Sikh jailed for attack on daughter-in-law

Sikh jailed for attack on daughter-in-law

MAJIT Singh Mirgind, a Sikh living in east London, attempted to gouge out his daughter-in-law’s eyes because he believed she was having an affair with a Muslim.

Mirgind, 51, has been jailed for nearly 11 years after he slashed the wrists of Jageer Mirgind at her home in Ilford before stabbing at her eyes while screaming:

I am going to kill you.

According to this report, Mrs Mirgind’s children, who were just three and six years old, witnessed the horrific attack and begged their grandfather to stop.

The victim has been left partially-sighted in both eyes, while her children are suffering from recurring nightmares, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told.

The court heard that the attack, which took place last December, came about as the result of a misunderstanding which led to the Mirgind believing his daughter-in-law was having an affair.

Judge Nigel Peters QC told Mirgind that although the indictment had only one name on it, the attack had actually claimed three victims. He said:

You have accepted that you have caused the most serious injuries to your daughter-in-law. The attack was manic and horrific. You set out with great hostility and vengeance – you punched her, forced to the ground and kicked her and took knives to her face and wrist to gouge her eyes.

He continued:

What was so distressing was that her children, your grandchildren, witnessed it from start to finish and pleaded with you to stop – but you did not stop. The effect on those children is a major factor in this case as they have been deprived of their mother in a normal state and had to witness those horrific scenes.

Father-of-four Mirgind stared at the floor as he was jailed for ten years and eight months.

The court heard Mirgind had been a leading member of the Sikh community and often drove young worshippers to the temple.

He had initially been charged with attempted murder but prosecutors later accepted a plea of causing grievous bodily harm with intent in order to avoid having to go to trial.

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21 responses to “Sikh jailed for attack on daughter-in-law”

  1. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Isn’t religion wonderful?

  2. John the Drunkard says:

    So concerned about ‘family’ that he was willing to destroy the lives of his grandchildren. Ah, those religious values and morals….

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    As an atheist I lack a moral compass. I hope a religious person can tell me if this was right or wrong since I have absolutely no idea which. If only I was religious, like this man, I would know what to believe. He knew what to do. How I wish I had the gift of faith as well. Is it right to stab a woman in the eyes? I just don’t know!

  4. L.Long says:

    Why not handcuff this guy spreed-eagle pull a tie-wrap very VERY tight around his cock and balls and after 5 days cut the tie-wrap. But that would be against HIS religion so we can’t do that. But that is exactly what would happen if that was my daughter. But since I am letting him keep his eyes you can’t say my possible action would be an eye for eye.
    Despite my being an immoral satan cursed atheist and what my statement may suggest, his actions would have been unthinkable to me but as a devote gawd-bot he could think of doing what he did. But is there a maximum punishment for someone like him?? Since his hell does not exist and his beliefs would not send him there, I would suggest he NOT be killed for his crime. I like my idea as it gains him a Darwin Award.

  5. remigius says:

    How would your way qualify him for a Darwin Award? The whole point of the award is that the recipient has removed him/herself from the gene pool before they have had a chance to pollute it. He already had kids, so it would be too late.

    And the death/sterilisation has to be self inflicted, though not intended, so even that wouldn’t count.

  6. bear47 says:

    As a fellow atheist, I share your “concern” about this and other matters like this. Ah, to be a religious clown, then my doG would have let me know well before I did such a thing as to the correctness of the act and possibly even the proper way to do it and even what “incantations/supplications” to make to said doG to insure the act was done in accordance with said religion. Yes, those religious clowns do have it all over us atheists. They are so self assured that they, and of course only they, know exactly what is and is not right, right behavior, right thought, right punishments to meet out, etc. Yes, religion must be such a wonderful “comfort” to them all. I do wonder though, how much comfort will his religion, let alone his doG will be for him during his stay in prison.
    by the way, in case I wasn’t clear on it, this entire comment is meant to be sarcastic.
    charlie from the US of A

  7. bear47 says:

    Quite true remigius, I’d forgotten that part of the Darwin award when I left a positive mark above. I still like L. Longs’ comment though, maybe if he’d just excluded the Darwin Award bit.
    The tie wrap treatment would be OK by me, but I’d give it 7 days, just like when doG made “everything” ya know. Call it a bit of reverse creation perhaps? Just a thought, maybe not a great one, but hey, I’m 66, disabled, have severe chronic pain, COPD, arthritis, and a few other minor health issues. Plus I was a US Marine and did a tour in Vietnam 1970-71 so that may account for some bits of my weird comments/thinking. Yeah, I enlisted, not the smartest move I’ve ever made. At least I CAN look at myself, my life so far and have a damn good laugh at me. Wonder how many religious types, of any religion can honestly say that.

  8. bear47 says:

    Yes, such a “great” and absolutely “wondrous” invention, religion. Well organized religion at least. Such a kind, caring, giving, and loving way of life, religion.
    Well, at least, far as I know (which admittedly isn’t very far{LOL}) the Sikh religion does not claim to be a “religion of peace”, unlike the super peaceful, at all times, in all places, every way possible Muslims do.

  9. bear47 says:

    I have not done much study of the Sikh religion so bear with me here. Was this attack something that his religion would approve of? Was his attack and attempt to kill her a type of “honor” killing? For the record, in my opinion (yours may vary) NO religion has the tiniest concept of “honor killing” in that to me, there is NO “honor” nor can there ever be any such “honor” in killings like those done by the muzzies who claim what they did was an “honor” killing. Bullshit! They commit Dishonor killings, pure and simple.
    Tell me, HOW in hell can there be any “honor” in killing a defenseless female for the “crime” of just looking at a male of a different religion? And oh hell, if the woman of one religion actually likes, let alone falls in love with a male of a different religion. The killings of these poor women are DISHONORABLE and I absolutely refuse to back down from that opinion. If that pisses off some religious clowns, well, they are free to try, just try damn it all, to force me to change my opinion that such acts are DISHONORABLE. I dare any religious asshat to even TRY to make me think otherwise. Those who do these supposed “honor” killings are damn cowards, every one of them. They deserve to rot in the deepest, darkest hell hole of the most vile prison we could find. Reopen the old Territorial prison in Yuma, Arizona as an example. That is one hell of a nasty place. Dad and I visited it back in 1960 on our way back from a job and we had the time. I still remember how ominous it seemed to me at the time. How stark and brutal it must have been for the prisoners. Put these convicted of such “honor” killings or attacks that don’t quite kill the victim in a place like that.
    Sorry to rant on so long, but this sort of crap really gets me worked up. And yet, we are expected to give unearned respect to religion? Bullshit, respect, as I was taught, has to be earned. What religion has earned any respect in the last few decades?

  10. Robster says:

    I liked a band called The Seekers once, I don’t think they were associated with this sect though. Is this the mob that won’t/don’t wash or cut their hair? Can’t see the attraction.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    Let’s bring it on home. This is no different in philosophical motivation from the treatment that used to be (shrug, may still be) meted out to Catlick girls in Northern Ireland who get snoggy with Prod boys. Just somewhat (and distressingly) more extreme. I remember tales on the news from my tender years about how girls in NI would be tied to a stake, shaved, and covered in tar and feathers by people who were angry about her choice of male friend.

  12. Har Davids says:

    Trevor, haven’t you ever read a book titled “The Bible”? According to the first bit, anything goes if you’re a believer. This Sick’s action was Christian all the way. I don’t know about his own religion’s tenets, mind you.

  13. Broga says:

    “The court heard Mirgind had been a leading member of the Sikh community and often drove young worshippers to the temple.”
    That says it all.

  14. L.Long says:

    Yep I forgot the detail rules too, I was thinking of any future efforts.

  15. Bubba T Flubba says:

    Was he driven to this by his hatred and fear of islam. Make no mistake that in the bigger picture muslims would eradicate sikhs and hindus as soon as they get the chance. Same goes for the rest of us kuffar. Islam wants us converted under the threat of death …or dead. We are heading for the next bloody global war with the Saudi Arabian fueled islamofacist jihadis taking every chance to destabilise and terrorise any country in which they have the ability, ranging from infiltration and islamofication of schools to full blown military assaults. It’s bad now but it’s going to get a lot worse. Be ready for it because it’s coming to your town soon. We have to push back now and get the islamic jihadists under control in civilised countries. Then step back and let the whole Middle East, vermin infested African and Eastern European States and the Indian subcontinent fight it out without western interference. The religious based groups in these countries are going to have to fight it out until they are exhausted and mutually depleted. Leave them to it. It’s the only way. No money, materials or equipment to be supplied to them from the west, china, Russia or anywhere else. We just need to sit back and watch until they resolve the hatreds and myths that have dogged the world for millennia.

  16. barriejohn says:

    There are many sects who would cut off a girl who married outside of their membership – indeed, I knew of cases amongst the Plymouth Brethren. One of our elders refused to give his daughter away because her fiance didn’t belong (“He’s very nice, but he’s not saved”). It can mean having little or nothing to do with your family in the future.

  17. Norman Paterson says:

    Barrie – I see this article is tagged “Islam.” I don’t think it is about Islam. Maybe it should be tagged Sikhism – but even that is stretching it a bit.

  18. Agent Cormac says:

    The people who should really be spending the rest of their worthless lives rotting in some hellhole prison with no hope of ever being released are the religious instructors who made Mirgind the monster he is. They are every bit as guilty as he is. If not more. Instead, however, they will be allowed to carry on indoctrinating without hindrance and fuelling violence with impunity. Why? Because it’s all done in the name of religion. Well done, Mr Cameron. Britain clearly needs more religion.

  19. Brian Joran says:

    The trouble with that idea is that you’d never get all the non-Muslim countries to agree. There would always be one looking for the main chance. Look at Russia supporting Assad and the Chinese buying up Africa as quickly as they can.

  20. Solage 1386 says:

    Such are the ways of Bongo-Bongo Land! Keep these primitive people out of Europe!