‘We’re having nun of that crap’, say Catholic pupils

‘We’re having nun of that crap’, say Catholic pupils

“INCENSED” students at a North Carolina High School have launched a petition complaining over a nun’s lecture on homosexuality.

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, an assistant professor of theology at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee outraged pupils when she visited Charlotte Catholic High and spouted utter garbage about gays, including an assertion that masturbation leads to homosexuality.

The petition, calling for an apology from both the school and its chaplain, Father Matthew Kauth, reads:

We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School would like to issue a formal complaint regarding Sr  Jane Dominic’s speech given on Friday, March 21st. We found some of [her] ideas expressed to be both offensive and unnecessarily derogatory. We are incensed that you knew the content of this speech and allowed these ideas to be expressed in a school that should be preaching a message of love and acceptance. Our objections are simple and straightforward:

1. We believe that children can thrive in spite of one or both of their parents short comings and/or absence because we know that role models do not exist solely within one’s nuclear family.

2. We believe that same sex couples have the ability to raise happy, well-adjusted and successful children. 

3. We reject the notion that the actions of one abusive Australian couple should be used to support the idea that same sex couples are unfit parents. Not only is this story weightless, anecdotal evidence intended to incite discrimination, but it further abuses that child.

4. We reject the suggestion that homosexuality occurs mainly as a result of a parent’s shortcomings, masturbation or pornography.

5. We recognize the difference between correlation and causation. As a result we realize that men don’t become gay by masturbating in the presence of one another but rather may engage in these activities because they are gay.

6. We take issue with the phrase “homosexual lifestyle” and the suggestion that it is a distortion for the media to portray homosexual couples “like heterosexual couples.”

7. We believe that homosexual couples are capable of monogamy.

8. As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts. 

9. We resent the fact that a school wide assembly became a stage to blast the issue of homosexuality after Pope Francis said in an interview this past fall that ‘we can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives methods’. We are angry that someone decided they knew better than our Holy Father and invited a speaker who addressed the issue of homosexuality to our school to speak twice in the course of one school year.

10. We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School are confused why time was spent condemning the practice of homosexuality when we could have been spent condemning: world hunger, gun violence, the death penalty, unjust care of the elderly, human trafficking, genocide, discrimination etc.; OR been promoting: love, prayer, the Beatitudes, practical ways to serve Christ, patience, just war theory etc.

Red-faced officials at the school yesterday apologised to parents and students.

One student  said:

The statement she basically made was that homosexuality was something developed from lack of masculinity or a lack of father figures in one life.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Charlotte said Laurel:

Presented some ideas to the students that really kind of rocked their world. These had to do with the origin of homosexuality. This is something that is hotly debated.

Sixty-four students and 86 alumni signed on to a letter to school officials criticising her remarks. In addition, more than 4,000 have signed the petition.

However it is reported that Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, President of Acquinas College, had released a statement saying Laurel’s lecture:

Was given with the intention of showing that human sexuality is a great gift to be treasured and that this gift is given by God.

Note: Last year Laurel featured largely in a ‘Theology of the Body” conference in Nashville. She is pictured above  with Hardy youth minister Gabe Gutiérrez who organised the event.

38 responses to “‘We’re having nun of that crap’, say Catholic pupils”

  1. The Woggler says:

    Why do these people, who have quite deliberately turned their backs on sex, feel that they are experts on the subject?

  2. AgentCormac says:

    I’d say Gabe Gutiérrez features quite largely wherever he is.

  3. Ivan says:

    Who ate all the pies?

  4. Barry Duke says:

    More bollox on the nun’s “Theology of the Body” here:

    Note: “The Devil” gets a mention, but gluttony is notably absent.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    It’s a simple mistake to make. Just because you sent your children to a Catholic school does not mean you sent your children to a Catholic school. Who could have imagined a Catholic school would be a Catholic school?

    My point: no feigned surprise or outrage, please. You sent your kids to a Catholic school and they got Catholic teaching. You slept with dogs and you woke up with fleas.

  6. ZombieHunter says:

    Celibate people giving advice on relationships and sex, is there anything more moronic??

    I’m glad to see that kids in this school are rising up and thinking for themselves though, clouds and silver linings and all that 🙂

  7. Broga says:

    When a celibate, I assume, nun spouts this garbage is it not fuelled by envy? They can’t have sex themselves, other than in secret and often with child victims, so they are going to make sure no one else gets any pleasure from it. Nuns have an infamous record of cruelty, both major and minor, and perhaps this sadism is an attempt to sublimate their sexual urges.

  8. tony e says:


    I think there is something to that – ‘so they are going to make sure no one else gets any pleasure from it’.

    I suppose when they look around at people enjoying themselves they must think ’60yrs a bride of Christ and he’s not even gone for second base, the bastard!!)

  9. Ooh, that Gabe Gutierrez is a babe. I think I’ll have a wank.

  10. Broga says:

    @tony e: Just imagine, if you can, the feelings of a young priest with powerful sexual needs as the juices of youth bubbling in his system having to marry young, nubile, attractive sexy women. What thoughts and sexual fantasies must plague him?

    I wonder what advice they get to deal with this. Presumably it is provided by other older celibate priests. And imagine, when they grow old, having to confront what they have missed. The severe deprivation of their lives. No sex, no families, no children. Similar feelings must be felt by nuns.

    To add to their many frustrations, sexual and otherwise, the clamour to permit priests to marry grows. Having sacrificed themselves to emotional emptiness, and sexual deprivation they can hardly be happy at seeing others get what they might have had.

    The idea that no wives and no families allows them to focus on being a priest is nonsense. The less sex, as in shagging, the more you think about it.

  11. Angela_K says:

    Sex abstention is a most unnatural state, whether Gay or straight humans or even other animals who are fulfilling their evolutionary obligation all the time. Sexual repression leads to mental health problems usually manifested by violence. My partner and I saw Philomena last week, a study in catholic nun cruelty.

  12. David Anderson says:

    Kudos to the students and others who didn’t sit back and take that bollocks.

    Not so much for the body shaming comments here.

  13. charlie says:

    Absolutely folks. Any supposed celibate human telling others, as in giving instruction about, sexual relations is pure crap. How utterly stupid the idea is. And yet, the RCC, among others, continue to do so.
    While I tend to agree with Trevor, the parents did send their kids to a Catholic school, so they get what they paid for.
    At the same time, the fact that the kids did complain does give one some small measure of hope that they are beginning to have serious doubts about the “teachings” of the RCC criminal enterprise. About time folks, about time.

  14. Thomas Shortell says:

    “…it is reported that Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, President of Aquinas College, had released a statement saying Laurel’s lecture:

    Was given with the intention of showing that human sexuality is a great gift to be treasured and that this gift is given by God.”

    I agree that human sexuality is a great gift from God. So, why did Sr. Jane denigrate it? Is homosexuality not a facet of the very complex human sexuality? I think the good Sister should be in the classroom studying again….certainly not teaching.

  15. Dan Klang says:

    Just like Fry said the rcc is absolutely obsessed by sex. The pious have made sex dirty…..they are the deviants. What’s wrong with being gay anyway. Seems to me that being a nun is disgusting distasteful deviant and disturbing.

  16. Broga says:

    @Dan Klang: They are obsessed with sex because they are denied access to it. The consequence is that they can never forget it. However, nature being more powerful than the rcc church so the sexual energy and drive must be expressed in some way.

    The expression of their sexual drives is often in clandestine adventures between older and younger clergy, a thriving – so it seems – gay group in the Vatican, the pitiless use of child victims as sexual objects and varieties of cruelty sometimes by nuns. Whatever the Pope says he cannot root out or even reduce the sexual activities of his priests.

  17. Baruch says:

    @ Agent Cormack – laughed so hard I farted.

  18. remigius says:

    …including an assertion that masturbation leads to homosexuality.

    No, not ever. Totally no!

    I may have had a wank once, or thrice. I were just 12. Just a young’un. T’were a tad fun, but I didn’t get gay. I may have even tugged the ol’ chap on’t ‘cassion, in’t last 30 years. But that don’t mean I bat for t’other team!

    Quick tug on’t chap don’t mean batty!

  19. Barry Duke says:

    Meanwhile, Bob “Potty” Hutton is crying:

    “Infamy,infamy, they’ve all got it infamy”

  20. remigius says:

    You know what – we’ve had some lovely weather this past week.

    We were expecting hurricanes and tornado’s cos o’ them gays getting married.

    But it’s turned out nice. Nearly 70 degrees C’s. In’t late March/April.

    It’s almost as if them gays don’t have any effect on’t weather.

    How weird is that!

  21. Robster says:

    Until the photo above became public, I thought when the besotted with god brigade said “Big Guy” that they were referring to that nasty old deity of theirs. But no, it’s that completely unattractive blob in the photo. Another sexually inactive (for obvious reasons)catholic lecturing normal people about sex.

  22. 1859 says:

    Well,Remigius, if this ‘ere ‘oly ‘sister’s’ right, then all those kids what told her to piss off and take her sermon and stick it up her arse, well, these kids are all goin’ to turn out gay as jellyfish -right? Stands t’reason….Some spankin’ good weather ‘ere too.

  23. Dan Klang says:

    @Broga. Dhuuuuuuh. Dagnabbit. Why did I not realise that. Dhuuuuuh. I wish I was smart just like yoo.

  24. Speedy says:

    Wanna see a miracle ….something joyous and funny. Then hope that the frigid singularly plain looking fool strips off her habit and leaps on the heap of blubber next to her. Mind you she would need a gang of marquee erectors to get his kit off.

  25. barriejohn says:

    Remigius: Didn’t you read Bob Hutton’s enlighteniong words?

    We may wonder why it is that God doesn’t act in judgement more speedily. The answer is found In 2nd Peter 3 v 9 where we read – “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering towards us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”.

    The reason why God hasn’t yet judged Cameron for his wickedness is because He is patiently waiting for him to repent. However, the day of reckoning will come when Cameron will have to give account to God for his wickedness.

    Indeed, we can apply this principle right across the whole human race. Multiplied millions of people are openly living in rebellion against God and His word, and seeming to get away with it. However, God will “have the last laugh”, and His people will be vindicated.

    Psalm 73 v 17 – “Until I went into the sanctuary of God, then I understood their end”. Eternity is a long time to bitterly regret one’s sinful lifestyle.

    Something for us all to ponder there, I think!

  26. barriejohn says:

    Barry: Green actually trumps Hutton for ignorance, bigotry and sheer hatred of gays. The bile drips from his every word, and some of the comments from him and his deluded followers are almost beyond belief (he takes a swipe at the Freethinker again, so we’re obviously hitting the mark!).

    I believe the issue goes deeper than the homosexual thing. Homosexuality is usually Gods judgement on a people or nation. When a nation is given over to Homosexuality, according to scripture it’s a result of a peoples rebellion against God. What we are seeing is Gods judgement on Britain. I pray it will not extend to the rest of the UK.

    Apparently, according to the Wife Beater, we are gay because people have “spoken into our life” (what a fucking crazy expression) and “identified us as ‘gay'” (something which doesn’t exist in his tiny world). I’d love to “speak into” his life.

    Here’s a good one, though:

    Once their celebrations are over, what will the sexual revolutionaries’ next goal be? I suggest education and churches’ charitable status. This is certainly a major milestone in the dechristianisation of Britain.

    Don’t say that Christians never have any good ideas!

  27. barriejohn says:

    Catholics in New York are cross about losing their crosses:

  28. Ex Patriot says:

    A num talking about sex is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  29. sailor1031 says:

    I’m wondering what makes sister Laurel so expert on the subject of masturbation. Have she and baby jesus been having secret sessions?

    as for Gutierrez, he’d be better employed lecturing on the seven deadly sins – starting with gluttony.

  30. barriejohn says:

    Sailor: A couple of years ago I came across the story of some deluded Chrstian woman who believed that she was married to Jesus, though I can’t locate it now. Nuns seem close to believing the same thing, and I’m sure that for many of them the relationship is “real”, but they could all be in for a big disappointment:

  31. barriejohn says:

    PS We’ve covered that story here as well. I thought we might have done!

  32. David Anderson says:

    You people have absolutely no idea why that person is in that condition. Have you ever met or known anyone with mental and or physical problems that can cause eating disorders and obesity? Have you ever met or known anyone who is locked in a continuing cycle of self loathing and compensating for it by eating, knowing that it will lead to more self loahing? Have you ever met or known anyone who has been mercilessly bullied for their weight and size that they have committed suicide at nineteen? I have.

    Go ahead, poke fun and criticize that nuns belief and words but quit the fat shaming.

  33. barriejohn says:

    David Anderson: I do agree with you. I have remarked upon the size of the late Jerry Falwell in the past, but he wasn’t always like that, and I have known family friends and relatives whose size has ballooned as a result of medication like steroids, so we don’t always know the reason for people’s weight problems. Beliefs and fashion choices are another matter entirely!

    I couldn’t help noticing that this school is located in Charlotte, NC. Ring any bells? It has been the home of Billy Graham for his entire life, and is now the location of the HQ of the BGEA and the Billy Graham Library – which is just the excuse that I need to post the following, which is NOT a spoof:

    See? The cows told him about Jesus!

  34. AgentCormac says:

    @ David Anderson

    It’s obvious that Gutiérrez has mental health issues – he organises christian events and hangs out with deranged people like Sister Jane Dominic Laurel (who quite frankly looks like a slightly Oriental take on the Wicked Witch of the West). Whether this mental disorder has contributed to his gargantuan size is anybody’s guess – but I’d put money on his brain being the smallest organ in his body.

  35. barriejohn says:

    AC: Then let’s ridicule him for his stupidity.

  36. David Anderson says:

    @ Agent cormac

    I have absolutely no idea if Gutiérrez suffers from any kind of eating disorder or mental condition that is a factor in his size. I know though from experience that it is possible. As barriejohn says, ridicule him for his stupidity. Think for a moment though that he might find some sort of solace in people like that nun who might not call him a glutton or tell him to stop eating all the pies, unlike us atheist and freethinkers.

    I know you are better than this.

  37. AgentCormac says:

    @ barriejohn & David Anderson

    Okay. Point taken.