Finally nailed! The lying Paul Shinners

Finally nailed! The lying Paul Shinners

EVER since he returned to the UK in January last year after travelling to Uganda in 2012 to urge local politicians and church leaders to support a proposed “Kill the Gays” Bill, Paul Shinners, evangelist, “healer”, Christian café owner, charity boss and consummate liar has denied ever promoting an anti-homosexual agenda in that country.

He immediately played the victim card after his presence in Uganda, and the hate message he conveyed to those attending a religious rally organised by David Kiganda, was exposed by the Freethinker, and by bloggers Melanie Nathan in San Francisco and Daniel Law in the UK.

He accused us all of defamation, and – via a local newspaper – demanded an apology. He said he was being unfairly pilloried, and that his Cornerstone Café in St Neots had suffered as a result of the allegations made against him.

According to this Christian blog:

Despite a lack of evidence to support allegations of homophobia made against Paul Shinners of Cornerstone, St Neots, bloggers in the UK, Spain and the USA have continued with their campaign against him, leading to further business disruptions.

Instead of apologising, the bloggers see their campaign as justified and have continued to post increasingly aggressive demands for explanations along with accusations of lying and, most recently, supposed “proof” in support of their allegations.

Rather than allow himself to be goaded or drawn further into what appears to be an ever more acrimonious campaign, however, Paul has responded with a simple, ‘God bless you’, a response that has been greeted with open contempt by the bloggers.

Well, after months of investigation, Law – who was assaulted at a demo outside the café – has finally turned up footage that vindicates all our reports.

Click on pic for video

Click on pic for video

Said Law on his blog this week:

He made many efforts to eradicate all evidence of what he said in Uganda. All of David Kiganda’s events are recorded and available to be purchased with the exception of the event Paul Shinners spoke at. He had successfully had the recording removed from most data sources in Uganda for ‘security reasons’.

That is why it took so long to come to light, but I have finally managed to acquire a recording. Here is an edited version of what was said by this evil, deceitful man …

On his own blog, following our reports, Shinners said:

The purpose of my visit on the 31st December 2012 to The 7th National Day of Prayer in Uganda was simply to preach the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I did. This event is a New Year’s celebration for Christians and non Christians alike. It is NOT an anti-gay rally as has been wrongly stated on Facebook. I am NOT HOMOPHOBIC. Never have been. Never will. I have NEVER ever made any homophobic comments. As Christians we follow the commands which Jesus taught, to LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE.

That means ALL PEOPLE, irrespective of race, colour or sexuality. I do not and will not support any legislation or law which condemns anyone on the basis of the above criteria. However, it is also not right to slander or demonise Christians on Facebook. I would ask that people respect my staff and customers at Cornerstone. We had to close the shop on Saturday 5th January as they were frightened to come in. This is not right. I hope that this clarifies our position.

In the light of this latest damning evidence will the Charity Commission strip Shinners’ charity, Passion for Souls, of its charitable status?

11 responses to “Finally nailed! The lying Paul Shinners”

  1. Angela_K says:

    Barry, do you know if anybody has contacted the Charity Commission with this video clip yet?

    I remember the odious Shinners threatening this blog with a lawsuit. At last evidence to prove what we have known: Shinners is a liar for Jesus.

  2. Broga says:

    “In the light of this latest damning evidence will the Charity Commission strip Shinners’ charity, Passion for Souls, of its charitable status?”

    If the Charity Commission fails to act then it must be brought under scrutiny. To ignore the evidence will leave the Commission looking weak and merely going through the motions instead of acting robustly and vigorously for the good of all charities.

    What now happens will be interesting and informative.

  3. Barry Duke says:

    Angela, I don’t. I have been so snowed under this week but will contact Daniel to see what we can do. I know there is a petition to have Passion for Souls to be stripped of its charitable status, but I think a bigger, more direct push is needed:

  4. barriejohn says:

    Time for his Wikipedia entry to be updated, methinks. Someone appears to have “sanitized” it already:

    Paul Shinners (born 8 January 1959) is (an Anti-Gay Evangelical preacher, spiritual healer, exorcist) an Evangelical preacher and former footballer who played as a forward in the Football League

  5. 1859 says:

    Oh Shit – what an odious cretin. He screams aloud to the audience that ‘God is happy with Uganda!’ (the implication being absolutely clear- God is happy with the new Ugandan law to apply the death penalty to gay people).

    I wonder if his god is happy with the lies Shinners has consistently told?
    I wonder if his god is happy to have such a bellowing clown on his side?
    I wonder if his god is happy when gay people are dragged into Ugandan prisons and beaten to death?
    I wonder if his god is happy to have someone so deceitful and revolting among the ranks of the holy?
    I wonder if his god is happy?
    I wonder if Shinners is happy?

    Well done Barry, let’s get this unequivocal evidence out there.

  6. remigius says:

    What sort of idiot goes before an audience of thousands of people, and video cameras, gives a speech supporting the death penalty for homosexuality – and then denies it. How the hell did he hope to get away with it?

    Well done Daniel.

  7. Robster says:

    Didn’t that Moses come down the mountain allegedly with a ‘commandment’ from god/jesus/holy spook suggesting that telling fibs is a sin? These christian ratbags are so quick to judge others while ignoring their own “sinning”. The fun thing about being judged by these people(?) is that their point of view holds no gravitas whatsoever with people with an IQ over 60.

  8. Paul Cook says:


    Sorry you cannot be completely correct.
    “Shinners is a liar for Jesus.”

    You cannot lie about a myth – there is nothing true with which to deceive.

  9. Bubba T Flubba says:

    He should ….but can this contemptible lying bigot be prosecuted in the uk for inciting hate crime? If yes then how can this be precipitated?

  10. […] here’s a thing: When we reported last week that the UK’s very own Scott Lively, the odious Paul Shinners from St Neots, had finally been exposed in a video as one of them venomous Christian reptiles stirring up hatred in Uganda, we included a link to a […]

  11. Barry Duke says:

    BarrieJohn, Shinners’ Wiki entry has been dealt with 🙂