In a video of the incident, people can be heard shouting in his defence, and when Cummings resumed preaching, students responded with loud boos.

The Chattanoogan reports that Montalvo was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and inciting a riot.

It is the administration’s understanding that Montalvo was instructed multiple times to remain outside established perimeter, UTC Associate Vice Chancellor of Communication and Marketing Chuck Cantrell told The Huffington Post.

It is also our understanding that when campus police tried to remove him from within the perimeter, he resisted, resulting in his arrest.

Cummings has open air preached since 2001, according to her YouTube page. Her video of the event at UTC last week shows that she began her message by calling people on campus:

Adulterers and adulteresses.

UTC student Alyssa Fjeld  said that he campus preacher routinely describes:

How horrible we all are, how we’re living in our sins and will go to hell, and general condemnations against people of other races or sexual preferences.

A petition was launched following Montalvo’s arrest, criticising the UTC administration for allowing Cummings to disrupt the campus they pay to attend.

By allowing this woman to scream in the middle of our campus, UTC is not properly delivering the service we have paid for. We do not pay to have a large section of our campus cut off from us. We do not pay to have some stranger scream at us and tell us that we’re going to hell. Our campus is no place for her hatred.

As of this morning, over 700 people had signed the petition on, which points out that:

It’s been said that some professors have had to cancel classes because her screams can be heard through the windows.

Cantrell conceded that Cummings’ message can stir strong reaction.

The street preacher’s presentation is offensive to many and causes strong responses. As a public campus, we are legally required to provide for the expression of diverse ideas on our campus. We believe that a college campus should be a place for free exchange of ideas and expressions. This individual had filled out the proper paperwork to appear and the person who was arrested was violating the procedure established by our campus police.

The university is conducting an internal review to ensure that proper police protocols were followed, Cantrell added.

Speaking of Christian nutters, meet Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, who has expressed his fury that Obama is not using the Old Tastymint as the basis for foreign policy.

There are many who have been aware of Scripture, and it has often been a guide in our relations with Israel. Some of us believe that the Bible is accurate. Certainly, so many prophesies have been fulfilled, and if that is true, this administration, unless they can find a verse that accurately says that those who betray Israel will be blessed, then this country is being dug in a deeper hole by this administration and its betrayals of Israel’s trust and Israel’s friendship.

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert