Police pull in pastor for putting a prurient note proposing pick-ups in a public park ‘porta-potty’

A WYOMING pastor with an addiction gay sex has been charged with public indecency, possessing obscene literature and incitement to a crime.

Pastor Bryant Badger

Pastor Bryant Badger

According to this report, police say that the Rev Bryant Badger , a pastor who spent 25 years at the First Christian Church in Casper Wyoming, left a note in a “porta potty” in a local park. (We in the UK call them “portaloos”).

Lieutenant Mike Thompson says that the man left his number, offering “love” to any man who was interested. The note was read by quite a few people, leading them to call the police. An undercover officer contacted  the pastor, saying that he was “willing to do anything”.

The pastor asked the undercover cop to come to his house, but he refused. So, the two met in a nearby park. Then, they met in a video store where the pastor had allegedly met other men on multiple occasions.

The pastor got in a truck with the man, and asked him for a blow-job. That’s when the officer turned on country music on the vehicle’s radio, which was a signal for other officers to swoop.

Patty Loveless? We should be told!

Pastor Michael Bryant

Pastor Michael Bryant

Earlier, another pastor calls Bryant was taken into custody for allegedly molesting a 16-year-old girl.

The 48-year-old pastor, Michael Bryant. is alleged in this report to have taken advantage of the teenager by:

Removing his genitals from his clothing and showing it [sic] to the victim.  He would then stroke, feel and massage the victim.  This occurred while her mother was at work.

Bryant, whose church – The Hour of Restoration Church of God in Christ is in Memphis, Tennessee –is now behind bars.  Bryant pastored the church for three years.

The victim, a church member, claimed that she told her mother repeatedly of the abuse; however her mother never reported the crime to authorities.  Instead she asked God to take the lustful thoughts out of the pastor’s head.

Some other church members knew of the pastors behaviour too, but chose not say anything.

One church member, Leonard Gray said that he was upset about the report and that he did not believe the allegations because the pastor was an honourable man of God.  And a neighbor said the story was unbelievable:

Because the pastor always toted a Bible.

Officials believe the pastor’s latest attack on the 16-year old was in mid-December. When the victim reported the incident to her aunt, the aunt reported the matter to law enforcement officials. This resulted in the arrest and a charge of sexual assault against Bryant.

17 responses to “Police pull in pastor for putting a prurient note proposing pick-ups in a public park ‘porta-potty’”

  1. Michael says:

    and another one bites the dust

  2. Robster says:

    “Bryant pastored the church for three years”. Isn’t that what the Flying Spaghetti Monster does better than anyone else? Having a noodly appendage would be a must have for someone to pasta (or pastor)I would have thought.

  3. andym says:

    “Removing his genitals from his clothing.” It sounds like he’d cut them off and put them in his trouser pocket.

  4. JohnMWhite says:

    It says nothing about the undercover cop being/portraying a minor or money exchanging hands. I’m struggling to see where the crime is in the first case. Massive hypocrisy, sure, but since when is it a crime to hook up? If they went ahead with the blow job in a public place, I guess that could be considered indecency, but this just seems like the cops literally created the situation they wanted to make the pastor look bad, then arrested him because they disapprove of his behaviour in general. Am I missing something?

    The second story is as tragic as it is typical. At least the aunt cared enough to contact the police, but that girl has to carry the burden of knowing that as far as her own mother is concerned, sucking up to god and his self-serving authority figures is more important than keeping her child safe from predatory behaviour. And that’s the gift that religion gives best.

  5. Bubblecar says:

    I agree with JohnMWhite, it seems like cops with too much time on their hands fabricating a “crime” out of thin air.

  6. Uzza says:

    The first guy — a school’s sports team was using that restroom, and their coach complained that some perv was leaving

    “multiple obscene notes in a portable restroom at Morad Park. The notes included graphic propositions to the reader … Badger told police that he realized that leaving the notes might put juveniles in jeopardy but had not thought of it at the time … and could not control his urges”

  7. barriejohn says:

    OT, but have others seen this site? Hilarious. (Overworked word, I know, but entirely justified in this case.) Lots of hate mail, so it must be doing SOME good!

    Does anyone here actually think we are making a JOKE of gender inequality, discrimination, and oppression? Do I really need to explain the problems with the passage any more than I originally did in the commentary for this illustration?

    What do you think? (Ladies, please remember – your views are not valid here. Share them with your husbands if you like, but… )

  8. barriejohn says:

    Here’s a link for those who are not on Facebook:

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    Where does the obscene literature come in? I thought just about anything went in the USA – what would get you arrested there?

  10. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    I’m with JohnMWhite regarding the first story. If homosexuality wasn’t looked down on so much, this poor man would be able to meet others without having to go through such a rigmarole.

  11. barriejohn says:

    You have to feel sorry for Badger. His behaviour was extremely risky in all respects, but that is a common pattern in such cases. The Disciples of Christ do not seem to be a dogmatic sect, but share the confusions of many Christians who are basically kind and liberal in their nature whilst trying to remain faithful to an outdated book that is inherently misogynistic and homophobic. In fact, you have to feel sorry for the lot of them!

  12. Broga says:

    I too feel sorry for Badger. Driven by the strongest of natural feelings he is forced to attempt to deny them while satisfying them in the sleaziest of circumstances. He says himself he has a strong sex drive. But isn’t this the same suffering which is inflicted on so many RC priests both hetero sexual and homo sexual? Including Frankie!

    While going through the pretence of welcoming celibacy they are consumed by agonies of frustration. As for the contention with the RC church that celibacy enables them to direct their energy to the service of their flock that is nonsense. The less sex is available the more you are consumed by the thought of it. I think even masturbation is a sin in the RC asylum?

  13. Uzza says:

    You have to feel sorry for Badger.

    No you don’t.

  14. JohnMWhite says:

    But you have to be obnoxiously literal and pedantic?

  15. barriejohn says:

    Yes; I made an error. I should have said that anyone with any humanity would have to feel sorry for him. I apologize. I see no evidence that either Badger or his church are homophobic, though the comments of some members are – one of whom states that he has left the denomination over their attitude towards gays. Badger does appear to have personal demons, and some of us have been in the same place in the past due to repressed feelings. Fortunately, I never fell foul of the law, but I suffered a nervous breakdown and years of depression for my trouble. Thank — that that’s all behind me now, but it has certainly left its scars, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else.

  16. 1859 says:

    @Broga: Saw the film ‘Philomena’ the other night and the withered old RC nun at the end said it all – clearly and perfectly –

    ‘The mortification of the flesh brings you closer to god!’

    So forget masturbation – it’s one of the biggest sins in RCism. In fact any embarrassed, tongued-tied adolescent RC, who just can’t tell the confessional priest they’ve had the odd wank or two, is immediately asked by the priest if they have had ‘impure thoughts’ and if they have ‘touched themselves’. You can imagine what a rush of sexually repressed hormones goes through the priest’s mind and dick when the adolescent ‘confesses all’. I don’t believe there can ever be such a thing as a truly celibate priest – without free and open sexual expression, natural desire becomes transformed into piety and religious fanaticism. Religious bigotry is just mental masturbation.