Paedophile Koran teacher could now be jailed

Paedophile Koran teacher could now be jailed

SUCH was the outrage over a lenient sentence handed down to a Muslim Koran teacher who sexually abused an 11-year-old schoolgirl  thatAttorney General Dominic Grieve has been compelled to review the case.

The Attorney ­General’s office received about 75 complaints after Suleman Maknojioa, 40, a father of six,was given a 40-week suspended sentence.

He walked free from court after his defence lawyer argued that his family were dependent on him, as his wife did not speak English.

If Dominic Grieve decides the sentence was too lenient it will go before three High Court judges. They could lift Maknojioa’s ­suspended sentence and instead jail him for 40 weeks.

The Attorney General has 28 days to review the case.

Shaista Gohir, of the Muslim ­Women’s Network said:

When Mr Maknojioa was abusing his victim, he had no regard for consequences for his wife and children. Therefore using them as an excuse to save him from going to prison should not have been a consideration. When paedophiles are found guilty, they should be given the strictest ­sentence available to the judge.

Maknojioa was found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a child under 13 after a trial at Preston Crown Court.

He repeatedly rubbed the 11 year-old girl’s leg and even reached underneath the long folds of her prayer headscarf to squeeze her chest while giving her and her two brothers ­private tuition in Arabic.

The abuse spanned nine months from September 2012 through to June 2013.

The girl told the court:

I did not want it, but I was too afraid to say something.

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25 responses to “Paedophile Koran teacher could now be jailed”

  1. Ex Patriot says:

    The worthless piece of excrement should not be sentenced to 40 weeks but to 40 years or he and his family should all be booted out of the country and the judge that did this should be removed from the bench.

  2. Broga says:

    Do some of these judges live in the same world as the rest of us?

  3. Newspaniard says:

    It would appear that we are having more and more judges basing their sentences on sharia law. This case reminds me of one recently where an 18 year old was freed at the end of a case where he was found guilty of rape. It would seem that there is no longer one law for all.

  4. Brian Jordan says:

    It could be that Cherie Blair set the ball rolling back in 2010 when she handed out a lenient sentence to a “religious person”.

  5. Justin says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that a man who can teach other people Arabic couldn’t teach his own wife English? You know, the language of the country she friggin’ lives in?

    Probably a moot point, there would be no desire from her husband for his wife to have her own life and participate with in the Western infidel culture.

  6. Angela_K says:

    Our judiciary are terrified of upsetting “cultural sensitivities” especially of anyone who is religious cult member. Under the sharia system the girl would probably be whipped or stoned to death and this disgusting piece of filth let free. Would a white Englishman be treated so leniently, no; biased judgments such as this only play into the hands of the far right.

  7. TrickyDicky says:

    “his defence lawyer argued that his family were dependent on him, as his wife did not speak English”

    What will all those benefits to claim.

  8. gedediah says:

    Why didn’t the judge gaol him and offer the wife support to live without him? By the time he got out she might have the confidence to ditch him for good.

  9. charlie says:

    He molested a young girl and got a 40 week sentence? 40 weeks? Seriously? Holy cats, that alone is obscene in my opinion. 40 years would be more like it. Oh, and his “sentence” was suspended? What sort of “justice” system do you folks have in the UK? OK, that last is probably unfair coming from me in the US of A. I didn’t mean to offend you good people, but really? 40 weeks? suspended? I suppose if I ever get to the UK and get in any trouble with the law there, I’ll have to remember to claim I am a Muslim. Oh crap, even just typing that makes me sick to the point of almost throwing up breakfast. So much for my “sarcasm” this morning.

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    Religion is varied and finding an all-inclusive definition is a challenge. I have a proposal: “that which rapes children without penalty.

  11. Broga says:

    @Trevor Blake: I think some action is now being taken to stop the endemic child rape in the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope is going to say a mass and has invited six victims. That should sort that bit.

    He is keeping shtum about doing anything about the bishops who protected the paedophiles. I suppose they are needed to keep preaching about the evils of same sex marriage, abortion even when the mother will die otherwise or has been raped by a priest homosexuality and these pesky militant atheists. Priorities you see!

  12. Trevor Blake says:

    Broga: just as you say. I might add that the RC clergy who shelter clergy who rape children do so on orders of the Pope. The documentation is clear and available. It is simply not spoken of in polite society. Thank heavens for free thought…

  13. Broga says:

    @Trevor Blake: Thanks for the link and what a revelation it is of a contemptible organisation. Is it not extraordinary that with this information known the Pope, with his entourage, is allowed to strut the international stage behaving as if he were this humble, innocent and admirable man?

    Where ever he goes, and particularly in the UK with the BBC and its RC cabal, those who know the facts look away. They don’t just look away, they ignore the disgusting reality and offer a cosmetic version where every comment about the RC church is respectful and admiring.

  14. Stephen Mynett says:

    I remember before the visit by the odious Ratzinger the UK government announced that anyone trying to make a citizen’s arrest of Ratboy would be arrested themselves. Democaracy in action, arrest those who attempt to apprehend the criminals.

  15. Robster says:

    The missus could use Google translate to communicate, if she’s allowed outside on her own in a black garbage bag with a slit. That should alleviate the accused’s worries about his female chattel while he’s in the Big House. She might be even able to talk to other men! A breakthrough.

  16. AgentCormac says:

    Just another mad, mad day in the ugly world of Islam:

  17. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac: Horrible. I think you have to witness this poor woman’s terror, torture and death and the howling pitiless mob to get close to appreciating how grisly this must have been.

    I suppose oecumenicalism means that the Archbishop, the near invisible Justin Welby, Frankie, the Chief Rabbit and assorted superstitionists cannot criticise this abomination.

  18. AgentCormac says:

    I always find it laughable when one bunch of religious idiots decides that in fact another bunch of religious idiots are more misguided than themselves.

  19. JohnMWhite says:

    @AgentCormac – It is also curious that the religious tend to only have a problem with other religions because they are ‘heathen’ in some way. His problem with Islam isn’t that it (textually speaking, at least) condones murdering apostates and treating women as inferior and so on… it’s that it is not Christianity. And Enoch Powell’s a prophet, of course. It’s not as if Christian terrorists ever killed anyone in Northern Ireland…

  20. Broga says:

    @JohnMWhite: Richard Dawkins said everyone was an atheist for all religions except their own. Atheists just go that one step further.

  21. barriejohn says:

    More news about the “Trojan Horse” plot:

  22. Bubba T Flubba says:

    Let’s get this straight. There is something questionable and sinister about the pious. It should come as no surprise that islam breeds child raping evil nasty bastards. The rcc has, after decades maybe centuries, been found to be a an organisation that treats child rape as an occupational perk. Islam too will be revealed as an organisation that treats children as a ready and silent source of orifices into which the sex starved perverted pedophiles of islam can insert their otherwise under utilised erections. Notice how all religions render normal heterosexual sex as a dirty punishable activity. Now notice how the virginal odious men of god fearing piety are the absolute worst child raping faction. Religions are a blight on human decency. Time to crush religions out of existence.

  23. Broga says:

    @Bubba T Flubba: You got it straight. You loosed off with both barrels. And you got it right. The time to stop treading round religion with its demand for respect is long overdue.

  24. AgentCormac says:

    Follow-up to the link I included above re. the stoning to death of a pregnant woman outside a courthouse in Lahore. According to the murdered woman’s husband the police stood by and watched as the ‘honour killing’ took place.