Islamic idiots destroy antiquities

Islamic idiots destroy antiquities

ISLAMIC crazies in Syria have begun a campaign of destruction, targeting archaeological treasures such as Byzantine mosaics and Greek and Roman statues because their portrayal of human beings is contrary to their religious beliefs.

According to this report, the systematic destruction of antiquities may be the worst disaster to ancient monuments since the Taliban in Afghanistan dynamited the giant statues of Buddha at Bamiyan in 2001 for similar ideological reasons.

In mid-January the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), a Taliban-type movement controlling much of north-east Syria, blew up and destroyed a sixth-century Byzantine mosaic near the city of Raqqa on the Euphrates.


The official head of antiquities for Raqqa province, who has fled to Damascus and does not want his name published, said:

It happened between 12 and 15 days ago. A Turkish businessman had come to Raqqa to try to buy the mosaic. This alerted them [Isis] to its existence and they came and blew it up. It is completely lost.

Other sites destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists include the reliefs carved at the Shash Hamdan, a Roman cemetery in Aleppo province. Also in the Aleppo countryside, statues carved out of the sides of a valley at al-Qatora have been deliberately targeted by gunfire and smashed into fragments.

Professor Maamoun Abdulkarim, general director of antiquities and museums at the Ministry of Culture in Damascus, says that extreme Islamic iconoclasm puts many antiquities at risk. An expert on the Roman and early Christian periods in Syria, he says:

I am sure that if the crisis continues in Syria we shall have the destruction of all the crosses from the early Christian world, mosaics with mythological figures and thousands of Greek and Roman statues.

Of the mosaic at Raqqa, discovered in 2007, he says:

It is really important because it was undamaged and is from the Byzantine period but employs Roman techniques.

Syria has far more surviving archaeological sites and ancient monuments than almost any country in the world. These range from the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus with its magnificent eighth-century frescoes to the Bronze Age Ebla in Idlib province in north-west Syria, which flourished in the third and second millennia BC and where 20,000 cuneiform tablets were discovered.

In eastern Syria on the upper Euphrates are the remains of the Dura-Europos, a Hellenistic city called “the Pompeii of the Syrian desert” where frescoes were found in an early synagogue. Not far away, close to the border with Iraq, are the remains of Mari, which has a unique example of a third-millennium BC royal palace.

Many of the most famous ancient sites in Syria are now in the hands of fundamentalists.

Syria’s museums are generally secure and moveable items have been taken elsewhere for safe-keeping. Museum staff say they saw what happened in Iraq after 2003 and moved quickly. But the most devastating and irreversible losses to Syria’s rich heritage of ancient cities and buildings are the result of looting.

Much of this is local people looking for treasure, though in many cases they are obliterating the archaeological record by using bulldozers. Two looters were killed when they used a bulldozer to excavate a cave at Ebla, causing its roof to collapse.

What worries Professor Abdulkarim and his staff is that over the last year the looting has become large scale. He says that there is “a mafia from Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon hiring hundreds of people to strip sites”.

Professor Abdulkarim complains that he has received little international help in preventing the looting of Syria’s rich heritage. The deliberate targeting by Isis and other jihadist groups of mosaics and statues seen as profane will accelerate the speed of destruction. Antiquities that have survived invasions and wars for 5,000 years may soon be rubble.

• The top pic shows Isis Islamists smashing a 3,000-year-old Neo-Assyrian statue illegally removed from a nearby archaeological site.



Meanwhile, news from Iraq is that a terrorist commander engaged in suicide-bomb training at a secluded camp north of Baghdad accidentally killed himself and 21 trainees. His suicide-belt was packed with live explosives.

Raad Hashim, working the counter at a liquor store near the site of the attack, burst out laughing when he heard the news.

This is so funny. It shows how stupid they are, those dogs and sons of dogs.

Another resident of the area said:

I heard this today when my friend rang me in the afternoon to tell me about it. He was so happy as if he was getting married. Which made me happy as well. I hope that their graves burn and all the rest of them burn as well. I was not happy with the number killed, though: I wanted more of them to die, as I remember my friend who was killed by a suicide bomber in 2007.

Hat tip: David Lawson (Syria) and Canada Dave and Michael Levin.

38 responses to “Islamic idiots destroy antiquities”

  1. Irreverend Bastard says:

    Next, let’s blow up all the Mosques.

    Because their existence “is contrary to my religious beliefs”.

  2. charlie says:

    This is sick, disgusting behavior by the fundies. Sick bastards, the lot of them.
    While I don’t belong to any religion, I enjoy the churches they built. Marvelous architecture for sure. The local PBS TV station just ran a program on the biggest dome for a RCC cathedral in Florence, Italy. A professor had an idea of how the dome was built. He had a one-fifth scale model of it being built. He got some professional bricklayers from the US of A to come help finish it and they discovered the absolutely clever methods of the construction of that dome. It is amazing and is standing after more than 400 years, going on 500 now.
    I’d hate to see the great cathedrals destroyed “just because” we atheists might get real power. Why destroy them? They are marvels of human ingenuity, as are the old statues, icons, etc. in Syria and other mid-Eastern nations. Hell, all around this planet we have old icons/statues/etc. that are absolute marvels no matter what your personal religious beliefs/non-beliefs may be. Better to enjoy and celebrate human ingenuity than to destroy “just because” they may “offend” some damn fool “religion”.
    Of course it IS easier to destroy than to create, and these damn al-Qaida/Taliban/xtian/zionist/fundies have NEVER created anything worth the bother.
    End of rant.

  3. Dan Klang says:

    How to be a good muslim…just spoil everything , smash everything, murder, destroy, whinge, whine, shriek……..islam is an abomination.

  4. Dan Klang says:

    How to be a fundamentalist islamofacist …. I don’t like you so I kill you. You are a woman and I hate you for being attractive and no woman in her right mind would have sex with me unless threatened so I kill you. You are a kaffir so I kill you. I am a nasty evil self hating retard so I kill you. You don’t do as I want so I kill you. You ignore my hysterical screaming demands so I kill you. You are a dirty christian so I kill you. You are a Jew so I kill you. You mock me so I kill you. You are just finishing a marathon so I kill you. You are an innocent out shopping in the mall so I kill you. You drew a cartoon of alla so I kill you. You don’t like me cruelly killing my meat so I kill you. You stop believing in alla so I kill you. You showed your face so I kill you. You got raped so I kill you. I raped you so I kill you. You are gay so I kill you. You are commuting to work so I kill you. You are a shiite so i kill you. You are a sunni so I kill you. You wrote a book so I kill you. You are doing charitable work so I kill you. You are a girl daring to go to school so I kill you. Millions of your tax dollars are given to my country by your country so I kill you. You are asleep in your school dormitory so I kill you. You are flying to see your family so I kill you. You work in a tall building in New York so I kill you. I could go on for hours with this but I think you get the message. But finally ….. I am a muslim so I kill you. Really finally I can kill you for any prejudice I can incubate in my constipated tiny mind so I kill you. Really really finally. You dared to say something trite but I tried really hard to be offended by it so I kill you. I get aroused by killing so I kill you. I am a lunatic and deeply twisted by unfulfilled sexual desire with absolutely no chance of of scoring so I kill you. I kill you because I have no morals. I drool and masturbate over your horny internet porn stars but i will never be able to have sex with a blonde blue eyed skilled willing sex loving enlightened female so i kill you. I am sexually repressed and hate anyone with a heaIthy attitude to sex just kill you. I am deeply envious of the scientific, technological, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, software, aeronautical, biological, farming …… skills of you educated westerners so I kill you. I had to spend years and years in a madrassa having absolutely crazy fictional stories about an epileptic liar smashed into my skull by hateful nasty child hating child abusing imams and spewing it out rote for hour after hour after hour until it all that is lodged between my ears so I kill you. I was not allowed to have normal relations with girls so I kill you. I was taught to hate my mother so I kill you. I want your countrymen to revile me so I kill you. You are eradicating polio and saving our children from diseases so I kill you, you drew a cartoon so I kill you, you are my daughter so I kill you, you are a woman and showed your face so I kill you, you fled from an arranged marriage so I kill you, the imam said you should die so I kill you, I am part of an hysterical screaming lynch mob so I kill you, I am a petulant dimshit so I smash everything up….then kiiiiiiilllllllllll youuuuuuuu.

  5. barriejohn says:

    It’s heartening to read of those Iraqis who can see the fummy side of this “suicide” as well. They’re not all mad. According to tonight’s news, the authorities are concerned at the skillful way in which these idiots are able to get their message out, thus encouraging others to follow their example. Are they joking?

    Who’s going to write the parody “All-ah! All-ah!” about a dozy suicide trainer and his family? It would make a great comedy series – for as long as it lasted.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Re the first story: All those ancient civilizations obviously had it wrong, but how stupid of God to allow mankind to blunder about in ignorance until he decided to send along his prophets one by one to lead them in the right path, culminating in the appearance of Mohammed, the bearer of The Ultimate Truth, in the 6th Century. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to give them his message right at the start so that they stood a chance of getting things right?

  7. Paul Cook says:

    But Barriejohn what of the possible ‘truth’ that mohammed could well have been a jew – there to make the jew religion so called slightly better. To improve upon it & make it more an acceptable religion to Arabs.

    Mulsims hate this but mohammed probably married a jewess. But they won’t discuss it openly.

    His life “biography” is very disjointed and there is quite a large gap – it has no middle part where he likely first married (this jewess) and perhaps some say – he was trained by jews to re-write jewish scripture.

    Of course they will never ever discuss or even tolerate this.

  8. Paul Cook says:

    There are also the news reports where Crac des Chevaliers is being used by both sides to shoot at each other and of course it’s being damaged.

    Will they too, after they destroy all this architecture and treasure, it matters not it is iconic or religious, it is history regardless, start on the hated Crusader castle and blow it up. Something they couldn’t do before.

    I bet they can’t wait. But of course it is THE religion of tolerance.

  9. David Lawson says:

    It angers me so much. I read a lot of ancient history. I love the beauty of our past achievements.

    They destroy these wonderful relics of our past and then tell us to respect their belief? Fuck that and fuck them.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: Islam is really New Improved Judaism&#8482.

    Elsewhere, an old friend is brought to book:

    “forbidden from promoting Sharia law”; oh dear!

  11. barriejohn says:

    New Improved Judaism &#8482

  12. barriejohn says:

    What am I doing wrong?

  13. 1859 says:

    It makes you ask the obvious question – With what argument does a religion ban the depiction of the human form? WTF are they frightened of?

    But, of course, I’ve used the wrong word, haven’t I? I said ‘argument’. Those with a fascist mentality do not argue, because that would imply a counter argument and that, in turn, would imply a ‘debate’.

    But still, what is it about the human form are they scared of? A nose might look too much like a penis? A mouth might just remind them of a vulva? Are they frightened of what they might do if they get turned on by the sight of an ear? The followers of this religion – any religion – are in need of some profound psychological treatment. It almost feels like they want to glorify their ignorance…I don’t know, it’s just fucking awful what they’re doing.

  14. charlie says:

    This destruction of ancient buildings and such is what religion does to the human mind. Religion is a foul virus that should be terminated ASAP. And YES, damn it all, I DO mean ALL religion. Enough of the mindless crap from the “big three” in particular. Not that Hindus or Buddhists get a free pass as they also have their own sets of vile fundies in their gangs. Organized religion IS very much a gang, a gang of absolute stupid, and it is damn near impossible to fix stupid.
    Sorry for this rant, but at 66 I am damn tired of this mindless stupidity of religion. These devolved critters are not acting like human beings in my opinion. Even wild animals have more common decency than this sort of thing. While I refuse to hate, it takes too much time to do properly, I DO despise this sort of critter to the max. They deserve NO respect at all in any way.

    As to the idiots who blew themselves to pieces during suicide bomb training; GREAT, do that “training” more often. Make sure you have a secure location removed from decent people and have at it. The MORE you fools do this, the better the world will be. So, see, by doing this, you WILL be making the world a better place. By removing yourselves from it.
    Too harsh? Tough shit. As I said above, I’m goddamn tired of this shit from ANY religious asshats.

  15. L.Long says:

    Just another group of power crazed dogmatist acting psychotic. Nothing new to see here. Just wait until the xtian fundies think they have enough power and watch what happens here.

  16. Trevor Blake says:

    Only in religion is language so distorted. Destruction of representational art is normal for Islam,but in religion normal means extremist and extremist means normal.

  17. Paul Cook says:

    I thought Islam is supposed to only prohibit the pictures of god or allah not the human form.

    Oh sorry – silly me. Islam prevents everything except those other artistic niceties such as rape murder suicide genocide killing of everyone.

  18. Dreamer says:

    If the god of the muslims is so great, if islamic heaven is so wonderful then please please please all you muslims go and kill yourselves and go to your paradise. That for me would the most wonderful thing….all muslims in the place where they really really want to be. Where they really really should be. Go on … pleeeeeeease pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get yourselves organised and go do the greatest thing you could possibly do. Go kill yourselves. Just think how delighted your god will be when you all show up for the big reunion. Just think how wonderful it will be for all you muslims…you muslim guys will get virgins to rape, you muslim girls will get…hmmmm… not really sure what you girlies will get but I am sure it will be great…maybe roles are reversed and all the hunky men have to wear the burqa and you girls can pick a new guy or maybe even two or three whenever you need a damn good shag. Maybe you girls can kick punch emasculate or even shoot these guys in repayment for all abuse you received when you down here on the earth.
    So all you devout muslims…go and kill yourselves and put your selves out of my misery. Go on …doooooo it, doooooooo it, dooooooo know you want to.

  19. Dreamer says:

    I am watching the news channels on TV, scouring the internet news sites, following twitter and facebook. I am soooo looking forward to the first reports of mass islamic suicides…….nothing yet though. Fingers crossed.

  20. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: Once again, Islam shows itself to be the bastard child of Judaism. Mohammed read the following and completely misunderstood it:

    “You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me.”

    The Jews understand, of course, that this refers to the making of images for worship, but old Mo thought that Gawd meant that we were not allowed to make images of people, plants, animals, etc (are circles out as well in case they mimic the heavenly bodies?). I bet he loved the “visiting the iniquity” bit as well. There’s a lot of iniquity visiting in Islam.

  21. barriejohn says:

    Sorry; Mohammed HEARD those words. He was illiterate, and it was only by a “miracle” that he was able to write. Glad to clear up that one!

  22. Alec says:

    1859 Barriejohn
    I’d heard that the reason for the big mo banning all images of humans occured after he’d been ravaged by syphilis and he didn’t want history to record that fact.

  23. Mr Doubt says:

    If muslims think images are so bad then why do muslims all over the world enthusiastically use televisions, computers, pads, smartphones, cameras …you know all the fabulous electronic devices made wholly by the ingenuity, skills, hard work of kaffirs. No islamic country can produce such things because they are so retarded in every category and every metric by which civilised countries are gauged. No islamic country has made even the tiniest positive contribution to the wonders, conveniences, technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering, science and education upon which civilisation depends. Islam forces people to be parasitic, petulant, self loathing, retarded burdens on humanity.

  24. barriejohn says:

    More Muslim madness:

    It wouldn’t do to let someone know that you loved them, would it – that would REALLY go against the principles of Islam!

  25. barriejohn says:

    Alec: Who knows for sure? He may never have existed, so it’s all conjecture really.

    Mr Doubt: How dare you cast your doubt over the Muslim contribution to human progress?

    A year ago, nine female polio vaccinators were murdered in Nigeria, possibly by Boko Haram followers.

    Some Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria believe polio vaccinations cause infertility among women.

    They see it as a Western conspiracy to reduce the Muslim population.

    Such opposition is a major reason why Nigeria is one of just three countries where polio is still endemic.

    There were 121 cases of polio in Nigeria last year (2012), compared to 58 in Pakistan and 37 in Afghanistan, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. (BBC)

  26. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    “You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me.”

    And nowhere in that does it say that this god is the only god there is.

  27. Angela_K says:

    More from Mo’s idiotic followers: Syrian girl stoned to death because she joined Facebook.

  28. charlie says:

    Graham Martin-Royle,
    The very command to “have no OTHER dogs before me” is a dead on give away that there ARE other doGs that one could worship. So, yes, you ARE correct in that the very command implies, without doubt, there ARE other doGs. Funny how the Hebrews, xtians, Muslims, and other “branches” of the vile tree of old Abe never seem to notice that FACT.
    Oh well, back to my corner.

  29. barriejohn says:

    GM-R/Charlie: Mosern-day believers neatly get round that difficulty by claiming that other things can replace “God” in one’s affections (and thus become “idols”) eg money, possessions, loved ones, etc. It’s not the same thing and they know it. It is obvious that to Old Testament Jews YHWH (their god) was stronger than all the other gods.

    Charlie: I answered your question about BBC iPlayer on the previous thread. You can get round THAT problem by using an internet address other than your own, and I provided links.

  30. 1859 says:

    @Angela K: It says ‘reportedly’ stoned to death for joining facebook? Is there any hard evidence this has actually happened? I can’t believe it really? It’s way OTT!!

  31. Angela_K says:

    @1859. I did some research about this report before posting and ended up at sites in various Arabic languages. Given Islam’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if the report true.

  32. 1859 says:

    @ Angela-K: I found this on one of barriejohn’s links (I thought I’d posted it last night but it doesn’t seem to have appeared – so this is another try).

    ‘Fatoum Al-Jassem, a Syrian girl in the city of Rakka, apparently ran afoul of Islamic law and Al Qaeda in Iraq (known as ISIS or ISIL)….. While the only English language report of this appears in Iran’s Fars News, it’s been widely published in Arabic. ISIS is widely hated now even within the Sunni opposition and so its opponents would have every incentive to make up stories about it. As I have said in the past, so much propaganda is coming out of all the different factions and sides in Syria that it is effectively impossible to determine whether anything is true or not.’

    I hope for the sake of my sanity that this story is a piece of vile propaganda, because, if it’s really true, and this poor girl has been murdered for these reasons, then it’s a truly tragic day for humanity. I hope the story is false.

  33. barriejohn says:

    @1859: I read your comment here and it then disappeared. I assumed that you had asked for it to be deleted! A furious argument has been going on on the FrontPageMag site regarding the story, with opposing positions being taken by pro-Muslims and anti-Muslims (pro-Obama and anti-Obama), which doesn’t really help matters. It is slightly worrying that despite this no one seems to have found a reliable primary source for the story, so I remain sceptical but open-minded, but it is disturbing that the story is being accompanied everywhere by that video of the film “The Stoning of Soraya M.”!

  34. Paul Cook says:

    Barriejohn I posted stuff then went back a bit later and it had gone. Now it’s back again?

    BARRY is the hand of god moving you to do this? have you become possessed? or is it god itself by magic removing these posts?
    a miracle either way.

  35. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: It’s the result of “imprecatory prayer”, which we have visited here before. Don’t ask me to make sense of the following, because I can’t:

    Don’t forget, the only reason that Tesco shares are performing badly is that Stephen Green and his little band of followers have put a hex upon them!

  36. Barry Duke says:

    Simple explanation Paul. We were having real problems with the site over the past week or so, and at the weekend it was moved to a new server. Some discombobulation was experienced during the migration. All seems to be working well now.