US Hispanics urged to convert to Islam

US Hispanics urged to convert to Islam

Islam is practical. It’s social. It’s very easy to translate it into Hispanic culture, and it’s even easier to communicate it in the Spanish language.

So says Carlos Lopez, who lives in Texas. Last December, Lopez took the shahada and  joined the ranks of what the American Muslim Council estimates is a 200,000-member Hispanic Muslim community across the US.

Unlike previous generations of Hispanic Muslims who were attracted to the faith by their own spiritual explorations, Lopez and many others like him are converting as a result of targeted Islamic outreach efforts.

This new form of Islamic “da’wah,” or outreach, aims to translate being Muslim into a Latino cultural and linguistic vernacular, according to this report.

Said Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez who teaches an “Islam in Spanish” course in Pearland where Lopez converted:


Imam Hernandez (Photo Ken Chitwood, Relgion News Service)

To reach Hispanics, we have to be practical. Islam is practical. It’s social. It’s very easy to translate it into Hispanic culture, and it’s even easier to communicate it in the Spanish language.

Hernandez includes the basics of Islam and specific elements he and others believe are important to Hispanics, including the links between Hispanic culture and Islam, taking care of the poor and differences and similarities with the Catholic faith.

Many Latinos do not know about Andalusian Spain, when Islam gave birth to much of what we know as Hispanic culture today, including over 3,000 Spanish words. We are opening their eyes to how being Latino and Muslim makes perfect sense.

Islam in Spanish says a growing number of Hispanics convert as a direct result of outreach.

The Pew Research Center says four percent of Muslim Americans are Hispanic, and one of 10 native-born US Muslims are Hispanic.

“The American Mosque 2011” report found the number of Latino converts has been steadily increasing since 2000, more so than any other ethnic group.

As they convert, many face ostracism from their often Catholic families who feel they’re abandoning their Hispanic identity. Likewise, many Hispanics do not find a ready welcome in masjids largely made up of Middle Eastern, North African, Southeast Asian and African-American Muslims.

Said Imam Isa Parada, one of the leaders of Islam in Spanish.

My conversion was a shock for my family. They thought I rejected Jesus, Mary, my culture. My Dad thought I was going to be a terrorist.

His dad had pretty good grounds for concern.

Here is a comprehensive list of converts who became involved in terrorism after converting to Islam.

Although terrorism is not exclusive to the Islamic ideology, it should be noted that a disproportionate number of terrorists are Muslims who converted to the religion. Peter Neumann, a Professor of Security Studies at King’s College in London, noted that Western converts were “over-represented among jihadists”, and a 2011 study found that 55 percent of US born Muslims arrested for Islamic terrorist activities were converts.

Those who were born into Islam may be ignorant of their religion and its actual teachings, therefore they are Muslims who are most likely to interpret Islam in a peaceful way. However, many converts to Islam are more zealous; learning as much about their new found faith as they can. When they do that, the only conclusion that they can draw is that Islam’s deity endorses terrorism and rewards terrorists.

If someone is involved in crime and terrorism and they had converted to a certain faith system, it is almost always Islam that the person converted to. The hate for non-Muslims found in Islam is quickly picked up by them. As a result, these converts often turn to the practice or support of terrorism and violence; often showing hatred for their own family, country, and former way of life.

British sociopath Jamal Uddin (aka Jordan Horner) stands next to hate preacher Anjem Choudary, at a 'Muslims Against Crusaders' march through Waltham Forest, East London. recently. (London News Pictures/Rex). Uddin, part of a 'Muslim Patrol' vigilante group, was jailed for violent attacks 'kaffurs' in the Rast End of London.

British sociopath Jamal Uddin (aka Jordan Horner, left) stands next to hate preacher Anjem Choudary, at a ‘Muslims Against Crusaders’ march through Waltham Forest, East London. recently. Uddin, part of a ‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilante group, was jailed for violent attacks on  ‘kaffurs’ in the East End of London.

Parada said the community did not know how to deal with Hispanics and lacked resources for Spanish-speaking converts.

Islam in Spanish is not the first organsation to focus its efforts on reaching Hispanics. The Latino American Dawah Organization, or LADO, paved the way.

Shafiq Alvarado helped found LADO, which offers support to new Hispanic Muslims. Born into a Catholic family of Dominican ancestry, Alvarado converted at 25 through efforts of Allianza Islamica (Islamic Alliance) in New York.

LADO spends time on university campuses among Hispanic students, provides open houses, YouTube videos and puts on events such as the North Hudson Islamic Education Center’s Hispanic Muslim Day, which features a blend of Hispanic culture and Islamic teaching.

Lopez and two other men converted in the Houston area at such an event. All three are learning Arabic, doing daily prayers and sharing their religion with family back in Mexico, Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

Said Alvarado:

People who become Muslims inevitably become ambassadors for Islam. Hispanic Muslims are not sitting on the sidelines. They learn Arabic, the Quran, Islamic jurisprudence and … give it back to their communities, their families.

Lopez is no different.

As soon as I converted to Islam I wanted to share with my family in Mexico, so they could do the same.


15 responses to “US Hispanics urged to convert to Islam”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    A fine article to remember the next time criticism of Islam is called racism. What race is Islam again? Exactly. And as natural as they say entering Islam is, what is the penalty for leaving Islam? If you are very lucky, merely undying hatred for your family and friends…

  2. GrinningAtheist says:

    Hey, I’ve got your ‘Religion of Peace’ swingin’ right here….

  3. David Anderson says:

    “Many Latinos do not know about Andalusian Spain, when Islam gave birth to much of what we know as Hispanic culture today, including over 3,000 Spanish words. We are opening their eyes to how being Latino and Muslim makes perfect sense.”

    Hispanic culture today, What like jamón, chorizo, salchichón, lomo etc? Fernández, these are all pork products, gilipollas.

  4. barriejohn says:

    As long as they’re quite clear what Islam (Submission)really stands for:

  5. Broga says:

    Is this another concern for Frankie? All these religions competing for converts. Meanwhile, reason is still there with secularism attracting those with the independence of mind to abandon superstition.

    And thinking of secularism there is an excellent front page article in the current issue of “the freethinker”, by our very own Barry Duke, where he quotes a professor of theology at the Australian Catholic University. The professor suspects that, “the number of adults abused or in appropriate relationships with their priests might be greater than the child abuse scandal.”

    Poor Frankie. Another set of sexual problems about to be revealed?

  6. Paul Cook says:

    Regarding the photo of ASBO bully.
    He is not a real muslim because as their spokesman Mr Khan says “gingers can’t be muslims”.

  7. Broga says:

    Damn: In the quote above “appropriate” should be inappropriate.” Although as the priests claim to be celibate and force sex, as in the article, on a disabled woman the word “inappropriate” seems all too mild. Another massive can of worms being opened?

  8. Barry Duke says:

    David Anderson, I heard on Talk Radio Europe a few weeks back an explanation for the huge amounts of pork products consumed in Spain.

    Apparently, when the Spanish got tough on Muslims and Jews some 400 years ago, devotees of both religions, in a bid to disguise their Muslimness or Jewishness took to buying pork in vast quantities. Whether they ate the stuff is anyone’s guess.

    Now descendants of those who were actually expelled from Spain are demanding to be let back in. This is so depressing:

  9. AgentCormac says:

    Carlos Lopez must feel soooooo welcome in Texas – not only Hispanic but now a muslim too. Way to go, Carlos!

  10. Worlds shortest book - modern islamic intellectuals. says:

    Do you know why muslims wear the knitted headgear. Well it’s to stop the minuscule amount of heat (0.13mW) that their under-utilised brains generate from radiating and convecting away. Their near flatline level of mental activity consumes so little power that their heads would be uncomfortably cold without the insulation of their knitted dunces caps.

  11. Paul Cook says:

    I am sure it is a very tolerant religion, just like all the others. Peaceful. Tolerant. Just wants its believers to go about their business peacefully.

    To quote M A Khan and from his web book Islamic Slavery. it is in the link above and in the Spanish article:

    “the doctrine of Jihad as revealed by Allah in the Quran calls for forced conversion, particularly of idolaters, for establishing an imperial rule on a global scale with an integral purpose of economic exploitation of non-Muslim subjects and for engaging in slavery, including slave-trade and sex-slavery. These divine commands of Allah were meticulously acted upon by the Prophet of Islam.”

  12. Worlds shortest book - modern islamic intellectuals. says:

    What muslims do. Smash, murder, scream, murder, shriek, murder, destroy, rape, murder, spoil, murder, wail, lie, hate, murder, despoil, befoul, burn, bemoan…… ………………………….. ………………………………………………… …………… ………………………………………………… ……. ruin…….. wreck …….murder……………… …….. and generally fuck everything up for everyone else in order to get what they want. Islam is an infection that must be eliminated just as smallpox has been. Islam is just another pox that must be, and can be, eradicated.

  13. Worlds shortest book - modern islamic intellectuals. says:

    What muslim men are shit scared of……..independent, self reliant, sexually liberated, intelligent women.

    What muslim men hate…………themselves and everyone else.

  14. charlie says:

    Why convert to any damn fool religion? Every religion is based on wishful thinking of the fairy tale variety. These converts want to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They do NOT ever want to think for themselves, that is what all religious types want, to be told/lead. Thinking hurts their tiny brains after all. Nobody likes a headache, so, they become religious, problem solved. The sheep want a shepherd to lead them. Damn fools.
    Think for yourself, dump religion, you will be better off without it.