Muslim School hacks girl’s phone

Muslim School hacks girl’s phone

It was done to enforce ‘Islamic values’

POLICE are reportedly investigating a teacher at one of the Birmingham state schools allegedly hijacked by Muslim radicals in the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot after he hacked a female pupil’s mobile telephone to prove she was having a “forbidden” relationship with a boy.

The Telegraph reports Tahir Alam, the chairman of governors at the school and the alleged ringleader of the takeover plot at Park View School, has written that:

Girlfriend/boyfriend relationships are not acceptable practices according to Islamic teaching.

Also that schools should:

Prepare Muslim pupils to lead their personal and public lives in a manner consistent with their Islamic moral principles and values.

The girl, who – at 16 – is over the age of consent, had her telephone confiscated by the teacher during a Sunday event at Park View School last month. Two members of staff told The Telegraph the phone was then taken, without her permission, to a shop for its passcode to be broken, and its contents unlocked and examined by the school.

Images of the girl with the boy, a fellow Year 11 pupil at Park View, and text messages between them, obtained from the phone, were used by the school as evidence to suspend her, weeks before her GCSE

Staff at Park View said the mother of the girl whose phone was confiscated had reported the incident to the police. The interception of private text messages is illegal under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which was used to convict phone hackers from the closed News of the World newspaper.

The school confirmed that the police and the local authority’s child safeguarding team were involved in the incident, but refused to elaborate. The names of the pupils concerned are known to The Telegraph, but are not being published for privacy reasons. The girl’s mother declined to comment.

Said a staff member, who described the teacher involved as part of a “morality police” enforcing conservative Islamic values on pupils.

This was an appalling act of bullying and invasion of privacy.

The Telegraph has been reporting for the past 10 weeks about a group called “Educational Activists”, which works, in the words of its leader — a deputy head at one of the 21 — to “Islamise” schools in Birmingham. At least six of the 21 are expected to be placed on special measures, with their leaders and governors removed.

Park View issued a statement last week purporting to rebut allegations made against it. In fact, it denies many claims that were never made against it or its sister schools, such as that boys and girls are prevented from talking to each other.

The rebuttal also includes untrue statements, such as:

It is not school policy to restrict students’ access to sexual health advice.

In fact, posters by the school nurse were censored, with the offer of sexual health advice blacked out with marker pen, before being put up. The Telegraph has one of the posters, with the words “sexual health” faintly visible beneath the black ink.

23 responses to “Muslim School hacks girl’s phone”

  1. Bubba T Flubba says:

    Now all this is becoming intolerable. Get religion out of schools now. Ban all religious indoctrination and control. Teach life skills instead. Teach the golden rule, teach how to be a good citizen, teach about relationships, environment, the wonders of nature…but get the evil fuckwit evangelists and verminous islamists out of our schools. I happened to go into my local primary school this weekend. It is a small village primary….and what did I see …..a whole wall plastered with religious information…paintings, photographs, essays, propaganda pamphlets, a large window covered in pieces of cellophane to emulate a stained glass window with a cross in the centre, a table with a bible, candles and an ostentatiously large crucifix..?It’s looks like a fucking Sunday school. It is supposed to be a place for the education of know reading, writing, art, science, music…..but religion is taking over. This must stop. Get real education into schools and squeeze out all those who want to promote their brand of religion. No Jew schools, no madrasahs posing as state schools, no CoE schools, no arse cc schools. Get evangelising and islamic governors out of the schools too. Make education real education. Why are my taxes being hijacked for the indoctrination of young minds. I demand religion is not a factor in education. Time to put an end to this appallingly dangerous, stealthy, disingenuous calculated attack on the education system. It is wrong and dangerous and unwanted and irresponsible, primitive backward and a recipe for religious bickering and warfare ….STOP…….STOP NOW……before it is too fucking late.

  2. Stonyground says:

    Actually, although I think that these Islamic schools are a menace, CofE schools are an excellent breeding ground for atheists and indifferents. The problem is that if we are going to have Christian schools then religious minorities see themselves as being justified in demanding their own schools as well. The powers that be know that the only way to save UK Christianity from oblivion is to indoctrinate children through the schools. Hence the eminently sensible measure of taking all religion out of our schools and making them open to children of all faiths and none can’t be countenanced.

  3. Vanity Unfair says:

    “The Academy of Mathematics and Science” according to the photograph: does that include any mathematics or science that their religious advisors deem to be inconsistent with a particular interpretation of their sacred texts?
    Did the Arab scientists who kept the light of investigation and enquiry alight during Europe’s Dark Ages live, work and die in vain?
    Or does their religious zeal only manifest in the illegal persecution of children?

  4. Lori F says:

    Suspended her. Not him? Typical.

  5. Canada Dave says:

    “The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning. In mathematics they contributed and invented the present arithmetical decimal system and the fundamental operations connected with it addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation”

    How can a people, capable of creating such logic as exists in
    mathematics, have sunk to such a low intellectual level?

    The answer…. Religion…only blind religios faith can destroy otherwise rational thinking.

  6. charlie says:

    This is what happens when religion has power. Get ALL religions out of schools. Bubba has the right idea.
    Disgusting behavior from these supposed adults. Criminal charges need to be filed against these moronic clowns.

  7. 1859 says:

    To ban all religions out of UK schools would take a very serious revolution. I admire the French as they have a totally secular education system, but doing this in the UK…? I can’t see it ever happening – the churches are far too entrenched as part of the ‘Establishment’. This leads me to the rather extreme position of wanting to burn the fucking things down. Religious school after religious school going up in flames, fire-bombed during the holidays…time for my Horlicks.

  8. TrickyDicky says:

    “POLICE are reportedly investigating a teacher”

    No, what they are doing is thinking up reasons to take no action.

    “The interception of private text messages is illegal under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which was used to convict phone hackers from the closed News of the World newspaper.”

    Ah, but they weren’t ….

  9. andym says:

    The Guardian spent much of last week defending this school. Finding no problems, it used phrases like witch-hunt, victim of its own success and of course, Islamophobia.They fell completely for a PR drive. Useful idiots.

  10. Newspaniard says:

    When we get a decent, honest government in power, might I suggest that they appoint an atheist as education minister rather than the current god-botherer type and make secular education the only option, similar to the system in France. France, of course, has its own problems as it will be the first EU country to declare itself an islamic state.

  11. Har Davids says:

    If these bigots want their Muslim pupils to lead their personal and public lives in a manner consistent with their Islamic moral principles and values, they should have shipped them off to countries where there’s no escaping their brand of poppycock. Unlike their elders, these kids know about life outside their spiritual ghetto and are embracing some of it in their own way.

    Haven’t we seen enough of this kind of indoctrination to know we should never give in to politial correctnes and spend one cent of public money on it, all for the sake of diversity?

  12. TrickyDicky says:


    “When we get a decent, honest government in power”

    I will not be holding my breath.

  13. AgentCormac says:

    Yet more 12th-century lunacy from the so-called religion of peace after Iranian actress and prize jury member Leila Hatami apparently threw all that is decent to the wind and allowed Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob to kiss her on the cheek. That’s right, folks, on the cheek. Shudder!!!!

    However, gentle reader, I’m afraid the news gets worse.

    Not only did Leila Hatami allow herself to be kissed on the cheek by someone who isn’t her husband, but ‘she was wearing a scarf around her head but her neck was uncovered’. What the feck is the world coming to?!!!

    There is, of course, clearly only one rational answer: stone her to death and do it right now!

  14. why do i have to share this planet with religious idiots says:

    AgentCormac…I read that as well. I often wonder if these people realise what we in civilised countries think about them. Do the majority of ordinary people in Iran really think what she has done is so wrong? Well if they do its time for the ordinary Iranians to rebel and kick the sorry arses of the islamofacist clerics very very hard and push them out of power. Then try them for treason and let them rot in jail. Or string them up or whatever punishment the new powers decide to impart. If the ordinary Iranians support the condemnation then we in the civilised world have a very big problem. Islam was merely the shit stain in the underpants of the world. Now it has grown into the stinking cess pit of dangerous and inhuman ideas…and that cess pit is full to the brim and the shit is starting to slop over the top to befoul the rational world.

  15. barriejohn says:

    Let’s just be thankful that they didn’t hack the girl’s head off. That’s the normal Islamic response.

  16. Adam Tjaavk says:

    The potential dangers of “Islamic charities”
    by Sharia Watch

    The head of the Charity Commission recently made
    a startling admission. Islamic charities, he said,
    were the “most deadly” problem the Commission faces.
    William Shawcross said it was “ludicrous” that people
    with convictions for terrorism were perfectly free to
    set up charities, and were not automatically disqualified.

    He is right of course, but there are other
    areas worth examining concerning Islamists
    running charities. For example
    – the Islamic Sharia Council.


  17. remigius says:

    Images of the girl with the boy…

    She only has herself to blame. If she had worn her burqa they’d never have recognised her!

  18. Matt Westwood says:

    “The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning.”

    Actually no: it was the golden age of Arabic and Persian learning. It all went wrong when Islam took over those countries, and the Centre of Learning moved to Europe, specifically Italy, where there was an outbreak of revolutionary thinking that questioned the authority of the primary religious institution. Hmm … I can see a pattern there …

  19. Matt Westwood says:

    “Let’s just be thankful that they didn’t hack the girl’s head off. That’s the normal Islamic response.”

    Too true. Honour killing, anyone?

  20. barriejohn says:

    Matt: You’re right about the Muslim influence on learning. Arabs developed Persian and Indian ideas, but Islam was the kiss of death to progress.

    Update on another story with similar overtones:

  21. Broga says:

    @andym: Thanks. Brilliant. I think “The Queen will live as a horse” is also a laugh a line.