Churches buried evidence of their cruelty

Churches buried evidence of their cruelty

IN IRELAND, the bodies of around 800 babies who died of neglect at a Catholic workhouse for unmarried mothers were dumped in a septic tank.

And in Canada, an as yet unknown number of Mohawk children – victims of an alleged church/state genocide campaign – were buried at the oldest Indian residential school in Canada, the Anglican-run Mohawk Institute in Brantford, Ontario.

Details emerged this week of the grisly discovery at a home for “fallen” women in Tuam, a town in County Galway. The institution was run by the Bon Secours nuns between 1925 and 1961. Thousands of “fallen women” and their “illegitimate” children passed through the workhouse, known simply as The Home (pictured above).

More than five decades after the Home was closed and demolished to make way for a housing development and children’s playground, it was discovered that almost 800 children who had to be abandoned by their mothers, died of neglect and their bodies were piled into a massive septic tank at the back of the building.

 Catherine Corless

Catherine Corless

Local historian Catherine Corless, who uncovered the origins of the mass grave in a batch of never-before-released documents, told The Washington Post:

The bones are still there. The children who died in the Home, this was them.

The grim findings, which are being investigated by police, provide a glimpse into a particularly dark time for unmarried pregnant women in Ireland, where societal and religious mores stigmatized them. Without means to support themselves, women by the hundreds wound up at the Home.

Corless said:

When daughters became pregnant, they were ostracized completely. Families would be afraid of neighbors finding out, because to get pregnant out of marriage was the worst thing on Earth. It was the worst crime a woman could commit, even though a lot of the time it had been because of a rape.

The Home in Tuam

The Home in Tuam

Children of unmarried mothers were kept segregated from other kids in Tuam and disappeared by the age of nine, either adopted or dead.

Another investigation is now under way in Canada, where – in late 2011 in Brantford, Ontario – forensic evidence emerged of the burial of children at the oldest Indian residential school in Canada during an initial excavation of the site.

The Mohawk Institute – dubbed the “Mush Hole” by the Mohawk people – was established in 1832 by the Crown and Church of England. Records indicate that on average 40 percent of the children who entered the Institute – which was shut in 1970 – died.

According to a lengthy report published by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, further excavations at the site were halted in the face of strong opposition from the Canadian authorities and the Anglican and Catholic Churches – all alleged to have been complicit in the genocide of 50,000 children across the country.

However, a fresh team is now to investigate the site, the ITCCS report says.

According to this report, the main purported role of residential schools such as the Mohawk Institute was to:

Christianize and civilize.

What impact did this goal have on the Indigenous peoples of Canada?  This is a difficult question to answer and has not been largely addressed academically.  Many survivors retell the difficulties in returning to their homes after residential schools.  Many had lost skills needed to survive in the community, including the ability to speak their native tongue.  

One of the major repercussions of residential schools is the near death of many Indigenous languages (Barman, 1995). Students were forces to learned English and punished for speaking their own languages.

• The picture at the top of the page Canadian children pictured praying at one of many residential schools set up to ‘Christianise’ youngsters.

Hat tip: Angela K and Robert Stovold

71 responses to “Churches buried evidence of their cruelty”

  1. Norman Paterson says:

    Oh but this is not the True Church!

    Sorry, folks. It is exactly the True Church. Religion is as religion does.

  2. 1859 says:

    If this Irish story is true it will make the Philomena film seem like a fairy tale by comparison. 800 babies in a septic tank! I can’t believe it – this is an Irish Holocaust.

  3. Paul Cook says:

    I cannot cannot agree with this report. It is wrong. Totally and utterly wrong. Moreover, it is false and misleading.

    “… 800 babies who died of neglect”

    NO WAY.
    800 Babies do not ‘normally’ die of neglect. And they were in a place to be cared for, as no one else would/could.

    So let us be honest and realistic, these babies would most likely have been murdered.

    If I neglect to wash my car it remains dirty, and may be it might rust. That is neglect. BUT 800 babies die, and 800 are ‘neglected’, that is a false and misleading word for systematic murder, because who, of these women, could ‘complain’.

    The babies being in the septic tank says everything. It shows the value the nuns gave them as human beings.

    The RCchurch has always called pregnancy out of wedlock a sin, and these babies would in our time now be referred to as having been MURDERED.

    We must call it what it is.

  4. Stephen Mynett says:

    Christianize and civilize.

    The two words are incompatable. The actions of all churches, past and present, shows this. Yet we still have the fawning sycophants in government and media that try to tell us religion is a force for the good.

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    Completely OT but how do we send info to the Freethinker now, I am probably being totally dim but cannot find a contact email.

  6. Barry Duke says:

    That’s being addressed Stephen. We are working hard to iron out kinks on the site and a contact link will be added soon. Meanwhile use my email address for all queries, observations, suggestions and gratuitous insults (these I get in abundance from Soldiers of Christ and and Mohammed.)

  7. mikespeir says:

    Technically, it’s not abortion. That would be wrong.

  8. Broga says:

    If there is a difference between the treatment of pregnant, unmarried ( i.e. the failure of a priest to babble a few lines of nonsense,) and what the Nazis did in Dachau, Belsen etc it is not evident. Paul Cook is right. This was mass murder and we do not know, but can speculate, of the extent of the suffering that proceeded the killings.
    The more I read about religious atrocities the more offensive becomes the faux humility of the Pope. Religion is toxic. Despite that faith schools, and their poisonous indoctrination, continues.

  9. Patrick7Gormley says:

    Human nature is prone to double-think and cognitive dissonance. That is why Christians may decide during Church that they believe in the religion but as soon as they are out the door their atheist or humanist side dominates. Religion is such effective training in cognitive dissonance that it is possible for it to justify murder like it may have done in this case. The way the babies were dumped might indicate that they were not baptised. Catholicism teaches that unbaptised babies are estranged from God. In reality it is God that would have to be estranged from the babies! What a vindictive petty God! Those who take their babies for baptism when they have no say in it, are disrespecting their babies and enabling an evil system of doctrine. They are allowing and even encouraging a religion to insult their babies. Whatever happened to assuming babies don’t need forgiveness from God in baptism until it is proven that they do? What about innocent until proven guilty? If a baptised baby ends up being a really good person, that is in spite of baptism and the nasty message it conveys.

  10. Stephen Mynett says:

    Patrick, I totally agree with you but it is different for the church, their answer to any question about innocent until proven guilty would be along the lines of we are all guilty of sin, we are born that way.
    Those hypocrital bastards have an answer for everything, an answer that defies logic, common sense and basic decency but an answer that is good enough for them.

  11. Stephen Mynett says:

    Cheers Barry but be careful ironing those Kinks, they are one of my favourite bands.

  12. Norman Paterson says:

    You get email from Mohammed?

  13. Norman Paterson says:

    Cognitive dissonance. That would be undoublethink, no?

    I am really into Orwell today.

  14. Bubba T Flubba says:

    This is what people do when they have god on their side. The pious demand total control over your life, control from the day you are conceived through to the day you die, and if you do not do as they demand you will suffer the consequences, which range from mental torture right through to murder and eternal damnation in hell fire. This is the deal the pious offer. This is how the pious thrive and prosper. This is criminal behaviour writ so large, so embedded in society that many people cannot see through it. And most of those who do see through the disguise cannot rebel because of the very real threat of their personal extinction by the hand of screaming lynch mobs whipped into a frenzy by the pious. Well I say enough. We must tear the evil bastards from their pulpits and consign them to the gutter where they belong. Sinister senile overdressed unelected virgin men who say they know what god wants have no right to tell decent people what to do. Waste no opportunity to shout them down, to ridicule them, to mock them, to shame them, to taunt them, to oppose them, to oust them.

  15. Stephen Mynett says:

    Bubba, mentioning “god on their side” made me think of this.

  16. 'Niques says:

    “The RCchurch has always called pregnancy out of wedlock a sin”

    Hmm. Doesn’t the Catholic Church worship the Blessed Mother, and wasn’t she pregnant out of wedlock?

  17. remigius says:

    My heart goes out to all those women. They were denied sex education, forbidden any form of contraception. Refused abortion, and then had their child snatched from them.

    How often they would have thought of that child. Wondered about it’s first day of school; whether the child was married, had a family. Grandkids. Then they read that it was probably just thrown in a septic tank and left to rot.

    Fucking barbaric.

  18. bear47 says:

    Absolutely, it IS murder, plain and simple murder.

  19. bear47 says:

    The more I learn about this sort of thing, the more I become convinced that organized religion is absolutely THE worst human invention ever.

  20. remigius says:

    Hardly, the pervert was illiterate. He probably sends Barry an angel bearing divine revelations.

  21. bear47 says:

    This is what the doG of that vile holly buy-bull is all about. Supposedly we are ALL born in sin. The entire concept of “original sin” is total bullshit. Suppose my Dad had been a bank robber before I was born, according to this “idea” I’d also be branded as a bank robber just because Dad had been one. What a load of bullshit! I am not and cannot be held responsible for any actions of my Dad, before AND after my birth. We are all responsible for our own action, not that of our parents, grandparents, etc. going back to some mythical Adam and Eve who supposedly ate some fruit from a tree that this “all knowing” doG planted in the first place. IF this doG was such an “all knowing” critter, it would have known BEFORE it planted that tree that they would eat the fruit. And NO the concept of free will does NOT matter. An “all knowing” critter would have been able to see EVERY possible outcome beforehand and therefore doG IS the vile, responsible party in that bullshit story/fairy tale in Genesis and NOT poor Eve nor the “talking snake”. The responsiblitiy for the ” fall” lies with that vile doG and nobody else. That damn piece of shit doG KNEW beforehand exactly what the outcome of planting that tree would be. If not, then that vile/totally fictional, doG is NOT any way near an “all knowing” critter.
    Organized religion, THE worst human invention ever. Poisoning humanity for millennia.
    This is MY opinion and I’m staying with it until proved wrong. Your opinions may vary.
    charlie———–us of a

  22. bear47 says:

    LOL, abortion=sin. Outright murder of an “ill-legitimate” child=OK and fine with the vile doG of the holy buy-bull. A pox on religion.

  23. bear47 says:

    The German Army had “God with us” on their belt buckles. Can’t remember the German for that phrase just now. Gott mit us??

  24. remigius says:

    Ah, looks like we have got it wrong. According to the Catholic Church those 800 bodies were just resting in the septic tank.

  25. Stephen Mynett says:

    Very close, uns instead of us.
    This is something the theist morons always ignore when we get the “hitler was an atheist” argument. Of course they could be making an honest mistake but I prefer to think they are a bunch of devious lying shithouses.

  26. remigius says:

    Gott mit uns.

  27. Stephen Mynett says:

    The statement Sean Green of the cover up committee, or whatever name it was, would have been applauded by Joseph Göbbels, it is just the sort of callous, lying propoganda he worked at.
    The tragedy is the effective of the catholic indoctrination proceedures, I find it hard to believe that anyone would remain a supporter of that vile institution if they had not had the ability to think reasonably about certain things taken from them.

  28. barriejohn says:

    Apparently, Catholics are not having enough children. The following would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that it is coming from the mouth of Antichrist himself:

  29. Broga says:

    @Barry: You and whoever are doing a great job on this site. I have an infallible criterion as a measure: if a techno dumbfuck such as myself is able to use the site then you just have to be getting a lot of things right.

  30. Broga says:

    @Stephen Mynett: Loved the Bob Dylan song. Glad to see it included reference to the behaviour of Native Americans when facing the conquering and superior force of Whites. In cowboy films, of the simpler kind, the N.A.s gallop endlessly round the circled wagons so that the Whites who are stealing, raping and plundering can take their time shooting them.
    I often wondered why even N.A.s couldn’t figure that this was not a great way to behave. Perhaps God was setting them up.
    The other reference I liked was to one of the all time thickos who stood for President. I mean that farcical clown William Jennings Bryan who added much to the entertainment of the nation during the 1925 Tennessee Monkey trial. He was God’s gift to H.L. Mencken and Mencken accepted and used it to full effect in his despatches.

  31. Broga says:

    @remigius: This comment from Monsignor Sean Green really is a bit special and it pays dwelling on Green’s comments.

    “But trust me, that wasn’t the case; I assure you, those bodies are just resting in that mass grave. Cover up the mistreatment of children? Not at all. We’ve always planned to exhume them and bury them properly, and we’re going to get right on it really soon”.
    Great first three words, “But trust me…” The humour is, I assume, unintentional but very funny. Then the “I assure you…” winds it up even more. I would as soon trust the fox who killed my hens last year with a fresh batch. The “resting” is good. The detached observer would so unfairly have assumed that the little bodies, not having had mumbo jumbo to save their souls, had been contemptuously tossed into the cess pit. The location of the “resting” was not, in my view, accidental.
    Well, you get the message and I needn’t go on. My flesh crawls at the thought of this “Monsignor” even daring to comment on these pitiful babies, denied any chance of life, and murdered by the pretentious RCs with their claims to holiness.

  32. remigius says:

    Broga, I get the impression this is actually a spoof website, a kind of Irish Daily Mash.

    However the fact that it is so hard to tell the difference between the real Catholic Church and a spoofed version speaks volumes.

  33. Paul Cook says:


    Thanks for the link to the Waterford news.
    I note that a one Monsignor Sean Green is spokesperson for the Irish branch of the Catholic Church Scandal Containment Unit.

    Please read that again :
    Irish branch of the Catholic Church Scandal Containment Unit.

    And read it again, slowly, read aloud each word :
    the Catholic Church Scandal Containment Unit.

    I leave you all to consider why the rcc needs a

  34. remigius says:

    Er, um. See my reply to Broga.

  35. Agent Cormac says:

    On the subject of Canada, has anybody come across the following excellent campaign? The imposition of xtianity on native peoples being part of a much wider issue regarding the obliteration of their land and culture.

  36. Broga says:

    @remigius: I think you are right. I’ve been fooled. But it is telling that there is such difficulty in separating the fake nonsense from the real nonsense. With virgins producing children, bread turning into real flesh and the dead regaining life, talking snakes, an Ark with 1,900,000 creatures on it what chance have we got of identifying the fake from the real?

  37. Broga says:

    @remigius/Paul Cook: It is brilliant. I have started to laugh at being taken in. It is fake, I suppose. It must be. But then again ……

  38. bear47 says:

    LOL, I remember a story about kittens who lost their mittens.

  39. bear47 says:

    Yeah, that’s it. My German was never that good any who.
    @Stephen Mynett, Wasn’t old Adolph raised as a catlick? I seem to recall reading somewhere he was brought up RCC. He surely was not any sort of humanist atheist, not by the standards of this site at least. We don’t like those mass murderers here. (Speaking for myself)

  40. bear47 says:

    I am quite certain that the way the Native Americans attacked any wagon trains in the movies was not realistic. Made for a “good” film, easy to shoot when the wagons are circled/stationary and the “Indians” are just riding around as if on a Merry Go-Round. When I see those old films now, as they ride around the circled wagons I want to cue up the Hollies song;
    “On a carrousel”. Hollyweird does not do real history, but you knew that years ago I’ll bet.

  41. bear47 says:

    Resting? Oh, sure, just like that parrot in the Monty Python skit. The bullshit that comes from the RCC and all religions is beyond belief.

  42. bear47 says:

    Exactly! When the members of the idiotic catlick church see how even the poop covers for the pedophile priests they still keep going to mass. But, if a gay man or lesbian woman wants to attend their vile church, they scream bloody murder. Yes, I am referring to my wifes’ oldest grandson here. He was told not to come back to the very church he was raised in and knew 90% of the members because he is gay, but these same asshats seem to allow pedophile priests to get a pass. Absolute insanity.

  43. bear47 says:

    Shows how out of touch with reality Frankie is. 7+ Billion people on this small planet as of today and he wants more? And why would anybody be bitter to not have children? I have known couples who were married for 40+ years, no kids, and they were as happy in their old age.

  44. Paul Cook says:

    Point taken!
    Still it made us think. Made us comment of what might be.
    One important thing – we have a voice and a place to air our views.
    Thanks Freethinker.

  45. bear47 says:

    Neither Canada nor the US of A have treated the First Nations peoples with any decency or respect. White European racism against them is alive and well even in 2014. I lost count long ago of the number of treaties the US of A entered into with various Native Americans. The Sand Creek massacre stands out in particular. The Natives were flying a US flag they had received after they had signed the treaty. They were peacefully living their lives when they were attacked by US troops and slaughtered without pity.

    Canada and the US of A have a very long history of lying to the Native peoples and breaking any treaty when the gummints feel like it.

  46. Broga says:

    @bear47: I used to watch these old cowboys and “Indians” films. There were set pieces. While the Indians were being knocked off their horses a hero waggoner would be shot in the chest with an arrow. Now, while I would be howling in agony with such a wound this man would utter nothing beyond a groan.
    Then a beautiful woman with fashionably coiffeured hair, would appear (man, they had some lookers on those wagon trains) and mop his brow while someone else, with surgical skills that they would have welcomed in the NHS, dug out the arrow head.
    I have romantic ideas about the “Indians”. I loved the rhythims and imagery of “Hiawatha” which we learned by heart at school. The shores of Gitchegumi, the big sea water, sounded like a great place to live. I’m rambling. Sorry.

  47. bear47 says:

    You were rambling? LOL, I ramble on and on seemingly forever. I do that in person also. I talk too much most of the time. Bad habit of mine no doubt. At 66, not sure I could change even if I tried.
    Great description of nearly every “Western” Hollywood ever made though. The women always looked so nice, hair not even mussed after some huge “Indian” attack. Oh, and 99 times out of 100, the “good guy” would be in a fist fight and his hat never came off! Hat glue?