Student assaulted, then arrested for challenging crazy campus evangelist Angela Cummings

SEVERAL  times over the past couple weeks the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga has allowed and endorsed a fire and brimstone preaching fanatical woman to scream hate and damnation at its students. They even provided her a with huge coned-in circle, complete with security and police.

Angela Cummings: as crazy as a sackful of snakes

Angela Cummings: as crazy as a sackful of snakes

According to this report, the mad woman’s rantings pushed one student over the edge last week. Cole Philip Montalvo, 24, crossed the coned perimeter with his bicycle to yell at Angela Cummings:

Hey ma’am, if you’re trying to spread the good word, maybe you shouldn’t be telling everyone that they’re sinners.

Cole Philip Montalvo

Cole Philip Montalvo

A security officer grabbed Montalvo. Two officers then moved in. As Montalvo tried get away, he was forced to the ground by several officers. As he was being handcuffed, he yelled:

What the fuck did I do?

In a video of the incident, people can be heard shouting in his defence, and when Cummings resumed preaching, students responded with loud boos.

The Chattanoogan reports that Montalvo was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and inciting a riot.

It is the administration’s understanding that Montalvo was instructed multiple times to remain outside established perimeter, UTC Associate Vice Chancellor of Communication and Marketing Chuck Cantrell told The Huffington Post.

It is also our understanding that when campus police tried to remove him from within the perimeter, he resisted, resulting in his arrest.

Cummings has open air preached since 2001, according to her YouTube page. Her video of the event at UTC last week shows that she began her message by calling people on campus:

Adulterers and adulteresses.

UTC student Alyssa Fjeld  said that he campus preacher routinely describes:

How horrible we all are, how we’re living in our sins and will go to hell, and general condemnations against people of other races or sexual preferences.

A petition was launched following Montalvo’s arrest, criticising the UTC administration for allowing Cummings to disrupt the campus they pay to attend.

By allowing this woman to scream in the middle of our campus, UTC is not properly delivering the service we have paid for. We do not pay to have a large section of our campus cut off from us. We do not pay to have some stranger scream at us and tell us that we’re going to hell. Our campus is no place for her hatred.

As of this morning, over 700 people had signed the petition on, which points out that:

It’s been said that some professors have had to cancel classes because her screams can be heard through the windows.

Cantrell conceded that Cummings’ message can stir strong reaction.

The street preacher’s presentation is offensive to many and causes strong responses. As a public campus, we are legally required to provide for the expression of diverse ideas on our campus. We believe that a college campus should be a place for free exchange of ideas and expressions. This individual had filled out the proper paperwork to appear and the person who was arrested was violating the procedure established by our campus police.

The university is conducting an internal review to ensure that proper police protocols were followed, Cantrell added.

Speaking of Christian nutters, meet Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, who has expressed his fury that Obama is not using the Old Tastymint as the basis for foreign policy.

There are many who have been aware of Scripture, and it has often been a guide in our relations with Israel. Some of us believe that the Bible is accurate. Certainly, so many prophesies have been fulfilled, and if that is true, this administration, unless they can find a verse that accurately says that those who betray Israel will be blessed, then this country is being dug in a deeper hole by this administration and its betrayals of Israel’s trust and Israel’s friendship.

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert


97 responses to “Student assaulted, then arrested for challenging crazy campus evangelist Angela Cummings”

  1. barriejohn says:

    “The free exchange of ideas” – something that is pure anathema to Cummings (what a great name!) and her ilk:

    The crowd fluctuated over the hours as Cummings shared her views, bringing in different reactions, the most vocal of which were negative. A man at the event sung out the word ‘stereotypes’ a few times after Cummings called out homosexuals to stop molesting little boys.

  2. Angela_K says:

    The religious one way street of free speech again. I wonder if the same protection would be offered to an Atheist?

  3. barriejohn says:

    Yes, Angela, we had those Atheist Witnesses at the door again this morning, asking us if we don’t want to meet Jesus, and telling us that they can’t promise us anything beyond the grave. They didn’t have a magazine for us again, either; fucking pisses me off!

  4. Michele says:

    I can’t even believe they are defending HER. He was calling her out (verbally), and when he tried to leave, he gets tackled by the “police” for a relatively peaceful protest. He just wanted to speak his mind. And how could the campus allow such an ignorant woman to speak RELIGIOUS BIAS towards their students?

  5. AgentCormac says:

    Here we go again – xtians being persecuted by being allowed to say whatever they want, at whatever volume they want, without impingement or impediment. Being persecuted by having police officers arrest anybody who speaks up against them. Being persecuted by being allowed to disrupt the day-to-day running of an academic institution. It really must be murder being a christian these days. My heart bleeds for them.

  6. AgentCormac says:

    Link to YouTube footage of Montalvo being arrested.

  7. barriejohn says:

    More on the tornadoes: Both BBC and ITV News are showing a video shot by some guy who is loudly reciting The Lord’s Prayer as he views the destruction taking place outside his home. I’m not sure whether his message is: “Look how faithful I am to my god”, or: “God saved us because I recited some magic words” (what does The Lord’s Prayer have to say about natural disasters?). However, it would appear that he’s not the only one:

    Where would we be without Billy Graham Chaplains?

  8. L.Long says:

    Best thing would be for a few people to answer her back like when she yells fornicators, yell back ‘you bet I phucked 4 times today and plan on enjoying it again later, you sad pathetic thing.’ But also have others video the exchange from another position and when the SS move in to enforce their rules the video will show the others what really happened and not what the xtian fascists say happened. Do that a few times and it may state to fall apart. And laugh very loud at her speeches, and shout out buyBull BS back at her that people don’t like to know about.
    If I lived near there I would even volunteer to be the one arrested…a criminal record can’t hurt me.

  9. Beverly Sutphin says:

    Oh. Look at her hair.

  10. Sid says:

    She’s a right gobby cow.

  11. Vickie Dillon says:

    If I were a parent who is paying tuition for a student whose classes was disrupted I would be upset, but obviously since Angela Cummings has been doing this since 2001 her behavior is condoned. I ADMIRE the young who stood up to her, once again
    Tennessee shows that it is full of a lot of narrow minded zealots. UTC wanted to protect her right to her opinion by establishing a protective barrier around her but when someone breaches that barrier to confront her they go to jail. Once again it is just certain people who seem to have a right a their opinion while other people’s opinions are invalidated.

  12. trse says:

    somebody needs to throw bricks at the cunt.

  13. Matthew Begley says:

    How is it that a person who is not a student, nor a staff member is allowed on campus to be so disruptive the educational process by continuously screaming at people, insulting them by calling them derogatory names and threatening them with torture? If anyone in this situation was inciting a riot it was this ignorant bitch. And to give her exclusive use of a portion of the campus which students pay for and she does not is obviously the result of administration personnel allowing their personal Christian delusions to interfere with their duties to the students. That young man had every right to speak to her insane ranting and should not have been arrested. Campus security has no right to detain anyone so at that point, when they put their hands on him he had a right to resist. Of course, the Nazi cops then got to have their fun roughing him up. Typical Christian favoritism and fascism.

  14. treedweller says:

    The headline lies. He was not arrested for challenging her. He was arrested for disregarding the police who told him to maintain a safe distance.

  15. Barry Duke says:

    Oooooh, picky! A safe distance from that noisy, god-addled witch would be 100 miles, at a rough guess …

    The headline stays!

  16. Beadknitter says:

    Instead of giving this woman attention, it would be better if everyone ignored her. Pretend she isn’t there. She’s doing it for the attention. If she gets NONE she may eventually give up.

  17. barriejohn says:

    M. Begley: I agree. SHE should be the one being arrested – for trespass – as she is obviously not on campus as a guest of the students, with whom she is supposed to be “sharing” her barmy ideas. Do American colleges not have student unions?

    On the other hand, he was rather naive, as we all know what these jumped-up jobsworths are like when given a bit of authority. They actually tried to use mace on him!


    Maybe their tasers weren’t handy.

  18. ma Cygnenoir says:

    So the kids have to pay for their *education* but she gets to use the campus for free? She should be paying the same cost as they are.

  19. Dave says:

    Pardon me boy, is this the Chattanooga Cuckoo?

  20. Carlos says:


    This woman needs to be removed from campus so that cooler heads prevail and she is is not enticing with her hate speech. And UTC should offer her an opportunity to record a video that should be published in UTC website for all to watch-Free Speech covered-.

    For the student -All charges dropped- Medical bills paid and an apology from the School.

    Remember UTC think locally act globally the whole world is a stage and the world is watching.

    Done, UTC call me if you need help.

    Hixson TN

  21. treedweller says:

    Mr. Duke, that’s a semantic argument. The police established a line and told him not to cross it. He disobeyed. They did not arrest him for speaking against the preacher. They arrested him for disregard of their instructions. It’s easy to complain about jackbooted thugs, but it’s also easy to see how this could have turned into a riot. The university has rules and the woman followed them. The student did not. Other students who were engaging the preacher within the rules
    were not arrested. The headline is a lie.

  22. Duane says:

    This fat POS obviously isn’t getting any.

  23. cinghoa says:

    This is the same hypocrisy non-believers have faced throughout the centuries. A religitard opens their mouth, no matter what is said, they are forgiven, as it is Freedumb of Speech or the word of gawd. Let that religitard’s free-thinking counterpart attempt to perform the same task, they will be denied the space long before they ever get the chance to offend anyone with their informed and maybe even intelligent words of advice, rather than spewing words of hate, all because they will be the ones inciting riots with their scary ideas of thinking for yourself and asking questions.

  24. charlie says:

    While it is true the US of A has an overabundance of this sort of loon, I do find it odd that the campus administration allowed this vile female critter to spew her brand of hatred and intolerance on the school campus. She should have to pay space rent at the very least in my opinion.
    Another issue that seems to be unaddressed, just who invited her to be on campus to spout her vile “message”? I’d like to find that person and give her/him/it a stern lecture in true tolerance and free speech/fair play/equal time for opposing views.
    If my kids were students at that school, I would be complaining to the administration and considering possible legal action. Hey, this IS ‘Merikkka and we do seem to love law suits here. Have lawyer, will sue, the new US motto.

  25. tom says:

    People should just show up with a sign saying “1 Timothy 2:12”

  26. kitcumbie says:

    Obviously sick and delusional whores for religion get extra rights.

  27. Another Godless Heathen says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her being there. The university just needs to change its policy. At University of Vermont, where I attend, this crazy religious right woman appears every now and again near the library for basically the same purpose. She doesn’t need to fill out paperwork to get there. She just walks on campus and speaks her mind. Students are allowed to confront her and challenge her views. Her preaching is usually shut down pretty quickly and it turns into a debate. She doesn’t get a chance to scream across campus. She’s too busy defending her views in a respectful dialogue between herself and the students, as it should be.

  28. Brianna says:

    You wonder why I left the bible belt. This is prime example of why I no longer feel like i belong in the South, too many bible thumpers think they own the Southern States and I am fed up with it! I agree, Montavlo should be released from prison.

  29. jim dixon says:

    christians are the virus in the world that needs to be irradicated as a matter of fact all religion needs to be wiped off the face of the earth

  30. Barry Duke says:

    Let’s put it to the vote shall we, Treedweller?:

    Should we change the headline to, say, “Student roughed up and arrested for illicitly challenging a mad cow who had permission to spew hatred on campus”?

    All in favour say “Aye”.

  31. barriejohn says:

    Tom is correct; as a woman she shouldn’t be preaching at all. She should also have her head covered. Why? BECAUSE THE FUCKING BIBLE SAYS SO, THAT’S WHY!

  32. Bubblecar says:

    “The police established a line and told him not to cross it”

    By “establishing a line” rather than escorting the mad cow off the campus, the police were failing in their duties and should be sacked, as should the entire UTC administration. There is no possible legitimate place for a hate-filled maniac to be screaming mindless abuse all day long in the grounds of what is supposed to be an educational institution.

  33. treedweller says:

    More obfuscation. If you want to fix it, say, “student arrested for disobeying police order.” If you want to include a gratuitous slur against the woman speaking, that would be optional.

  34. treedweller says:

    Bubblecar, different institutions have different policies about who may speak on campus, and there is plenty of room to debate what is best. But you can’t have free speech if you say “mindless abuse” is disallowed. Either it’s free speech or it isn’t. In this case, school policy allowed her to obtain a permit, and the campus police were obligated to enforce it.

    I say it again. The way to deal with these people is to ignore them. Hecklers might have fun, but they allow the deluded to believe they are doing god’s work against satan.

  35. SmartPotato says:

    We’ve had these wackos on our campus for years… just ignore them, and they’ll sorta go away.

  36. Maggie says:

    Heckling IS freedom of speech!

  37. Angela_K says:

    Treedweller. Yes, the Student disobeyed a Police instruction not to cross a line but what the hell were the Police doing they anyway? The Police are complicit in allowing this mad woman to rant unchallenged and ignoring the fact they should be impartial. I have a strong suspicion the Officers involved are religious loons who agree with everything screamed by the nutter.

    Barry, do not changed the headline.

  38. Brad Simmons says:

    Seems to me, students should start choosing another school to attend. One that doesn’t allow lunatics to scream at the top of their lungs at their students about how horrible they are. What is wrong with this school!? So, they allow a woman to come on campus and harass the students WHO ARE PAYING FOR AN EDUCATION there? The only way to get them to change is to hurt them where it counts. LESS ENROLLMENT!

  39. Bubblecar says:

    “But you can’t have free speech if you say “mindless abuse” is disallowed”

    Why should a university campus be a soapbox for “free speech” by someone who doesn’t even attend the university? She’s just trespassing in order to annoy people. If she wants to annoy people she can do it in the street (or preferably in the middle of the road).

  40. Barry Duke says:

    “Student arrested for disobeying police order”. Yep, that gonna attract readers, Treedweller. A bit like “Dog bites Man”, eh?

  41. treedweller says:

    Mr. Duke, I’m glad you got my point. This happens every day on campuses across America. Usually, nobody gets arrested, but this student broke the university’s rules, which these cops were paid to enforce. There is no story here.

    The people who think the cops shouldn’t have been doing this have an issue with the rules, not the cops. They did their job.

  42. Barry Duke says:

    Let’s be clear about this, Treedweller. A university PAYS MONEY to secure a safe space for a lunatic who PAYS NO MONEY to use this space as a platform to abuse fee-paying students, and you effectively tell me “move along, nothing to see here”. One student crossed the line, just as I would have done, and gets manhandled and arrested. The shame of it is that more did not join him. Of course there is a fucking story here. I covered it, as indeed did many others bloggers, and it’s brought more hits to this site than I have had all month – an average of 20,000 a day.

    Now get out of my face, creep!

  43. AgentCormac says:

    …this student broke the university’s rules, which these cops were paid to enforce. There is no story here.

    treedweller, have you actually watched the video of the police ‘enforcing’ the university’s rules on providing free platforms to deranged and rabid religiots? This isn’t some casual ‘you’re nicked, son’ collar, it’s three hefty, handcuff-wielding guys (and some jerk in a yellow shirt) getting high on alpha-male testosterone. If nothing else their response was disproportionate, which clearly constitutes ‘a story’, while the wider issue of what the fuck the university is doing allowing this revolting woman to keep on spewing her bile is another… well, story. All in all, I’d say there is a story here. (BTW here’s a link to that footage you haven’t watched

  44. barriejohn says:

    It is, indeed, the disproportionate response (so often witnessed)that makes this story worthy of note. Apart from the handcuffs and heavyhandedness, what on earth were they doing using mace on the young man? Is it pure bloodymindedness, or is it supposed to be an example to any other students who might be considering responding to the harpy?

  45. Yvonne says:

    I may have missed it, but where does it actually say that Cole was “beaten”…being “forced to the ground” is not the same. I didn’t see in the video that anyone beat him.
    The lady did what she was supposed to do to have the permission to be on the public property. Regardless of Cole’s opinion of what the lady was saying and what he wanted to say to her,Cole should have followed the orders of the police. He may not agree with her and I would probably say myself that I might consider her disruptive. However, NO ONE is being forced to stand and listen to her. If you want to hear her, stay and listen. If you don’t want to hear what she has to say…LEAVE…if no one is there to hear her, what reason would she have to continue to come to the campus? If she is within the “protected” area that you are not to enter, she wouldn’t be able to approach you directly, if you are outside the circle. You give her the reason to continue coming, by your own presence in the area where she stands.

  46. Barry Duke says:

    Yvonne, how on earth can you refer to that demented, unkempt bundle of lunacy as a “lady”? The only protected area she should be in is a padded cell.

  47. Jarod says:

    I’ve heard her preach. She NOT hating on people. She really cares about people’s moral condition. If people don’t like what she says they can walk away!

    Let’s not be intolerant!