Pastor declares his atheism on YouTube

Pastor declares his atheism on YouTube

FOLLOWING his astonishing “coming out” video that we reported on Monday, Justin Vollmar went into greater depth about his loss of faith this week, claiming that doubts began setting in because had been overworked and underpaid at a church run by:

A tyrannical, golf-loving pastor who made $80,000 a year.

Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church in Silver Springs, Md, where Vollmar worked for seven years, has hit back, branding him:

A vengeful, pathological liar who needs to repent of his sins.

Said Dr Terry Michael Buchholz, senior pastor:

The word that he is spreading about myself and the church is not good and we are going to have to shun him until he is ready to apologize to us. But apparently he is choosing a worse road. I believe the devil is winning him.

Terry Michael Buchholz

Terry Michael Buchholz

Vollmar ran the Virtual Deaf Church online for four years before proclaiming in a YouTube video Friday that he is now an atheist, renouncing the virgin birth and the belief that Jesus is the Son of God who was raised from the dead, as well as the Bible being the word of God.

There is no such thing as Holy Spirit. Word of God is NOT inspired God-breathed book. Church is completely men’s invention. All I believe previously as a Christian have been…has been turned upside.

According to the Christian Post Vollmar detailed “his descent” into atheism in a first-person account published by CNN.

Vollmar said he was made to work “for little pay” for seven years while the senior pastor drew a salary of $80,000 a year and lived a life of leisure.

I was a pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland, working 60 hours a week for little pay. My senior pastor was a harsh taskmaster, scolding me and always pushing me to work harder. Meanwhile, he earned $80,000 a year and played golf two times a week. I lived in poverty and did not see my children much. I got burned out.

I resigned my position and was shunned by the church. My faith in God was severely shaken. I started to have doubts about the Bible’s claims. I questioned whether God’s love, which is supposed to reside inside Christians, was real.

The Christian Post contacted the church yesterday, and church worker Dan Nemeth as well as pastor Buchholz disputed several of the claims Vollmar makes in the article, and called him a liar.

Said Nemeth;

First of all the article is full of several lies. We have some proof for that. He did not work 60 hours a week. He worked around 45 hours a week. He was not overworked.

Nemeth said Vollmar was also making “good money” at the church, which only had between 94 and 96 members attending on a weekly basis while he was there. When pressed to explain what he meant by good money, Nemeth explained that Vollmar was earning close to $37,000 a year.

The church also disputed that Pastor Buchholz was making $80,000 during the time Vollmar was working their, citing records revealing he was only making $61,800.

Said Nemeth.

This is unbelievable, all of the lies he has been saying because we have proof.

Pastor Buchholz said Vollmar’s proclaimed atheism has left him “heartbroken.”

I feel a little heartbroken to see how this has come about and that he is not a believer any longer.

16 responses to “Pastor declares his atheism on YouTube”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    “Pastor Buchholz …. was only making $61,800.”

    thats because his golf green fees were $19,200

  2. Brummie says:

    Welcome to the real world Justin.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: I think they were only $18,200. Don’t exaggerate!

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    Christianity is the belief that invisible monsters live inside deaf people but that appeals to a more powerful invisible monster that put those monsters there in the first place can cause them to leave deaf people and live inside pigs instead – thus making deaf people into hearing people. See Mark 5:10-20. More modern theories of deafness have other conclusions, but perhaps those theories are caused by invisible monsters too. Or perhaps Christianity is a cruel and foolish superstition.

  5. Angela_K says:

    I love the bit about Buchholz being “heartbroken” at Vollmar’s atheism. I expect he is, losing someone who is no longer gullible enough to swallow the religious bullshit. It is always the religious who claim they are right and everybody else wrong.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Trevor Blake: Was that man deaf? The boy in Mark 9 was most certainly possessed by a “dumb and deaf spirit” which Jesus assured his disciples could be cast out quite easily by anyone who engaged in “prayer and fasting”. It makes you wonder why Christians even bother to visit their doctor.

    Pat Robertson has cured the deaf:

    “Why don’t you try that and if it doesn’t work try something else?”. Sheesh!

  7. Stuart H. says:

    By coincidence, a deaf guy I know who is an activist for other disabled people tells me a major problem for all the disabled is religious charities. Every time he approaches local government about setting up proper community support for any category of disabled folk they point him to a religious charity or church who they claim are already doing the job -and are usually getting some sort of public grant too.
    As he quips, ‘godbotherers – they’ll do anything to help us, except get off our backs in the first place’.
    Maybe another religiot scam for all of us to look out for in our neighbourhoods?

  8. barriejohn says:

    Stuart H: Don’t get me started! I only discovered a short while ago that the “Plymouth Brethren Christian Church” has been engaging in disaster relief. To anyone who knows anything about them this will be a big surprise, as we are talking about the Exclusive Brethren here. I was gobsmacked!

    This is sheer exploitation of those who are suffering:

    Comment: “We’ve just had a brother across to the UK, he was telling us that prisoners in jail readily accept Gospel Tracts – especially when the Brethren have been taking them water for 3 weeks!!

    A fantastic way to display Christian giving, and spread the Gospel.”


  9. JohnMWhite says:

    A vengeful, pathological liar who needs to repent of his sins.

    *For his sins, not of, you intellectual pygmy. And this is followed by a word salad about the devil ‘winning’ Vollmar and a childish show of spite by demanding the guy be shunned. For goodness sake, if you’re going to try to claim the high ground, don’t come off like a barely literate lunatic steeped in the stench of the most ignorant and villainous of Christian stereotypes. Make a token effort to not look both stupid and loathsome, please. I hate to swing at the low hanging fruit all the time but it’s all the religious ever seem to offer.

    I feel a little heartbroken to see how this has come about and that he is not a believer any longer.

    Oh poor you and your poor feelings. How horrible it must be to have yet another person to despise and shun. A man loses his faith, his livelihood and is turned on by his entire community, but the real victim here is the vicious pastor who turned him into a figure of hatred for simply having a differing point of view.

    It’s Christianity 101: Every time somebody gets hurt, it’s their fault, and the real victim is the person with power over them. Look at the example they have, an omnipotent being who supposedly cries buckets if you don’t believe in him and will burn you forever when he gets around to killing you… because he loves you.

  10. David Tucker says:

    Easily $80,000 when you count the tax free housing allowance that all ministers get in the United States

  11. Daz says:

    How long ’til someone says he can’t ever have been a True Christain™ in the first place?

  12. Richard says:

    Good to hear more people see the light.
    I can think of so many reasons that the idea of loving creator is very , very unlikely.

  13. Robster says:

    The main problem for those of a religious disposition is the loss of another one, publicly too and that means others will join him in seeking something more tangible than the Baby jesus, god and the rest of that nasty family of fantasies. Perhaps the pastor should join the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that way he can stay working as a pasta and maybe still claim a tax exemption.

  14. Schmorty Pantload says:

    A fantastic victory for critical thinking. Kudos to Mr. Vollmar. Great courage has been shown.

  15. Ian Octa says:

    Justin Vollmar, u should be ashame to your self,I’m not judge nor stab you, personally I do dissapoint with Chritian people (was), but that doesn’t change the fact that God still exist, IS THE PEOPLE!!!! Not God!
    If you feel that you live in poverty (and with your limitation and disability)find another job dont’t be a pastor. Do businness that can grow money and guess what, NIck Vujicic from Australia survived his terrible nasty painful unforgiven life.
    Nick had only little drumstick on his body (his very own incomplete leg),body and a head attach on it, yet he can make a living,preaching without being a pastor. What are you thinking when you chose to be a pastor???

  16. Pondering says:

    I always giggle when I hear that all pastors, priest, etc get paid job. Jesus didn’t get pay, so why should they? It’s right there obviously a fake religious.

    I’m sorry that Justin got tangled into something that’s not real in the first place.

    However I sure hope that Justin is just shun that religious itself rather than God altogether.

    Perhaps will meet u again, Justin. 🙂