Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ plot WAS genuine

Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ plot WAS genuine

Schools are not legitimate places to impose religious dogma or seek to instil particular religious beliefs in children, and there should be no place in our education system for the sort of unacceptable practices revealed in Ofsted’s investigation.

These words were spoken by the National Secular Society’s campaigns manager Stephen Evans after Ofsted’s head, Sir Michael Wilshaw delivered a devastating judgment with regard to the Islamic “Trojan horse” plot in Birmingham.

According to this Telegraph report, there had indeed been an “organised campaign” targeting schools in Birmingham to impose a “narrow, faith-based ideology”, with the same people “highly influential across several of the schools”.

Said Evans:

Unfortunately, Christian control of publicly funded schools in Britain is common and it is somewhat inevitable that parents of minority religions now want to control ‘their’ schools. The lack of separation between religion and education has the potential to seriously undermine social cohesion and the time has come to question whether an education system delineated by religion is in children’s or society’s best interest.

Only a fortnight ago, speaking on Channel 4 News, Samir Rauf, a teacher at Birmingham’s Oldknow Academy, played the victim card as he proclaimed the school’s innocence of charges that it had been taken over and “Islamised” by Muslim hardliners.

He said the claims made him “feel really angry”. Asked about reports in this newspaper that Asif Khan, Oldknow’s Arabic teacher, led nine- and 10-year-old children in anti-Christian chanting, he said:

As far as the staff are aware, nothing of the sort happened.

Christmas had not been cancelled, Mr Rauf insisted, and as for Oldknow’s non-Muslim head teacher, Bhupinder Kondal, her absence was due merely to:

Sick leave, and I pray that she recovers quickly.

That was an outright lie. Mrs Kondal has since revealed that she was not on “sick leave”, but had:

Resigned against my will. I felt that I couldn’t carry on any longer. I’ve been really unhappy about what I’ve gone through.

She spoke alongside several other Birmingham heads who described the pressure they had been put under by radical Muslim governors.

Rauf has since disappeared from media appearances after the Telegraph revealed last Sunday that he is in fact a key member of a group called “Educational Activists”, in which he discussed how to pursue an “Islamising agenda” in another school where he is a governor.

And last Monday, a few days after Mr Rauf’s interview, the wider lies and denials at Oldknow and the other Birmingham schools involved in the “Trojan Horse” plot were finally blown out of the water.

A “culture of fear and intimidation”, according to Ofsted, had developed in several of the schools, with:

Head teachers, including those with a proud record of raising standards… marginalised or forced out of their jobs.

There had been a “breakdown in trust” between staff and governors, who had “sought to make changes to the curriculum on the basis of their own personal beliefs”, with girls and boys “not treated equally”, music in one school removed from the curriculum against pupils’ wishes, and the children’s experiences “restricted”, making them:

Vulnerable to segregation and emotional dislocation from wider society.

Separate reports into Oldknow and Park View, the two schools worst affected, found that an extremist, al-Qaeda-sympathising preacher had been invited to address children at Park View and that the curriculum had been restricted to

Comply with a conservative Islamic teaching.

At Oldknow, Asif Khan was indeed reported to have made anti-Christian statements at assemblies. Christmas parties and the seasonal tree had been “stopped in the last year”, and at both schools there was forced gender segregation with girls put at the back of the class.

Ofsted’s judgment confirmed more than three months of reporting by The Telegraph, which, with the help of concerned staff, governors and parents in Birmingham – most of them Muslim – broke the main developments in the story.

Despite growing evidence that there was a wide-ranging plot to infiltrate schools, Islamic apologists – including the Socialist Worker – cried “foul”, alleged a witch hunt and blathered about “Islamophobia”. But a demonstration yesterday to “defend” the schools against “Islamophobic attacks” drew fewer than 100 people.


Nevertheless Doug Morgan, President of the Birmingham National Union of Teachers, last week insisted that there had been a “racist attack in our schools”. And Pauline Geoghegan, of the “Hands Off Birmingham Schools” campaign, told the BBC that:

Michael Gove and David Cameron, with their political ideology, do not want to see schools in Birmingham flourish.

The Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan asked:

Why on earth would the Government not want schools to flourish? And if ministers and officials are racists now, why were they not so in 2012, when Ofsted and Mr Cameron praised several of the schools concerned?

The awkward truth for the schools is that they have indeed, as Sir Michael said, changed substantially since 2012. Mrs Kondal is not the only head to leave: the headteachers of the five other schools put into special measures have moved on, too, as well as senior staff (four out of six at Oldknow, for instance).

At Park View, the OBE-appointed executive head, Lindsey Clark, has been replaced by Mozz Hussain, who, according to former teacher Nigel Sloan, preached “mind-blowing” anti-US assemblies. Mr Hussain and his chairman of governors, Tahir Alam, the alleged ringleader of the plot, were conspicuously absent from the defence of their school last week.

Gilligan pointed out that:

Poll after poll tells us that the majority of British Muslims reject separatist views and support a mixed, plural society.

But the leading institutions of Muslim Britain are disproportionately dominated by people who take a much harder line. Sometimes publicly, sometimes only when they think no one’s looking, key mosques, charities, TV stations, university Islamic societies and private schools promote a separatist, grievance-led agenda, in which Islam is the only identity that matters, in which Muslims stand against corrupt Western values and are victimised for doing so.

And thanks to their work, the views of Muslims and non-Muslims are starting to diverge. As Britain’s non-Muslims become more secular and socially liberal, Muslims are gradually becoming more religious and socially conservative. Unless this trend can be reversed, it bodes badly for social cohesion.

He added:

Trojan Horse has been a significant defeat for the hardliners, pushing them back from expanding into the state education system and making it easier to block such attempts in future. It is likely also to lead to more assertive government action against the private Islamic schools that promote separatism and sometimes hatred.

Hat tip: George Broadhead

28 responses to “Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ plot WAS genuine”

  1. Norman Paterson says:

    Today’s Observer reports a poll result that 58% of voters think that faith schools should not be state funded or should be abolished. This is a remarkable statistic, and fills me with optimism. It is followed, predictably, by some CofE leaders saying that their schools are not “hotbeds of doctrinal radicalisation or extremism” – which is no doubt true, but misses the point.

    Rabbi Jonathan Romain says “It’s a discrimination not tolerated in any other area of the public sector, yet we legally allow it in schools.”

    Sometimes I think that the Abrahamic religions have simply got worse with time. Recent news from Iraq is consistent with this view. It is a poisonous ideology indeed.

  2. Stephen Mynett says:

    The only way to get rid of sectarianism is to eradicate the cause and one of the greatest causes is faith-based education. Children are unaware of religious and ethnic differences until they are “taught” them by those who are supposed to be doing the best for them.
    Many theists will do everything in their power, they will even work hand in hand with other forms of theists who they would normally villify, just to try to hang on to an unearned and immoral priviledge. They need their priviledges to survive in their land of dreams and make believe but we, regardless of who we are, do not need theism to live in a harmonious society.

  3. 1859 says:

    Well said – an ‘unearned and immoral priviledge’. A school run by any religious group will, even if it’s silent, be seen as standing for its particular creed. We need the secularisation of all schools -private and state run….But it will be an uphill struggle.

  4. remigius says:

    This is hardly a surprise. Our very own moon worshipping nutjob, Iftikhar Ismad, pretty much confirmed it. Or rather he denied it, then offered his own identical agenda. Idiot.

  5. Bubba T Flubba says:

    On the bbc news website front page today there are 21 TWENTY ONE items about the trouble, murder, infiltration, politicising, indoctrination, atrocities, terrorism, hypocrisy, fanaticism inflicted on humanity by islamists. And where does it come from? From the indoctrination of children with fundamentalist evil islamofascist dogma. Time to get religious apologists, evangelists, proselytisers out of education. Time to get religion of the curriculum.

  6. remigius says:

    Time to get religion of the curriculum.

    Do you mean off the curriculum? Cos if so I totally disagree. the only way to combat this nonsense is to have objective teaching of all religions in schools, rather that the subjective teaching of just one.

    Then the pupils can realise for themselves that what their parents tell them to believe is just another silly ideology, just like the rest.

    However, if you meant on the curriculum then I agree.

  7. barriejohn says:

    The BBC had some vicar, who had spent his life promoting church schools, on their news programme yesterday morning rubbishing this report (they must have searched long and hard for an informed and unbiased newspaper reviewer!). As well as the arguments which you mention, he also dragged out that old canard that before the provision of state education, education had been provided primarily by the church and other religious institutions. What the hell has that got to do with the price of eggs? Amputations used to be carried out by barbers, but we don’t allow the local hairdressers into our hospitals to carry out surgery nowadays.

  8. barriejohn says:

    PS He wasn’t challenged!

  9. andrewm031 says:

    Even yesterday, on another site .someone described this as a “non-story” which would “blow over.” I put him right.To be fair, he probably thought he was acting from the best of intentions. He was arguing with a couple of UKIP/BNPers. Rather a strange feeling having to ally, even temporarily with such nutters.

  10. Newspaniard says:

    It will be bloody-nigh-impossible while we have “Born Agains” as education minister and prime minister. It’s a real shame that we don’t have some kind of constitution which demands separation of state and religion which would include all state funded education.

  11. David Anderson says:

    And yet, the NSS “has accused OFSTED of capitulating to oppressive religious demands after the schools regulator told inspectors that gender segregation in faith schools should not be taken as a sign of inequality”. (

  12. Broga says:

    When we are confronted by religious belief, and particularly Islam and Roman Catholicism, those opposed to these destructive faiths are at huge disadvantage. The reason is that the believers are playing by different and covert rules which give them great advantages.

    The believers are liars, hypocrites and deceivers who will say or do whatever will serve their malign purposes. And their malign purposes are to further their religions. In their perverted minds this justifies whatever they do. This opinion is not the raving of some militant atheist. The evidence is there. Islamists justify killing those who abandon their religion as they do lying to promote it. The secrecy of the Vatican about its endemic paedophilia and the protection of criminal priests is evidence enough there.

    Meanwhile, those outside their religious worlds think they are dealing with people similar to themselves. They think that, on the whole, when someone states something the statement can be taken at face value. The fooling is made easier by the insistence of so many, including supine politicians, of acceding to the religious their expectation of respect for their opinions. The BBC being a prime culprit in this.

    The consequence is that we all continue down the road to religious hell and allow our attentions to be deflected by entertainments like the royal family. A recent example being the bizarre and vastly expensive parade of overdressed and heavily bemeddalled royal watchers from a balcony well above the plebs of Trooping of the Colour. This fatuous nonsense has been praised as what “Britain does best”.

    Another example is the obsession with the fate of the English football team in the World Cup. Thousands of drunken, and often fat gutted louts streamed from the pubs ready to riot because of their wholly fanciful expectation that their team must win because it is English.

    One day we may wake up and discover that our supposed tolerance was really apathy and being too lazy to challenge religious belief and it is all too late. I do, of course, exempt the admirable efforts of the NSS which so upset the religious establishment.

  13. Bubba T Flubba says:

    OFF…..Removed, Expunged, Eliminated, Deleted, Cut. Get religion out of schools totally. I spent many years as a school governor and I know what happens even in small rural schools in middle England. I went into my local village primary school recently. One of the two classrooms was >50% dedicated to religious studies with pictures, pupils work, posters, news cuttings plastered over the walls. The only window in that room…a big Gothic arch shaped window…had been covered in transparent cellophane designs to emulate a stained glass Church window…it was a first class analogue of the real thing with the indelible print of adult craftwork. So I mean GET RELIGION OUT with no scope for anyone to infiltrate, evangelise, proselytise, smuggle anything about religion onto the premises. One curriculum for all.

  14. remigius says:

    I think you may be in a minority with that view. A great many atheists, freethinkers and secularists advocate the objective teaching of religions in schools. And pretty much all of the faith groups are against it – for obvious reasons.

    Here is a link to the NSS campaigh to get objective religious education put on the National Curriculum.

  15. alby22 says:

    The unelected Baroness Warsi would have us believe that the greatest danger to our freedom comes from secularists. As for the Socialist Workers Party (who cover up the raping of female members) they are so patronising (as well as believing they are above scrutiny) and so desperate to recruit members that surely no one can take them seriously.

  16. Bubba T Flubba says:

    Sorry …don’t agree. No school in this country is going to teach objectively and factually about the horrors and stupidly of religions. Islamists are going to allow their kids into a school where the truth about islamic violence is explained to the pupils? Yeah right. Get Real. The only chance is for NO RELIGION. NONE. ZERO. Spend the time teaching life skills…debating, constructive argument, team building, the values of free speech, democracy…………..the golden rule, Occam’s razor…then no religious faction can complain because all religions are being ignored equally. My view……and I defend my right to air it just as I register your right to object to it. Got it. I trust we can agree to differ.

  17. andrewm031 says:

    Just to let you know. Our old mucker Iftikar has let himself loose on the Spectator website, making the concise and pithy points we know and love him for.

  18. Brian Joran says:

    The first thing is to remove the unsustainable anachronistic requirement for collective “worship” from our schools.
    Once that is done we can get round to deciding whether the change from religious “instruction” to religious “education” really has produced “education about religions and related superstitions” or whether the whole slate should be wiped clean.

  19. remigius says:

    Er, um…

    Salamu alaykum. My Name is Aida, I’m forty years old, I live in Coventry and I work with the inspection team for Ofsted!

  20. remigius says:

    The html link goes to Zaheda – the Ofsted inspector. But for some reason the video link just plays Umair and Zainab. Odd!

  21. 1859 says:

    In 2011 there were 3,446 state secondary schools in just England. And 16,884 Primary schools in England – a total of just over 20,000 state schools. Of these there are almost 7000 faith schools (mostly C of E + RC) – that’s 35% of all state schools are promoting one religion or another. With statistics like these will we ever get the education system secularized? Talk about an uphill struggle!!

  22. remigius says:

    Oh no, not again. It means someone has to go in and clean up after him.

  23. Solage 1386 says:

    ….Extremists? No. The attempt to infiltrate and take over these schools is the product of mainstream Islam….To describe it as the work of extremists is an attempt to let Islam off the hook…..The Left, of course, will use this as an excuse to attack all faith-schools and also to attack Michael Gove’s free academies….But their motive is plain for all to see: to exonerate Islam itself from any responsibility or blame by extending the problem to all educational establishments where–possibly–indoctrination might occur….Another method they’ll use is to constantly insist that the original letter of denunciation was a “forgery,” even though the allegations contained within it have since been shown to be substantially true. The Leftist infatuation with Islam is difficult to explain…..Perhaps The Freethinker can commission somebody to write an essay on the subject, in which will be explained the convoluted ideological considerations and politically-correct intricacies of Leftist dogma….Oh, well….Time for another pink gin…..And so to bed.

  24. Solage 1386 says:

    ….The Socialist Workers Party have declared that there is great revolutionary material to be found amongst the Muslim masses resident in the West, which can be utilised to advance the far-left political agenda……Of course, the Left abandoned the indigenous working-classes about twenty years’ ago, and have since come to concentrate on Green issues, Identity-Politics and so on…The Left are beginning to lose the working-class vote, and don’t seem to realise just how dangerous their own position happens to be…..Islam is using them to further its OWN agenda!

  25. Mephisto says:

    Islam has no place in civilised society. Piss off to your new caliphate if you don’t like it here…see how long your head remains attached to your body.

  26. Mephisto says:

    Islam has no place in civilised society. Piss off to your new caliphate if you don’t like it here…see how long your head remains attached to your body.

  27. Rob Andrews says:

    This is a propaganda war. The same way fight between Catholics and Protestants was in the 15 hundreds. School need to have courses on camparitive religion, the same way they should teach about responsible sexual practice.

    if the Muslims or Chrisians groups don’t like it then they can put their children in private schools–that’s better anyway. Get them out of the public schools. if Muslim or Christian fundamentalists aren’t in the public schools they have no valid excuse to even try to change the public school curriculam.

    I recommend the book “Why I’m Not A Muslim”. i wish I could remember the authors name.

  28. Solage 1386 says:

    The author of “Why I Am Not A Muslim” is Ibn Warraq. Also of interest is “Why I Am Not A Christian”by Bertrand Russell. The title of the former is derived from the latter.