Is your lickle baby Jesus worse for wear? Don’t panic. We know a man who can fix the problem


RAFAEL Gonzales’ “Baby Jesus Clinic” is located in La Paz, Bolivia, and there damaged replicas of the alleged “son of God” are sent to acquire whatever bits and bobs that have been knocked off them over the years.

Some of the “disfiguredrines”, according to this video report, have been handed down through generations of the same family and are over 300 years old.

Gonzales explains that he has had to give some of the figures new hands and replace eyes with crystals for an extra sparkle. A lot of time goes into restoring the statues.

He has been sent creepy pieces from all over Bolivia and his work is proving so popular that he is now receiving statues from places as far away as Peru.

My one-and-only attempt at restoring a baby Jesus was a dismal failure:


Hat tip: BarrieJohn