Muslim warns of facing Allah looking like a pig

Muslim warns of facing Allah looking like a pig

MUSLIM groups have declared jihad on Cadbury after two of its products sold in predominately Islamic Malaysia were found to contain traces of pork.

According to this report, the discovery was made during a periodic check for non-halal ingredients in food products by the country’s health ministry. They confirmed the presence of porcine DNA in bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond.

Cadbury Malaysia, like most food makers in the country where Muslims make up more than 60 per cent of the population, has all of its products certified halal to conform with Islam’s dietary restrictions, one of which is a prohibition on pork.


A news conference was held in Kuala Lumpur where the groups claimed Cadbury had:

Crossed the line.

Squealed Abu Bakar Yahya, a leader of Malay rights group Perkasa:

They have betrayed us Muslims by putting haram elements in the foods we consume.

Nadzim Johan, president of the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, called for all Cadbury’s factories to be shut down and for all Muslims nationwide to boycott their products.

The president of another Muslim rights group in Malaysia called for a holy war, or jihad, against the confectionery giant for attempting to “weaken” Muslims in Malaysia. Ustaz Masridzi Sat snorted:

Because the person eats pork it is difficult to guide him to the right path. When the day of judgment comes, that person will be wearing a pig-face because of what he has eaten. We need to unite, we must declare jihad.

The company said it was undertaking a full review of its supply chain to ensure halal standards and the Malaysian government said it will conduct inspection of all Cadbury Malaysia’s products.

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134 responses to “Muslim warns of facing Allah looking like a pig”

  1. Maggie says:

    Jews and Muslims don’t eat pig products because back then bacon hadn’t been invented.

    Was at a restaurant with a friend who was having the set menu and the starter had ‘sprinkles’ on it. I recognised them as bacon bits and advised what she was eating as she was a Muslim. She explained that Allah would forgive her as it was a mistake. Allah then had to forgive her for the rest of the dish which she polished off. 😉

    So if bacon has been around back ‘then’, we wouldn’t have the stuff banned in UK schools now.

  2. Paul Cook says:


    you answered your own question there.

  3. Paul Cook says:


    you seem incapable of providing a rational argument, posting url’s is pretty meaningless.

    As to your claims such as this “That mafia guy got fed alive to the pigs and some murderers have used pigs to eat the bodies of their murder victims to dispose of the bodies.” This is infantile. Broad statements without any facts makes a poor debate. I do note the bible does exactly the same. It makes broad generalisations, not a lot of which makes sense, and then disallows logic. reason and thought.

    You state as a fact and very clearly that god says don’t eat pork.
    1. Who or what is god;
    2. where did he/she/it write or say that;
    3.please provide the evidence of (i) god, and (ii) witnesses to that no 2. statement.

    It all looks a bit of a No 2 to me.
    But I could also do with help of being shown proof of the existence of god (once you define exactly what that means), and then provide someone, any one, of the 7 billion on this planet, who has ever seen this god, met he/she/it, conversed with he/she/it, and any of that can be tested by other indepnedent human beings.

    BTW if you do eat cultivated mushrooms they are grown in shit. So you are eating shit. And in fact eat it all the time. Most animals plants and seeds contain at least some element of shit somehow. It is impossible for them not to. Its not a brown piece of shit you an see it is the items’ very composition. For example there is little point peeling the outer skin of a mushroom, as it has absorbed a huge amount of at the shit it grew in. It’s indie it.

  4. Norman Paterson says:

    Paul –

    I think you are wasting your effort in trying to communicate with Disqusted632. It’s a one-way street. He or she is just preaching and trolling.

    I though the pork prohibition was originally based on parasites that we could get from eating pigs. (Pigs are very similar to humans – hence “long pig,” the possibility of organ transplants, etc.) But with decent farming, parasites are not a problem. There may be other problems, but parasites need not be one of them.

    Actually, given the way the biosphere mixes everything up, every breath we take includes a fair amount of pig fart, every glass of water contains atoms and molecules that were once pig piss, and as for the food we eat, well, you have already explained about mushrooms.

    We are all recycled. Get over it, Disqusted632.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    Norman I couldn’t agree more.
    What I do find slightly intruiging is, in the Middle East, due to poor diet and interbreeding of close relatives over centuries, the muz population has incredibly high rates of diabetes (this is not a pleasant illness at all), however, insulin was originally ‘farmed’ from pigs. Now there’s a thought muslims by the thousand being injected with pig insulin to keep them alive!

    Yes Fijians sell tourists long pig spoons and forks (large ones). Long pig being a term for a human, as cannibalism was very prevalent in the South Pacific.

  6. Disqusted632 says:

    Guess we shouldn’t believe that motor oil poured on the ground poisons millions of gallons of water either so just pour out all the oil and so what it came out of the ground it can go back into the ground.

  7. Paul Cook says:

    You seem very immature and ignorant and/or else a typical religious zealot. ignorant – you have not replied in debate to any one of any one’s posts. Religious in that you believe there is a god and he said things. And a zealot in that you merely spout nonsense from a set of pamphlets that no one today who has intellect knows is not the ‘word of god’.

    Answer the questions on the topic, don’t post rubbish about oil and more URL when you’ve been asked to follow the thread of this debate. Start and finish one topic at a time. No one will look at your URL unless you engage properly.

    The topic is about pork, muslims and pork dna allegedly being in chocolate.

    you have made some very outrageous and incredible claims. Made statements of fact. You need to firm up those facts and prove the statements.
    Shouldn’t be hard if what you claim is the truth.

    I asked you this:

    You state as a fact and very clearly that god says don’t eat pork.
    1. Who or what is god;
    2. where did he/she/it write or say that;
    3.please provide the evidence of (i) god, and (ii) witnesses to that no 2. statement.

    Answer them.

  8. barriejohn says:

    You’re wasting your time. His OT comments regarding motor oil demonstrate the level of ignorance here. Oil is a naturally occurring substance, and will biodegrade of its own accord given time – albeit causing ecological problems when found in “the wrong place”. “Clean-up operations” following oil spills can actually cause more problems than if things were left alone. I read a comment on the Mail site this morning regarding the plastic bag tax, in which the commenter asks – in the usual arrogant, know-all fashion – how “experts” can know how long it takes for plastic bags to decompose when we didn’t have them a thousand years ago. How the hell do you answer that?

  9. Disqusted632 says:

    All of you who feel you have to attack people why don’t you all go pig out on pork and drop dead and leave us alone.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Are you totally stupid? It is the religiots who are engaging in jihad against Cadburys here. As far as I am aware there are no freethinkers on this attempting to interfere in people’s eating habits, apart from concerns over methods of slaughter. If you want to abstain from eating pork products then that is entirely your own choice. Once again, the religious make demands upon everyone else and then scream abuse of their rights when people fail to fall into line!

  11. Norman Paterson says:

    “why don’t you all go pig out on pork”

    “Eat all the pigs you want”

    “the ones who have their minds made up and want to eat pork, go ahead”

    “You seem obsessed with eating pigs and pork so go ahead”

    I’m getting a mixed message here, Disqusted632. Why are you telling people to eat pork when the bible tells you not to? Is encouraging people to break god’s commandment not sinful?

  12. Norman Paterson says:

    I wonder what that URL is about. Sure ain’t gonna click it.

  13. Disqusted632 says:

    Wonder why all the worms came out of the piece of pork when he poured the can of coke over it, that looked awful.

  14. Norman Paterson says:

    Disqusted632 – So what do you eat? Chicken, perhaps?

  15. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions?

  16. Disqusted632 says:

    Do you ever eat worms with your pork? I guess you do.

  17. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions?

  18. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (3) ?

  19. Disqusted632 says:

    Keep eating pigs it makes you smarter and smarter.

  20. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (4) ?

  21. Disqusted632 says:

    Nearly 3,000 results at the CDC dot com site, centers for disease control, regarding dangers of pork.

  22. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (5) ?

  23. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (6) ?

  24. Disqusted632 says:

    This pig on here is particularly attractive, don’t you think?

  25. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (7) ?

  26. Disqusted632 says:

    On this youtube on it shows surgeons pulling lots of intestinal worms and parasites out of a person’s intestines.

  27. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (8) ?

  28. Norman Paterson says:

    Do you ever answer questions (9) ?