Islam at the centre of fresh UKIP row

Islam at the centre of fresh UKIP row

NIGEL Farage, head of the UK Independence party, has been forced to apologise – againafter another of his members got a big stupid on and posted racist and anti-Muslim comments on Twitter.

UKIP has suspended Andre Lampitt, one of five supporters chosen to appear on UKIP’s first European election broadcast.

Andre Lampitt

Andre Lampitt

Farage admitted a serious mistake, saying:

Something’s gone wrong with our systems, this guy should have been weeded out.

According to this report, Lampitt will be edited out of any future showings of the broadcast, and pending his suspension he is expected to be disowned if he continues to try to stand as a UKIP candidate in Merton, south London, in the London council elections next month. Nominations have closed, but there is a 48-hour period in which he can be asked to stand aside.

A UKIP spokesman said:

We are deeply shocked that Mr Lampitt has expressed such repellent views. His membership of the party has been suspended immediately pending a full disciplinary process.

Lampitt, who describes himself as “born British in Rhodesia” said in one tweet that Islam is not a religion and calls it an “evil organisation”. He also said he wants to start a website called

In another tweet he said:

All Muslims needs to leave Europe America and Oz,or denounce their pathetic Satanic religion.

On another occasion Lampitt asked in a tweet:

What have Muslims brought to the table of development? Car? Phone? Computer? TV? Train? Aeroplane? Please enlighten me.

In another tweet  he wrote:

Most Nigerians are generally bad people …  I  grew up in Africa and dare anyone to prove me wrong.

The Lampitt row follows remarks earlier this year by Gerard Batten, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for London and UKIP’s immigration spokesman, who demanded that Muslims sign a document denouncing certain parts of the Koran.
Gerard Batten

Gerard Batten

The document, titled “Charter of Muslim Understanding” and commissioned in 2006, claims some parts of the Koran promote violence and must be discarded.

Batten, who leads the party’s list for European elections in May, also urged a ban on building new mosques across Europe.

The provocative remarks have sparked a wave of outcry and condemnation. Several British MPs have denounced them as shocking.

Labour’s shadow London minister Sadiq Khan said he was “appalled at the ignorance” shown by the lawmaker.

When speaking about the faith that I and hundreds of thousands of British Muslims practice.

Tory MP Rehman Chishti also urged UKIP to axe Batten, saying:

If Nigel Farage had any credibility, he would quite clearly not allow this individual to stand for office …

27 responses to “Islam at the centre of fresh UKIP row”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    Something’s gone wrong with our systems…

    Nope, something’s gone wrong with your brains, you idiots – that’s why you support UKIP. And as for the pink suit, still laughing now!!!!

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Knew I’d seen Gerard Battenberg Cake somewhere before.

  3. Barry Duke says:

    AC, the pink is bad enough, but pink with a yellow tie. Really? Are there no mirrors in Casa Battenburg?

  4. Broga says:

    Farage will never keep the lid on these opinions as those holding racist, homophobic, Christian, anti women, Imperialist views are attracted to UKIP like flies to a dung heap. Farage, and his blokey persona, is being exposed as offering no more than the shallow, witless comments of a pub bore.

    Although his tactic of using sound bites, laced with invention, instead of facts did give Clegg a rough time.

  5. CharlyO says:

    Here now! Lets not get into the Ad Hominem criticism bit!
    In my opinion, since I like bright colors, his pink suit and yellow tie are quite festive.
    In spite of whatever his brain is doing.

  6. Gerry Hill says:

    The Lampitt row follows remarks earlier this year by Gerard Batten, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for London and UKIP’s immigration spokesman, who demanded that Muslims sign a document denouncing certain parts of the Koran.

    One might think that this is a recent thing, but in fact the Guardian has been brewing this up since it was first proposed by Sam Solomon, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, in 2006. Batten (search their site for “charter of Muslim understanding” – where you will find many links (wrong, though) going back as far as three years before the proposal was even written – seems to have first latched on this in 2006 and presented as a proposal to the European Parliament.
    While Lampitt is clearly a wally, he seems to have also been a catalyst for a witch-hunt. I’ve only read the preamble which says

    We call on organisations representing the Islamic faith such as the European Council of Fatwa, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Al-Azhar, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Muslim World League and all its affiliates, national and international Islamic bodies, to endorse and sign this proposed Charter as an example to all European Muslims.
    It is hoped that the Muslim leaders would agree that whosoever
    deviates from the path of this Charter would have gone on an un-
    Islamic path and thus such a person would be regarded as
    outcast from the religion of Islam; hence a non-Muslim.

    It may be right, it may be tripe, but but it’s clearly not the recent threat to individual Muslims that has been implied portrayed. Might be worth a read before equating it with the recent clamed Russian anti-semitism in East Ukraine.

    PS: Barry, it would really help if we could have the preview function back!

  7. charlie says:

    I agree with Barry, did he dress himself that way? Really?
    He needs some serious help for appearing in public, unless he intends to look like a circus clown/old Batman Joker.
    From what little this US old guy, me, knows of UKIP, his “dress code” may have been intentional. I’ll let those who live in the UK set me right on this. He does look dumb to me any way you slice it.

  8. charlie says:

    Oh, just a thought. Maybe he is color blind? Even so, somebody should have told him he looks like an idiot, pink jacket AND yellow tie?

  9. Matt Westwood says:

    Europe’s an excellent political entity and it would be a bad move to leave it.

  10. JohnMWhite says:

    @charlie – I think all UKIP members consider themselves colourblind, thus they couldn’t possibly be racist. It’s just bad luck they have a habit of saying things that sound awfully intolerant, ignorant and insulting towards people who aren’t just like them. But they are Not Bigots™.

    While Islam obviously is at its core as vicious an authoritarian ideology as any of the Abrahamic faiths, what kind of moron thinks it a good idea to declare entire nationalities ‘bad people’ on Twitter while hoping to stand for election? What sort of manchild thinks calling Islam a ‘pathetic Satanic religion’ makes sense or causes him to look anything but an intellectual infant having a spat in the playground? Who could possibly consider it anything but sinister to demand entire populations denounce tenets of their own faith? This is the calibre of candidates UKIP has managed to attract, and it’s far too late for them to pretend this isn’t what they wanted. The only thing they disapprove of is that these tubes were thick enough to forget the dog whistle.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    @charlie: Tony Blair’s currently doing exactly this.

  12. Matt Westwood says:

    … and without wishing to invoke Godwin’s Law, this is exactly the ticket which Hitler rose to power in in 1933. His rants were worse than anything UKIP came up with. Trouble is, with the right sort of charismatic speaker, and a sufficiently disgruntled audience, this could equally well happen here or there or anywhere.

  13. barriejohn says:

    There’s another case now:

    A UKIP candidate has defended tweets in which he said comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country” and compared Islam to the Third Reich.

    William Henwood, who is standing in a council election, said he did not think the messages were offensive.

    He tweeted after Henry said there should be more black and ethnic minority people in creative industries.

    UKIP said it was a “non-racist, non-sectarian party whose members are expected to uphold these values”.

  14. Rachel Costello says:

    no matter how hard we try to educate; there are always bigots like this to thicken the bigotry 🙁

    Sad, is all I can say

  15. AgentCormac says:

    He needs some serious help for appearing in public, unless he intends to look like a circus clown/old Batman Joker.

    Charlie, check out the link I included earlier.

  16. Tom80 says:

    ” racist, homophobic, Christian, anti women, Imperialist views”

    I am no racist, homophobic, anti women or imperialist. I happen to be Christian but I am attracted to UKIP, like many others, because they will offer an in/out referendum on Europe. If David Cameron or Ed Milliband did the same I would seriously consider which one of their parties to support.

    I happen to believe that all laws and regulations that affect this country should be made by our elected M.P’s in Westminster and not by an anyone else. We should be able to control our own borders without interference from anyone, as should all other nations. At the moment too many of our laws and regulations appear to be decided by the EU in Brussels, and my vote cannot dismiss them if I do not like what they are doing.

    If David Cameron can re-negotiate our membership so that we get back it being the European Economic Community, and then give us a referendum on that, I would vote for that. I cannot see him achieving this as the other European nations would not agree to it, so that leaves me with UKIP to vote for.

  17. Broga says:

    @Tom 80:

    Well, Tom, strictly business, nothing personal, as the Godfather said. But any business people I have spoken with, and there are many, think that if we leave the EU it will cause us enormous damage.

    At the same time I, and they as it happens, think that the nepotism in the EU and the unchecked expenses they take are an abomination. Farage is well to the fore in this. I read he had got £2 million and employs at a high salary a German secretary (so much for taking UK jobs) who is also his wife. The beer swilling, fag smoking, blokey Farage says the work is so demanding no one else could do it.

    The question is Tom: would you trust Farage with our interests in or out of the EU. Or is he on the make just like most of the others?

  18. Tom80 says:


    At this point in time then I think I would trust UKIP with our interests out of the EU. I actually think that if they get a large number of votes in the coming election, it may well force a change of policy in the other parties. As for the Business argument, it seems that people think the EU will put up tariffs to cause us economic harm. Why should this happen as probably we buy more from them as they do from us, so trade tariffs would hurt them more than us.

  19. charlie says:

    AgentCormac, I did, before I posted mine in fact. Good link, are they twins?

  20. barriejohn says:

    Here’s another one. He won’t be the last, either, as they are already members of the party!

  21. Matt Westwood says:

    Sorry, but out of Europe would be a serious disaster. But then that’s what the fascists like Farrago and Cummyrunt want. All those poor gullible sheep like Tom80 are the really dangerous ones, though, because they’re enabling them.

  22. Tom80 says:

    Why on earth should it be thought fascist to want an elected government to pass all laws and regulations that apply to us and not have an outside body interfering? Surely the definition of democracy is government of the people by those they elect!

    I find it a bit insulting to be thought of as a Fascist. Two of my uncles died fighting Fascists in Italy.

  23. barriejohn says:

    Haven’t we had this conversation before? All member states of the EU have democratically elected MPs, and we elect our MEPs as well. It is precisely because people want the Europen Parliament’s powers severely limited that we have the current convoluted arrangement for lawmaking, but that doesn’t mean that the European Parliament is not a democratic institution.

  24. barriejohn says:

    The business about the EU budget not having been signed off for umpteen years is another canard, much beloved of the gutter press and ignorant politicians, and doesn’t mean what it appears to mean (as they well know), but why let the facts get in the way of such a good story, eh?

    Since 1994 the Court has been required to provide a “Declaration of Assurance”, essentially a certificate that an entire annual budget can be accounted for. This has proved to be a problem, as even relatively minor omissions require the Court to refuse a declaration of assurance for the entire budget, even if almost all of the budget is considered reliable.

  25. Matt Westwood says:

    The reason that the fascists want us out of Europe is because they have laws against abuses of power and breaches of human rights, both of which the Tories have been grinding away for as long as there have been Tories.

    Tom80, I didn’t call you a fascist, I called you gullible. That means: stupid, and prepared unquestioningly to believe whatever someone in authority tells you. You are being told lies by fascists who want to control you.

    The fact that your uncles died in WWII is seriously regrettable, because it turns out they died completely in vain. Happy jackboots, stupids.

  26. barriejohn says:

    Re those who are naively supporting UKIP out of some misguided national loyalty, I came across these quotes from Franz von Papen – the “useful idiot” par excellence: