Police pull in pastor for putting a prurient note proposing pick-ups in a public park ‘porta-potty’

A WYOMING pastor with an addiction gay sex has been charged with public indecency, possessing obscene literature and incitement to a crime.

Pastor Bryant Badger

Pastor Bryant Badger

According to this report, police say that the Rev Bryant Badger , a pastor who spent 25 years at the First Christian Church in Casper Wyoming, left a note in a “porta potty” in a local park. (We in the UK call them “portaloos”).

Lieutenant Mike Thompson says that the man left his number, offering “love” to any man who was interested. The note was read by quite a few people, leading them to call the police. An undercover officer contacted  the pastor, saying that he was “willing to do anything”.

The pastor asked the undercover cop to come to his house, but he refused. So, the two met in a nearby park. Then, they met in a video store where the pastor had allegedly met other men on multiple occasions.

The pastor got in a truck with the man, and asked him for a blow-job. That’s when the officer turned on country music on the vehicle’s radio, which was a signal for other officers to swoop.

Patty Loveless? We should be told!

Pastor Michael Bryant

Pastor Michael Bryant

Earlier, another pastor calls Bryant was taken into custody for allegedly molesting a 16-year-old girl.

The 48-year-old pastor, Michael Bryant. is alleged in this report to have taken advantage of the teenager by:

Removing his genitals from his clothing and showing it [sic] to the victim.  He would then stroke, feel and massage the victim.  This occurred while her mother was at work.

Bryant, whose church – The Hour of Restoration Church of God in Christ is in Memphis, Tennessee –is now behind bars.  Bryant pastored the church for three years.

The victim, a church member, claimed that she told her mother repeatedly of the abuse; however her mother never reported the crime to authorities.  Instead she asked God to take the lustful thoughts out of the pastor’s head.

Some other church members knew of the pastors behaviour too, but chose not say anything.

One church member, Leonard Gray said that he was upset about the report and that he did not believe the allegations because the pastor was an honourable man of God.  And a neighbor said the story was unbelievable:

Because the pastor always toted a Bible.

Officials believe the pastor’s latest attack on the 16-year old was in mid-December. When the victim reported the incident to her aunt, the aunt reported the matter to law enforcement officials. This resulted in the arrest and a charge of sexual assault against Bryant.