Poet and peace campaigner hanged

Poet and peace campaigner hanged

NEWS has emerged from Iran that the young poet, who was arrested in February 2011 and subjected to extreme torture, has been executed.

According to this report, an Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal had imposed a death sentence on the poet – a member of the Arabic-speaking Ahvazis ethnic minority  –  along with 14 others, last July on charges that included “waging war on God.”

Press reports said Shaabani was hanged last month after his sentence was approved by President Hassan Rohani.

In a statement on February 5, Freedom House said Shaabani was subjected to severe torture and interrogation during his three years in prison.

Human Rights Voices also reports on the execution, writing:

To those who knew him, Hashem Shaabani was a man of peace and understanding struggling to extend spaces of individual freedom within the despotic Khomeinist system … In one of his letters from prison, made available to use through his family, Shaabani says he could not have remained silent against ‘hideous crimes against Ahvazis perpetrated by the Iranian authorities, particularly arbitrary and unjust executions.’

Shabaani added:

I have tried to defend the legitimate right that every people in this world should have which is the right to live freely with full civil rights. With all these miseries and tragedies, I have never used a weapon to fight these atrocious crimes except the pen.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Rouhani has presided over “an execution spree” and pointed out the The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed and the UN’s expert addressing executions Christof Heyns urged Iran last month to stop the surge in hangings since the start of 2014.

President Rouhani

President Rouhani

The UN experts said at least 40 persons have been reportedly hanged in the first two weeks of January.

In 2013, Iran executed 625 people, including 29 women and political prisoners. Iranians faced the death penalty for the crimes of Moharabeh – a catchall phrase for “enmity against God” – or the charge of threatening “national security.”

Said Heyns:

It is deeply concerning that the Government proceeds with executions for crimes that do not meet the threshold of the ‘most serious crimes’ as required by international law and when serious concerns remain about due process rights.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps dragged Shaabani into an Iran’s Press TV studio in December 2011 where confessed to involvement in “separatist terrorism,” and contacts with former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s former president Muammar Gaddafi.

Shaabani wrote later wrote in a letter that he:

Had never participated in any armed activity, whatever the motives. I disagree with armed activities if there are other peaceful channels to make demands and express our wishes and aspirations.

US writer Stephen Hager declared President Rouhani as “the villain in this tragedy”.

He’s the 7th President of Iran and has quietly executed over 400 dissidents, while projecting himself as a moderate in favor of women’s rights. Time magazine fawns on him, calling him the 9th most powerful person in the world. One wonders why his reign of terror gets virtually no play in the Western media. But then, Western media is really a carefully controlled cartel run by a handful of global corporations.

Hashem Shaabani is the poet and hero of this tragedy. He held a Masters in Political Science and taught Arabic literature in high school. He also wrote poetry in both Arabic and Farsi.

He leaves behind a widow and child and invalid parents he had been caring for until his arrest in February of 2011 in Khalafabad.




35 responses to “Poet and peace campaigner hanged”

  1. Canada Dave says:

    We, on this site and others like it, should cherish deeply the freedoms we have to comment as we do about that vile idea society calls religion.
    As we can see above there are many places about the globe where “we would all be dead by now” …..simply for thinking as we do and expressing those thoughts for others to read.

  2. barriejohn says:

    They’re scared shitless that people might begin to think for themselves!

  3. barfly says:

    What or who they cant control they destroy.

  4. tony e says:

    Whenever a troll visits this site and bleats about ‘persecution’ I think, in future, I’ll just direct them to this article.

    This is real persecution not just people pointing the blatantly obvious that there is no god.

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    Perhaps Iftzvishithouse or whatever his name was, who was bleating on another thread about Islamic academic standards might like to explain how educating people to do this is a good thing.

    Oh no, already got it, it stops people from offending you and your lightweight profits who take offense so easily. Yes, I see it now, certainly makes the world a better place doesn’t it.

  6. Joe Thomson-Swift says:

    Let us hope that one day a new revolutionary party of educated people will emerge to reciprocate those inhumane acts upon the like of those obnoxious gangsters like Rouhani who are intoxicated with such perverse powers. Hanging this good young man and other dissident’s who speak against this perverse Islamic faith is a crime against humanity. Yet global corporations will turn a blind eye if they can see a dollar sign. I feel I want to vomit over these sick demented bastards!

  7. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    What a sad outcome, killed simply for speaking his mind. Blasphemy laws are outrageous and should be repealed wherever they are. R.O.I, New Zealand, please take note and get rid of yours.

    As for President Rouhani, it shows you just what a vile state Iran is when someone like this is considered a moderate.

  8. Shiny shoes says:

    Feel threatened?…Then just rub out those who step out of line. Typical criminal gang behaviour. Win win for them….dead men don’t talk and everyone else is too scared to rock the boat.

    “Dah big boss from upstairs, Big Al, said it was ok to rub out dis dude so kick him around a bit, force a confession outa him, drag him out in front of the media and make a bit of show, den string the sucker up….geddit?” That should keep everyone else quiet for a while. Round up a few of his mates as well and give them a good kicking too while I, errrrr Big Al, decides what to do wiv em.

  9. Shiny shoes says:

    You don’t need a blasphemy law to behave like this. Just need to be a murderous thug. Rub out anyone who gets in your way. As much as I revile the rcc I cannot see the pope resorting to murder. No looka here you cardinals. Dat bigmouth Dawkins is really outa order. Go set up a nasty accident for him..make it look good now. Donna wanna any one pointin dah finger back at me. Ok …dat clear?

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    Nothing extremist here. This is what Islam does and has done since it’s founding. This is mainstream Islam. The peaceful sorts who don’t hang poets are the misunderstanders of their religion.

    lan astaslem!

  11. Rudy from Canada says:

    Why do men think they need to protect God?
    They use the imaginary man made God as a reason to practice their depravity.

  12. mrspock says:

    If it is true that Mr Shaabani was a promoter of peace, it follows logically (i.e. it stands to reason) that he would ipso facto be waging war against ‘God’. As your Mr Orwell’s Ingsoc sagely taught us, ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’ Amen (as I believe you humans sign off).

  13. Avaggdu says:

    Death to poets and the human imagination!
    The days when Arab culture preserved classical learning through the dark ages of the West are long gone – and were Omar Khayyam alive today he would most likely be on the same scaffold.

    ‘Waste not your Hour, nor in the vain pursuit
    Of This and That endeavour and dispute;
    Better be merry with the fruitful Grape
    Than sadden after none, or bitter, Fruit.’

  14. Khaled says:

    This is just a little part of the efforts that persian nationalism do to keep the oil of Ahwaz.
    It is completely accepted to kill Ahwazi Arabs in Iran.

  15. ZombieHunter says:

    I hope one day the people of Iran rise up and finish what they should have finished back in 2009, apparently the young people of Iran have taken to parkour in a big way hopefully this will help them when they rise up and I honestly hope they do, if the people of Iran want their country to be free they will have to fight for it

  16. charlie says:

    Sick, disgusting behavior on the part of those in power. Aha, power alone is one thing, but add religion AND power and watch your backs folks. Islam is still stuck in the days of the Inquisition. As for the poop doing something like this, in days gone past, the poops DID do this very thing and more so.
    I agree with Canada Dave above, we who are able to speak freely must cherish that freedom and do all we can to keep it and then gain the same rights for all peoples.

  17. 1859 says:

    Could someone please set Rouhani’s beard on fire…

    ….He justifies murder by hiding behind his religion. This report shows the utter weakness and stupidity of the iranian state. These executions are an act of terrorism against its own people. Iran – and it’s islamic gestapo – is a fascist state inspired (infected) by a totalitarian religious ideology. They have murdered in the name of their god. Very brave.

  18. Great+Satan says:

    And to think that Hussain Obama and his sidekicks are trying to tell us this is a “moderate” we can do business with…

  19. Dan Klang says:

    Rouhani ….murderous thug….the true face of islamofacism. The thing is this. Rouhani aches for the day, absolutely aches for the day, when he can murder kaffirs en masse with thermo nuclear weapons. And he is not alone. There are battalions of psychoislamopaths who, energised by hatred and warranted by the law enscribed in the koran, are compelled to see you and me and all other kaffirs scorched from the face of the earth. And it does not stop there, the murder would continue unabated until only the right kind of muslims are left. And that would be it for mankind. Look forward to millennia of stagnant theocratic rule with the rewards of heaven on earth for the ruling elite and dismal poverty for the masses. What a vision.

  20. Dan Klang says:

    What a shame that mummy Rouhani didn’t have a headache on the night that baby Rouhani was conceived.

  21. barriejohn says:

    I thought that President Obama’s first name was Barack.

  22. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Barack Hussain Obama. The use of “Hussain Obama” tends to be restricted to right wing nut jobs in the US who still cannot accept that he’s an american citizen, democratically elected to office. They also tend to think of him as some sort of left wing socialist when he is so right wing I doubt he would ever get elected in Europe due to being so far to the right. Just my opinion. 🙂

  23. barriejohn says:

    GMR: Yes – I know!

  24. ian says:

    They all err, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians,
    Humanity follows two worldwide sects,
    One, Man intelligent without religion
    The second, religious without intellect.


  25. Jedidiah Ddoboozilye says:

    When someone finds that you have to kill for the god that you serve and the god you serve does not have the ability to fight their own battles then it should be proper that you think twice. The god you are trying to defend may not be worth the protection and service that you are giving him because it means you have more power than the god you are trying to defend, which by implication it should be the god who should be worshiping you and not you worshiping the god.The God of Israel has the capacity to defend himself and fight his own battles so Rouhani should think of worshiping a self existing God.

  26. Brummie says:

    @ /Jed. Give me the proof that any of these gods exist first…

  27. barriejohn says:

    The God of Israel has the capacity to defend himself and fight his own battles.

    As long as his enemies don’t have chariots of iron!

    “And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” (Judges 1:19 KJV)

  28. ian says:

    @BJ: 10/4, I live in a valley and drive an Audi!

  29. Abdul says:

    There is no respect for productive mind in Iran because Iranian regime stands on ignorance. This state afraid of people who speak loudly against the system.

  30. Marky Mark says:

    (The God of Israel has the capacity to defend himself and fight his own battles )

    I think it has more to do with the billions in USA military aide we provide due to the powerful Israel lobby. Who kick-back millions to congressional campaigns.

    Best I can tell god has nothing to do with it…but greed does.

  31. Laura says:

    How desperately sad Hashem Shaabani and his colleagues were put to their death. If there is any glimmer of hope in this awful modern day Nazi-style scenario it is that his death will not have been in vain, he sacrificed his life so others will be free. He never lived to see that day but he will have played his part in making it happen.
    Shame on the US and France for cosying up to this vile dictator.

  32. Moh'd Ali says:

    Well done president. You are not just a president but Amir muuminina. Allah gave you power to protect our religion.

  33. Larry Silverstein says: