Muslim thugs jailed for racist attack

Muslim thugs jailed for racist attack

SIX violent east London Muslims are to spend a total of more than 36 years in prison for a violent religious and racist attack in Bow.

Five men and a youth all pleaded guilty to grievious bodily harm with intent.

Their victims were two black men who sustained serious injuries and required hospital treatment following the attack on September 17, 2012.

Ring-leader of the gang, Abu Bakr Mansha, 30, of Dunbar Road, Forest Gate (above) was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Inner London Crown Court judge Ian Darling.

Mansha was one of 46 dangerous convicted terrorists who were set to be freed in 2010, according to this report.

Salim Jada (top left) and Javed Patel, (top right) both of Newham, north London, were jailed for eight years each. Zuber Kara (left), of Bow, east London, was jailed for two years, while Ibrahim Mohammed (right),from Newham, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years' jail. The sixth attacker is 17 and cannot be named.

Salim Jada, 32 (top left) and Javed Patel, 29, (top right) both of Newham, east London, were jailed for eight years each. Zuber Kara (left), of Bow, east London, was jailed for two years, while Ibrahim Mohammed (right),from Newham, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years’ jail. The sixth attacker is 17 and cannot be named.

The 17-year-old was sentenced to 18 months detention and a training order.

The two victims, aged 40 and 49 at the time, were assaulted by Mansha and the youth at a Tesco store in Bow.

Mansha followed them home after the attack to determine where they lived, and an hour later he and a group of friends returned to assault them once more, using weapons including a baseball bat.

One of the victims sustained a fractured skull and two broken wrists.

Judge Darling, who presided over the case, said:

Not only was there a religious aspect to this offence, but there was an undoubted racial element.

It was reported elsewhere that the victims were targeted for being black and non-Muslim. The judge said:

Both prior to and after the attack, Mr Mansha is heard to use language that is foul, unacceptable and which reveals a degree of racial intolerance that is worrying.

Meanwhile, it is reported from Seattle in the US that a manhunt has been launched for a Muslim who “executed” two men on June 1. Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young died when Ali Muhammad Brown allegedly shot them dead. Police contend that Said and Anderson-Young met Brown outside a Capitol Hill club after Said contacted Brown through an online search for sex partners.

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26 responses to “Muslim thugs jailed for racist attack”

  1. Broga says:

    These scum have been encouraged to think they are important and entitled, as a result of believing in their superstition, that they can mete out beatings as they choose. I heard a long interview with a demented Muslim this morning who was looking forward to returning to the UK to raise the black flag of Islam over 10 Downing St and other prominent sites. Dream on.

    Instead of conquering the UK, totally evil he called us, he seemed a prime candidate for sectioning under the Mental Health Act. He provided an example of what religious indoctrination can do to disturb, unbalance and pervert the brain and detach it from reality. He was far gone in his fantasies and talking about meeting his parents in some kind of paradise. He was going to earn this paradise by slaughtering innocent and defenceless people.

    According to him, if you are not a believer in his superstition he is entitled to kill you. David Cameron, who is “doing religion” needs to have a look at all of the faith schools being supported by our taxes. They are all teaching incredible beliefs and their superstition should be replaced with an invigorating input of reason.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Sorry to go OT, but there is an e-petition I would urge you all to sign calling on the government to stop allowing religious groups to slaughter animals without prior, humane stunning.

  3. Broga says:

    AgentCormac. Signed

  4. AgentCormac says:

    Cheers, Broga.

  5. Barry Duke says:

    Tried to sign, but non-UK residents are ineligible. Bah!

  6. Ex Patriot says:

    I don’t live in the U.K. but as far as I am concerned they need to lose the key to that prison and never let them see daylight again.

  7. tony e says:


  8. Mephisto says:

    Uncivilised monkeys.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    Cheers, tony e. And thanks for trying, Barry – you will live in Johnny Bloody Foreigner land!

  10. Barry Duke says:

    Mephisto, please don’t insult monkeys!

  11. RB says:

    Couldn’t the authorities slip some black pudding into their prison dinner? Then they could film the subsequent mental breakdown and put it on TV.

  12. barriejohn says:

    Here are a couple more that the authorities seem to have missed:

    How appropriate that Muslims should have upside-down heads!

  13. charlie says:

    And still some people wonder why I see ALL organized religions to be stupid and not worthy of existing. Islam is one of the worst at teaching intolerance, but the xtians have no room to boast either, and do not get me started on doG’s “chosen peoples”. Organized religion is THE worst human invention EVER.
    If one does not live in the UK, one may NOT sign the petition. Rats, I’d sign in a heartbeat and did try. Oh well, and so it goes.

  14. barriejohn says:

    Throughout tonight’s ITV News report on the young Cardiff men who are fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, reference was made to these people as”Islamists”. Doesn’t that mean “Muslims”? The leaders of their mosque were adamant that they had not been “radicalized” there, and are still blaming the internet for their indoctrination, depite the fact that they have hosted preachers now banned in this country. You don’t need ze brain cells of Poirot to work out where they picked up their ideas!

  15. charlie says:

    P.S. I make the distinction about organized religion for this reason, personal beliefs are not usually pushed onto others. What a person believes privately, to themselves is no concern of mine, unless/until they start to push it onto others by force of some sort. In my opinion, that usually means a type of organization. Personal belief in some doG or other does not always mean that the believer is out for world domination, however, most organized religions always bill themselves as “the true” one and THAT is why I absolutely despise them all. Just wanted to clarify this in case I am too vague on always using organized religion as my personal nasty. Hope this was of some use in that, if not, I’ll try to explain better.

  16. Scethin says:


  17. Scethin says:

    I recently heard an exchange on the BBC. I can’t remember the names of the protagonists (memory’s going). I think the interviewee was an ex anti-terrorist officer. The interviewer tried to get him to say that the “Cardiff 3” were radicalised by the internet, but he wasn’t biting, making it clear that there was no evidence for that and that most Islamic extremists were radicalised in Mosques. What exactly is Aunty’s agenda?

  18. barriejohn says:

    Scethin: I was watching ITV News tonight (as I said), not the BBC. There is definitely an agenda here, but I’m not sure who is behind it. Pressure is definitely coming from higher up to paint the right picture!

  19. Scethin says:

    barriejohn: It’s obvious that there is a disproportionate number of theists in high places. However is their deference to islam born of fear or just a case of “birds of a feather”.

  20. L.Long says:

    Mephisto? Why are you insulting harmless monkeys???!!!?? by calling these bigoted Aholes such?

  21. Paul Cook says:

    As to those moron-mob from wales who went to syria. On a news report I heard one of their fathers, through an interpreter, say ‘the authorities were to blame’. He seemed to have no concept that as his father he was fully responsible – and alone responsible- and that it was he who had set in motion an inevitable result. Total denial. Shameful and idiotic.

    I guess we will soon hear how his compensation claim is coming along for the ‘authorities’ breach of duty to stop his son being ‘radicalised’.

    Moderate islam – don’t you just feel its love and overwhelming peacfeul presence amongst us.

  22. Matt Westwood says:

    There seems to be a push to get the internet under the control of the authorities. The strategy is as follows.

    First off you start with some nasty things that get picked up by the meeja (at the moment those nasties are silly boys who never grew out of playing war). Then you try and get people to believe that those nasties are caused by the thing the gubmint want to control (in this case the Internet — some 80-90 years ago it was recreational drugs). Then you get those people to support the right of gubmint to impose their controls on (in this case) the Internet. Job done — law passed, Internet controlled.

    Hence the need for interviewers to try and get the interviewees to admit that “all this is the fault of the Internet”. 30 years ago it was “video nasties” (all of which are now freely available and casually accepted as part of the culture). About 10 years ago, blame for society’s ills was being pointed towards computer games (probably still is). And so it goes — the authoritarian agenda is a construct which must be constantly battled against.

  23. barriejohn says:

    Matt/Paul/et Al: What are they going to blame for Rolf Harris’s behaviour? Time after time when you read in the Mail about violent or sexually inappropriate behaviour they casually chuck in the fact that the perpetrators had been accessing such material on the internet, and people meekly accept that that’s what caused it. It’s a form of conditioning – as all “news” dissemination is.

  24. barriejohn says:

    I’ve just this moment read this:

    “Protecting” their citizens – how very thoughtful of them!

  25. M A Chohan says:

    Signed slaughter animal petition
    One should see the glow and increased confidence when muslims see a hallal counter in big stores. Any talk about us being in 21st century and adopting more humane techniques is dismissed saying the animal feels nothing.
    Muslims cannot be blamed for anything, it is always others – system, conspiracies, ,,- who are responsible, while even the mildest of them is here to enjoy the benefits of secularist society while wishing , and helping if possible, to destroy it.
    No to faith schools, any faith school

  26. Bubba T Flubba says:

    What wonderful examples of manhood islam provides. Just look at that verminous quartet and think on what evil is lurking behind those eyes.