Amazon gets a roasting over Jesus toaster. Vermont manufacturer pulls its product from the retail giant

A VERMONT company that makes speciality toasters which produce images of Jesus and the “Virgin” Mary, among other iconic figures, will no longer be using Amazon to sell its wares because of a fiscal disagreement.


According to this report, the Jesus toaster was the #32 best-selling toaster on Amazon this Christmas, but the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, creators of the Burnt Impressions brand, got the hump over the fact Amazon has withheld half their sales over the last two weeks while the giant online retailer “reviews” the company’s account.

Said says the toaster company’s CEO, Galen Dively:

This happened last year. We are a small business and this really hurts our cash flow. I have to wait weeks to recoup my shipping costs because of this

He added:

Every Christmas our sales soar above our ‘limited Velocity amount’, triggering an account review allowing Amazon to withhold half our sales until the review ends. I have been on the phone for the last two weeks with them getting nowhere on this issue despite my 100% seller rating and flawless customer service.

Amazon takes almost $8 for every toaster I sell in fees. They take 15% of all proceeds, including shipping charges. Normally, I pay for my shipping upfront then have to wait two weeks for the money Amazon collects from our customers to be deposited in my bank. This delays payment up to a month. I will take that money and promote our website.


The toaster company’s website,, has quadrupled sales every year since the company was founded. Asked if the loss of sales on Amazon will hurt the company, Dively stated:

It will be felt for sure; they are a huge resource of millions of customers, but at this point I am feeling confident we can use the thousands of dollars Amazon makes off our toasters each year to successfully promote sales on our website. We control our branding better this way also.

Besides the best-selling Jesus toaster, Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. pulled from Amazon toasters that create toasty images of Obama, Sarah Palin, the Virgin Mary, butterflies, peace signs, penises, cannabis leaves, paw prints, and many more.

Will we be seeing a Mohammed toaster?  Probably not!


On that note, may I take the opportunity of wishing supporters of the Freethinker a happy, carefree winter solstice.