Going commando for Christ

Going commando for Christ

WOMEN’S undergarments have been banned at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Nairobi because the pastor in charge has taken it into his noodle that bras and panties are a barrier to godliness.

According to a report in the Kenyan Post, Reverend Njohi said women who attend his services are to come to his church “commando style” in order to be “free in body and spirit” so they can receive Christ.


The Jezebel blog adds:

However, men, it would seem, can reach God just fine and dandy with their underwear on in Njohi’s church, because he hasn’t requested them to do anything similar.

See, ladies, it’s only your fancy schmancy frilly undies that block the sweet, loving power of the Lord from saving your soul. Maybe the ladies could just switch and wear boxers or Hanes BVDs or something, tho?

This ain’t an optional thing either. According to Metro the pastor warned there would be “grave consequences” if his female members did not adhere to the new rule, so most women who attended his next service did so hanging loose.

Njohi told mothers to check their daughters to make sure they don’t have underwear on, so they too could get closer to Jesus.

Jezebel again:

I must have missed that part in Bible study, where Jesus talked about how all the ladies need to ditch their panties and bras in order to praise him. But then again, that Jesus guy was always going on and on about stuff. It’s easy to see how I might have missed something.

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  1. Robster says:

    This pastor nut is nowhere near as silly as those mad mormons. Their undies are magic! At least the African preacher isn’t selling his sheep magic knickers. Mind you, if you bring up the magic underwear thing with mormons they’ll look you in the eye and deny the power of the undies. They, mormons need to be professional liars as all their dogma is even sillier than the regular absurd christian nonsense. It’s like they try even harder to be complete idiots while playing let’s pretend. All for just 10%!

  2. L.Long says:

    This aint too unusual. Look at the uproar that occurred when little panties and bras where 1st introduced. They were the garments of satan as they accented her womanly tempting charms.

  3. Hugh Janus says:


  4. Ivan Astymind says:

    Does he lift skirts and wobble boobs to check? Or does he just get his kicks from the thought of unfettered female genitalia. Maybe he is a pew sniffer. I reckon he gets down on his knees after the congregation has departed for olfactory stimulation. Aromatherapy?

  5. Paul Cook says:

    This is funny.

    However, on some churches (ireland I believe as the masons sent there to do the work were English) there are many effigies that are disgusting looking troll like or witch like women in grotesque poses who are holding open their labia for ‘easy’ entry into their vaginas.

    So he might have the idea right all along.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Here’s a good one: Today is International Women’s Day, and as if to actually draw attention to the misogynistic nature of religion, the first Friday in March is designated Women’s World Day of Prayer. Many of the ladies of the Plymouth Brethren were enthusiastic participants (the fundamentalist equivalent of burning their brassieres), in the face of implacable opposition from most of the menfolk. It did amuse me!

    “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (I Cor. 14:34-35)

  7. Jobrag says:

    “….so they can receive Christ”, well I’ve heard it called many things in my time but never before Christ, you learn something new every day.

  8. Malcolm Boura says:

    At least he is no more idiotic than those preachers who insist that the traditional clothing of much of Africa, little or none, is a sin. The nineteenth century colonialists have a lot to answer for.

  9. sailor1031 says:

    What unhealthy preoccupations these “pastors” do have! And what gullibility among the “flocks”. But maybe he’s on to something….if we all shed our undies maybe learning STEM subjects would become easier?

    However my cynical nature doesn’t think it likely that having the ladies remove their underpants will make it easier for Yeshue to enter their souls so much as for the pastor to enter…..

  10. Is there not a similar tendency in militant / fundamentalist Islam which tells women they’re not allowed to wear brassieres? Apparently it’s appropriate for the religious police in such states to do a manual check.

  11. barriejohn says:

    I think Muslims sport this sort of thing, Matt:,1024441053

  12. barriejohn says:

    Though it hath been whispered that Barry owns a pair of these!,1052912316

  13. Barry Duke says:

    How very dare you, Barriejohn. If it’s not made of leather, it gets nowhere near my skin! In fact, I once ran a very lucrative business selling leather thongs, gimp masks, and associated paraphernalia (which I modeled myself) on eBay. Then, for some reason, in the summer of 2009, I got banned. eBay never furnished me with a proper explanation other than to say I was in breach of their new terms and conditions and referred me to some dotty “decency” clause. Bastards!

  14. barriejohn says:

    PS Regarding the Mohammed boxers; isn’t there the danger that you might end up with “Pee being upon him”? Surely that would never do!

  15. charlie says:

    To my “unclean” (unbelieving)66 year old mind, this would seem to make having a “quickie” with the pastor much easier now. No panties to get in his way as he imparts the “holly spirit” into some woman. Just saying……
    Perhaps the men/boys don’t need to do the same is that this pastor doesn’t swing “that” way?

  16. AgentCormac says:

    Pound to a pinch of whatsit Njohi’s next step will be to insist he checks personally to make sure they have adhered to his instructions.

  17. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac: When priests were busy drowning or burning witches they first needed evidence. Apart, that is, from some vindictive neighbour making an accusation. The priest would look for the devil’s mark and the place they examined with care was the pubic area of young women.

    When the witch was being burned her face would be contorted in agony. The priestly advice on that was that the witch was laughing and that explained the contortions.

    Nice eh?

  18. agentCormac says:


    They’ve always been a bunch of deeply sick people. Sadly, nothing changes and if they were given half the chance I’m sure a lot of them would just love to go back to the ‘good old days’ of inquisitions and burnings. You only have to read some of the comments on the Protect the Dope site to see just how fanatical they are.

  19. Stonyground says:

    “… disgusting looking troll like or witch like women in grotesque poses who are holding open their labia for ‘easy’ entry into their vaginas.”

  20. Paul Cook says:

    Many thanks.

    My knowledge came from books i read at university some time ago!

    And, unlike the bible, there is real evidence for what I wrote!

  21. remigius says:

    Yeah,but wanting women to go knickerless in such a hot climate may have practical advantages – such as keeping the flies away from his sandwiches!

  22. Ex Patriot says:

    Evey time I think religion has reached the top step on the ladder of stupidity along come something like this and I have to add more stairs’ I don’t believe there will ever be an end to stupidity of the of the religious nut cases

  23. Brian Jordan says:

    @Matt Westwood

    Is there not a similar tendency in militant / fundamentalist Islam which tells women they’re not allowed to wear brassieres?

    You may well be right, fatwas vary, but it doesn’t faze the underwear companies – see–SgI
    (it may be difficult to reach, an easier blurrier copy is here: )

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