‘Hide your Black men from the Gays’

‘Hide your Black men from the Gays’

NO sooner had I penned an article  today for an upcoming edition of the The Pink Humanist about a new book that sets out to prove that homosexuality is NOT “un-African” as many – including Stephen “Birdshit” Green – claim, up popped an alert on my screen regarding the sign above that has just appeared outside a church in Harlem, New York.

According to this report, the Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church sign was put up by Dr James David Manning, a long-time opponent of the Obama administration, and an enemy of The Gays.

In an accompanying video, titled “White Homo takes Black woman’s man”, Manning expands on his reasons for putting up the sign. He said that:

Black Americans are facing a crisis of the absence of males in the home, and that 80 percent of homes are headed by women.

That means:

Women are having a difficult time finding a black man to marry.

For this he blamed the number of black men in prison, as well as white gay men.

Obama has released these [gay] demons particularly upon the black males, this homosexual demon, to enforce as many black males to subscribe to ideas of a homosexual, perverted, LGBT as possible.

He then refers to Jason Collins, openly-gay NBA star as an “alleged basketball player”, and claims there is a conspiracy to get more black people to come out as gay, with the support of Oprah Winfrey.

Explaining the decision to put up the sign, he said:

Of the few black men that are left, they are being scooped up by white homos, leaving the back women in more dire straits.

You’ll have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male … He usually has an American Express card … Homos love the theatre … This is devastating.

He then claims that:

No white homosexuals have come out in the sports arena.

Er, except Robbie Rogers, a former Leeds United football player came out as gay in 2013, before returning to the US to play for LA Galaxy.

The imbecile then offered  support to Uganda President Yoweri Musveni who signed into law an anti-gay bill earlier this week and called Obama a “son of satan”, and a “pervert”.

Oh, the book I was drawing to Pink Humanist readers’ attention is Freedom To Love For All: Homosexuality is not Un-African, by Nigerian human rights advocate Yemisi Ilesanmi. Read all about it here.

28 responses to “‘Hide your Black men from the Gays’”

  1. Moi says:

    Nickyboy. Isn’t this what you believe? We know you suffer from paranoid delusions because of the drugs you take. Don’t you think you should take guidance from your “pope” before you put your foot in it?

  2. WTF says:

    Another hate-filled fuckwit spews forth with his ill-educated views….if ‘Dr’ Manning had had the benefit of even a smattering of worldliness, he may realise that the shit he preaches is supposed to be inclusive! The USA really needs to have a long, hard look at itself and ask the question “do we really want these shit-for-brains, self promoting morons having an influence on the next generation?”

  3. Kill the faiths says:

    Why don’t the bigots of god go live in countries where their religious prejudices are enshrined in law. Uganda sounds like just the right place for this evil bastard.

  4. Kill the faiths says:

    Another dubious character who protests too much. Just set your watch and wait…. He will soon be caught on his knees with his mouth full.

  5. charlie says:

    I despise asshats like this. That this clown got to be any sort of preacher just helps me in my personal belief that organized religion is the absolute worst thing we humans have ever invented. These supposed “christians” preach peace and love, except for those they dislike, then it is all doom, gloom, and some imagined fiery pit of hell for eternity. What a bunch of damn hypocrites they ALL are.

  6. charlie says:

    Oh, don’t hold your breath waiting for the US of A to look hard at itself. My country is too damn fat, lazy, and stupid to do so. Hell, “we” as a nation are too arrogant to even imagine that we will ever even need to do so. And yes, I was born here in the US of A. Some of us really DO care about ALL people regardless of their sexual preference, skin color, or personal beliefs.

  7. barriejohn says:

    This man is really highly-qualified. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary, and a PhD from his own (unaccredited) ATLAH Theological Seminary (offering classes in preaching and prophecy, I kid you not). This would all be hilariously funny if so many gullible souls (especially in the USA) were not so easily taken in by it.

    He is, obviously, an intellectual giant:

  8. barriejohn says:

    “What a bunch o’ fools y’all are.” (10:44)

    Amen, brother!

  9. barriejohn says:

    His website is a treasure trove of lunacy. “God” evidently told him to rename the Harlem district ATLAH, and this is to be the new Promised Land and “seat of the world’s banking, business and education centers”:

  10. barriejohn says:

    More about ATLAH here:

    Formerly known Harlem has been renamed: ATLAH

    ATLAH means, the land where the people shall walk barefoot, because the land is holy ground.

    Given to Pastor James David Manning, by Almighty God, 14 September 19


  11. 1859 says:

    Often, trying to understand the religious mind-set is like trying to understand someone’s labyrinthine madness, it’s like trying to unpick someone’s insanity, to reason out, with a list of bullet points, someone’s spiralling lunacy – all with the hope that, just ‘understanding’ such idiosyncratic craziness, will somehow help us to restore our grip on the human world. But then up pops another and yet another wingnut trumpeting yet another deranged view of the world. And then I ask why do intelligent people waste such an amount of their time even bothering to confront such psychotic rubbish?

    Sorry, this is just me thinking aloud and feeling somewhat despondent after reading ‘Doctor’ Manning’s comments above.

  12. Robster says:

    People with the surname Manning are not popular in the good ol’ USA at present. Is this religious Manning bigot related to that Bradley Manning, the famous, very much more pale, secrets whistle blower? I wonder…

  13. L.Long says:

    This nutter and the others like him are saying what the say and doing their thing for only one reason, people in general and consequently the governments give religion way too much respect in every way. We and everyone should treat a religion as nothing more then a odd social club with a make believe leader. Stop treating them special.

  14. LakeTonkaMark says:

    You really have to watch the video from this story.

    hard to wrap your brain around it)

    This is top 10 craziest stuff you ever heard a Christian say!


  15. barriejohn says:

    This nutter and the others like him are saying what the say and doing their thing for only one reason, people in general and consequently the governments give religion way too much respect in every way. We and everyone should treat a religion as nothing more then a odd social club with a make believe leader. Stop treating them special. (L.Long.)

    How true; wonderful idea. The following report is very disturbing as it illustrates the inordinate amount of repect that is given to religious beliefs in American society:

  16. Lurker111 says:

    This story is unsatirizable. It’s an eigenmock.

  17. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: We have become so used to letting myths and fantasies infest our politics, media and society that their absurdities have become invisible. People with the most weird and extreme beliefs are welcomed to be USA citizens. To adopt a rational view and state your atheism leads to rejection.

    But what about the UK?. Every day the BBC allows fantasies to be propagated as fact and censors any challenge. The most tolerant and approving support, backed by public funding, is given to schools teaching nonsense and bigotry. Only when their behaviour becomes extreme will any action be taken and that reluctantly.

    We need to remove the media, religious and political clique that clings to the power to preserve these privileges.

  18. jay says:

    The bizarre thing is his assumption that all these guys are just itching to jump the fence.


    Maybe he is. Most of us are not.

  19. Stuart H. says:

    ‘Is this religious Manning bigot related to that Bradley Manning, the famous, very much more pale, secrets whistle blower? I wonder…’
    If he was from Salford, rather than Harlem, I’d have thought Bernard’s unknown brother(for the benefit of non-UK readers, Bernard Manning was, as this bigot might have put it, ‘an alleged comedian’ who went out of fashion once TV in the UK expanded past three national channels).
    Maybe what this chump really needs is a five minute bawl-out from his wife – if he has one – to set him straight on a few things. Any grown man with that much nonsense floating round his brain strikes me as, maybe, a little behind on his household chores. Out of that armchair, fat boy, and clean up that yard!

  20. AgentCormac says:

    Man, James David Manning sounds even crazier than Bob ‘Potty’ Hutton – and that’s really saying something! (Oh, I can suddenly feel a song coming on!)

  21. 1859 says:


    But the goat looks really happy – in fact it’s the happiest goat I think I’ve ever seen! I expect the magistrate, to assist Mr. Baranda to atone for his shame, will rule that he and the goat must be joined in holy matrimony – in short, to regain his respected position in society, he must marry the goat. But, of course,before they can be joined in wedlock, the goat must first be accepted into the islamic faith. No problem there.

  22. remigius says:

    He usually has an American Express card…

    Ooooooh – that’ll do nicely sir!

  23. remigius says:

    Homos love the theater… This is devastating.

    But I thought homo’s caused hurricaines. Now that is devastaing.

    Priorities eh!

  24. barriejohn says:

    I have a pretty shrewd idea what websites Manning spends his time perusing (for reasons of research, no doubt). He features in the latest round-up from Right Wing Watch, but what fascinates me most is the fact that these loonies all seem absolutely obsessed with homosexuality:

  25. andym says:

    On topic, but slightly late. Nick Cohen’s piece here:

    argues what I’ve thought for a long time regarding the dangerous ground people enter by using genetics to justify homosexuality. The response to fuckwits like Manning always needs to be a wider challenge and based on principles of freedom. We don’t try and justify free speech on the grounds we are genetically programmed to speak our minds.

  26. Seth says:

    Sexist? Racist?