Saudi Arabia bans non-Islamic names – like Linda

Saudi Arabia bans non-Islamic names – like Linda

NEWS out of Saudi Arabia is routinely barking mad, but a decree just issued by the desert kingdom’s Interior Ministry takes crazy to hitherto unscaled heights.

The Ministry has issued a list of 50 names that Saudi parents are forbidden from using because they are deemed unIslamic. They include “foreign” names, names related to royalty and those it considers to be “blasphemous”.

Saudis will no longer be able to give their children names such as Amir (prince), Linda, Sandy – which we would have thought wholly appropriate for the country –  or Abdul Nabi (Slave of the Prophet).

One famous Linda was porn star Linda Lovelace, of 'Deep Throat' fame. Is that why the Saudis find the name hard to swallow?

One famous Linda was porn star Linda Lovelace, of ‘Deep Throat’ fame. Is that why the Saudis find the name hard to swallow?

The Civil Affairs Department at the Ministry issued the list. It justified the ban by saying that the names either contradicted the culture or religion of the kingdom, or were foreign, or “inappropriate”.

The names fit into at least three categories: those that offend perceived religious sensibilities, those that are affiliated to royalty and those that are of non-Arabic or non-Islamic origin.

According to this report, a number of other names appear that do not necessarily fit into any category and it is therefore unclear as to why they would have been banned.

Names such as Abdul Naser and Binyamin are not found to be particularly offensive to Muslims. Binyamin is believed in Islam to be the son of Prophet Jacob (Yaqoub) and the full brother of Prophet Joseph but it also happens to be the name of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Abdul Naser, similarly, is the name of the famous Arab nationalist ruler of Egypt, who was at odds with Saudi Arabia.

Names such as Abdul Nabi and Abdul Hussain, common among Shi’ites and some Sunni Arabs, are controversial because of the multiple ways in which they can be interpreted. Abdul in Arabic means “worshipper of” or “slave of”, while Nabi means “prophet” and Rasool means “messenger”.

Those who oppose such names argue that Abdul means “worshipper of’ and is therefore forbidden as only God can be worshipped. Most Muslim names with Abdul carry one of God’s 99 Islamic names. Abdul Rahman, for example, comes from the name Al Rahman.

Another set of names that is banned includes those that have to do with royalty, especially titles such as Sumuw (highness), Malek (king) and Malika (Queen) and other royal terms such as Al Mamlaka (the kingdom).

Some of the names on the list are not uncommon among Arabs, including Malak (angel), Amir (prince), Abdul Naser and Jibreel (Gabriel).

In a comment under the report, “Mohsen” from Dubai sighed:

I am happy for them that they do not have any more pressing issues. Wonder how many months did how many people work hard to create this enlightened list?



17 responses to “Saudi Arabia bans non-Islamic names – like Linda”

  1. charlie says:

    OK, this is just totally goddamn STUPID. Banning certain names? What next? Ban any child born who has blue eyes, even though it could be due to a recessive genetic code? Ban those who are taller than a certain height, say anybody who may be taller than the current king? This just shows how bloody crazy stupid religion can get. I like that last bit from the person from Dubai, yes, isn’t it great that the Saudis have so few other problems in their sand box they call a country. And the US/UK sell advanced weapons to these clowns? How goddamn stupid are the US/UK then? Well, I suppose greed trumps all else. Just show “us” the money.

  2. Saudirabidia. says:

    How about Fuckwit.
    Got a nice ring to it… Fuckwit Al Whankah.

    Or how about Sheik Yurdikafta Al Ongpee.

    Or Oymush Al Kikyerheadin

    Or Yur Al Aisershit

  3. barfly says:

    ok what happens to those who have already named their children from the banned list. Name changes all across the country.

  4. barriejohn says:

    Does it not occur to these dimwits that Old Testament names are going to be popular with Jews for rather obvious reasons? Do they not realize that both Muslims and Jews revere the same “holy book” and the self-same “prophets”? I’m amazed. Of course, evangelical Christians favour Biblical names like Ruth, Deborah, Timothy, Andrew, and so forth, actually believing in many cases that naming their child thus confers some special “blessing” upon it*, whereas Catholics use names like Bernadette, Daniel, and Michael, which more-or-less identify them in places like Northern Ireland. However, the strangest were the Puritans, whose children bore quasi-Biblical names like Abstinence, Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith, Zeal-for-the-Lord, and If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned!

    (*I actually know Christians who believe that the children of believers take on the character of the name given to them, because that’s what the Bible teaches. There’s no hope for them, I’m afraid!)

  5. Fat twats says:

    A fatwa to prevent fatwats like they have in the good ole us of a

  6. Paul Cook says:

    what is funny is that Arabs use lots of jew names taken from the blah-blah-blabble.

    Isa = jesus
    Moosa = moses
    Ibrahim = abraham
    Sulieyman = solomon

    and there are lots of others. I best not write them all as Barry Duke might make a banned list.

    Bit of a sin I would have thought to name your child after a prophet.

    Oh and there was this guy called Mohammed, which is quite a popular name.

  7. Broga says:

    Probably best to avoid christening a child Nigel for the time being. I see another Ukip councillor has lived down to expectations including strange activities in his garden.

    I think Ukip has more to worry about than gays, atheists and republicans. All of which seem civilised and decent people, especially when compared to the Ukip nutters.

  8. Marky Mark says:

    So that’s Linda Lovelace…I thought it was Princess Leah from Star Wars.

    Now we know what x-movie inspired the princess’s Star Wars hair style.

  9. They are names that are abominations unto Nuggan, that’s what they are.

  10. Robster says:

    I’m looking forward to the time in the near future when the Americans will no longer need oil from the Saudis due to all the fracking underway in the US. This will result in the hermit kingdom being forgotten and put in the same box as North Korea and largely ignored.

  11. Canada Dave says:

    Wonder if you could name a child “Mohammed Jihad”… contains the prophets name as well his favourite pastime…sure to be a winner.

  12. Don’t laugh — one of my trainees (don’t ask what I was training him to do, you’d shit yourself) when I was out there was a radical, and named his kid Jihad. Mohammed is an insanely popular name there already, of course.

  13. barriejohn says:

    There have been cases of kids being called Jihad. Nothing’s too ridiculous in this world:

    He’s da bomb!

  14. barriejohn says:

    Here’s a pic:

    Makes you glad to be human, doesn’t it?

  15. barriejohn says:

    Admittedly, some children’s books don’t set a good example: