Stupid stunts: Akron pastors in mock arrests

Stupid stunts: Akron pastors in mock arrests

POLICE in Akron, Ohio, are under a second wave of attack after carrying out raids on local churches recently.

Fury was first expressed when videos of pastors being handcuffed and driven away from their churches in police cars were posted online. These generated a wave of anger directed at the Summit County Sheriff, which was accused of an outrageous attack on religious freedom.

There was even greater fury when people realised that the police had connived with the pastors in a despicable act of monumental dishonesty that aimed to bring public attention to something that simply doesn’t exist: the “persecution” of Christians in the US.

Sheriff Steve Barry confirmed that his deputies took part in the mock arrests at the churches around Akron after the pastors approached his office and asked it to participate. The fake raids formed part of the churches’ “Defending the Faith” sermons, and three pastors were reportedly cuffed and hauled of to the cells.

The sheriff said:

I want to clarify that none of the arrests were real. It was all part of a skit that went along with the pastors’ sermons that day. I knew it was being filmed, but I thought it was only going to be shown to the congregation. Once it got out there on the Web, people were commenting about how disgusting we were to interrupt church services to effect an arrest.

In the video below (click on pic to watch) congregants looked genuinely astonished and scared as four police officers enter the Prince of Peace Baptist Church, nab the rev Dr Robert L  Golson, and inform him that he is:

Going to jail for defending the faith.

arrestedWriting for the Bilerico Project, John M Becker said:

It’s well-known that as the world changes rapidly around them, society whizzes past them at a breakneck pace, and their previously-unchallenged prejudices become less and less socially acceptable, many conservative and fundamentalist Christians are becoming increasingly panicked, bewildered, and belligerent.

They hysterically claim that this loss of privilege is tantamount to’persecution’, and whine that their inability to further enshrine their anti-LGBT and anti-woman views into law is an attack on their ‘religious freedom’.

He added:

Holy church and state, Batman! I don’t know what’s more astonishing/appalling here: that taxpayer-funded police officers were dispatched to local churches to assist in this propagandistic stunt, or that they were staging an event that quite literally does not happen in the United States.

In America, police don’t arrest pastors for preaching what they believe – no matter how vile and repugnant and evil those beliefs may be – nor do they arrest churchgoers who drink their Kool-Aid. Put simply, Christians are not persecuted in this country in any sense of the word.

Yet conservative religious leaders are so hell-bent on fueling the alarmist ‘religious liberty’ panic, reinforcing misplaced persecution complexes, and triggering self-righteous privilege tantrums that they’re willing to go to utterly deranged lengths to do it.

These latest stunts show the true depths of their desperation.

What nauseatingly contemptible nonsense … have a bucket nearby in case you need to puke.

I would add that idiotic stunts like this utterly trivialise the efforts of human rights campaigners who are trying to halt genuine acts of persecution against Christians mainly by Muslims. This, for example, is true and terrifying persecution.

Hat tip: DG, Managing Editor of the Penigma blog


16 responses to “Stupid stunts: Akron pastors in mock arrests”

  1. Alfafan says:

    How stupid are the pastors to believe that this wouldn’t backfire and how doubly stupid are the police force for agreeing to to do this?
    This was a lose/lose stunt for all concerned and just raises the stupidity levels to new heights.

  2. Religious organisations are crime syndicates says:

    We all know that all religious organisations are criminal organisations run by their hierarchies for sole purpose exerting power over and fleecing the incredulous masses. Every pope cardinal, bishop, imam, mullah, pastor is in on the game. Religions are the ultimate crime syndicates…the pious terrorise and blackmail the masses into submission. They sell the non existent product of eternal life under threat of hell fire. This is coercion…..the ultimate protection racket. The worst of them wield power not only by the threat of eternal damnation but by extreme physical violence in the here and now. And there is another facet too. Those who crave political power but who cannot be bothered to go through the charade of piety team up with the pious in truly evil corrupt synergies. Look back into history and see the long list of dictators who buddy up with the pious to exert divine pressure over the masses. Hitler and Mussolini with the rcc. And it’s going on today in front of our very eyes….Putin and his sidekick Vladimir Gundyaev.

  3. steven says:

    I don’t understand the point of what they were doing

  4. Religious organisations are crime syndicates says:

    Every king needs his priests to keep the people under control. And when the threats of divine punishment fail to subjugate the freethinking element the godly cry heresy apostasy treachery and rub out the threat by the most barbaric means they can invent. This has gone on for millennia. And continues today ……..islam being by far the worst culprit.

  5. Broga says:

    This is another demonstration of the despair and panic into which Christians are being driven. They cannot defend their religion or their bible on the basis of historical facts or reason. They need to provoke an emotional response which short circuits thinking. And if this response is not available in reality they, being practised liars and hypocrites, will conjure up a non existent situation.

    We see this in the UK when the withdrawal of any privilege leads to howls of persecution. Real persecution, like the infamous chancel tax, is not something they want discussed or even noticed. Their other gambit, aided by the media and supportive politicians, is to provide the means of deluging the public with propaganda while blocking any challenge. And, of course, they rely heavily on indoctrinating children in state funded schools.

    I suppose these play acting pastors – and their lives are spent play acting – felt like heroic victims as they “suffered” in public but with no hurt or distress. I hope both the hurt and distress come from the exposure of this charade.

  6. Lurker111 says:

    If the deputies were on the clock when this happened, it’s a misappropriation of public resources at minimum, and the collusion of law enforcement with a church play violates the Establishment Clause. However, I think public humiliation for both parties should be sufficient punishment in this case. Filing a lawsuit would be “piling on.”

    And, as we all know, that 9th Commandment* was ever only a suggestion, right?

    *In most lists.

  7. dozr says:

    You mean religious institutes are going to manipulate people for its own gains…. never would have thought that to be possible……………………………………………………………………………… who would have thunk it.

  8. remigius says:

    I was rather hoping for a repeat of the Rodney King arrest. Very disappointed.

  9. Trevor Blake says:

    Thank you for mentioning persecution of Christians in Muslim nations. May these liars and creeps who want to pretend to suffer be thoroughly shamed.

  10. XaurreauX says:

    Lying for Jesus is still lying. But what choice do they have?

  11. mikespeir says:

    “One way or the other, dang it, we’re going to get persecuted! If the sinners won’t do it to us, we’ll arrange it ourselves.”

  12. I don’t give a shit about the interruption to the church services, and I really don’t care fuck for the religious sensibilities that were supposedly compromised.

    But what I think is a really, really important point to raise: is this not a serious case of wasting the police’s time? The sheriff whose decision it was to go along with this needs to be severely disciplined for potentially putting in danger the people whose safety was not covered during the time they were doing all this pointless play-acting.

  13. charlie says:

    Stupid. Absolutely stupid, both the moronic pastors and the damn fool police who went along with this play acting bullshit. A public apology should be demanded of all the participants, followed by public humiliation and possible loss of office for the police chief who allowed his officers to join this play acting bullshit. This shit is un-American to say the least. Waste of police resources for sure.

  14. 1859 says:

    I watched the video and the one thing that did give me some comfort was how empty the church was – there can’t have been more than a dozen or so people scattered about – most of the pews were gathering dust.

    This must surely rank as one of the most stupid acts of desperation of any religion. But, who knows, it might just be a sign of how much thinking people are deserting religion in droves. If pastors have to stoop to these theatrical shows of faked persecution in order to drum up support, it can only mean one thing – the good times are over.

    Also, the pastor behind bars in the patrol car is asked why he’s being arrested – ‘I dunno, I’m just tellin’ the story…just tellin’ the story,’ he replies. Finally a christian who is telling the truth: – it’s just a ‘story’, a good ‘yarn’, a ‘fable’, a ‘flight of fancy’, a comforting dream, a make-believe romantic myth created by some humans to help other humans from thinking too much or asking too many awkward questions.

  15. Lurker111 says:

    Second thoughts bring up this horrifying possibility: Suppose one of the congregation had been carrying and decided to Rambo the situation by pulling out a gun? Then farce becomes tragedy.