‘Molest a mullah, punish a pastor’

‘Molest a mullah, punish a pastor’

These and other slogans feature in the latest works by provocative London artists Gilbert and George

In a bid to reflect the changing face of the East End, their home for decades, Gilbert Proesch, 70, and  George Passmore, 72, have included women in burqas  in their “Scapegoating Pictures for London” exhibition at the White Cube, Bermondsey, which opened today.

The veiled figures feature in giant photomontages demonstrating the artists’ long-standing hostility to all religions which they believe “terrorise” people.

According to this report, they appear alongside images of the artists themselves and a string of “typically foul-mouthed slogans” urging  people to “molest a mullah”, “fuck a vicar” as well as “jerk off a judge”.

George said:

We’ve always been wrongly accused of choosing the soft target of Christianity and not including women in our pictures — happy now?


His partner Gilbert added:

We want our art to bring out the bigot from inside the liberal and conversely to bring out the liberal from inside the bigot.

The artists have worked together since they met at St Martins art school and this show, “Scapegoating Pictures for London” which runs until September 28 (free admission) , is the latest demonstration of the artists’ career-long desire to shock.

Hat tip: Antony Niall

5 responses to “‘Molest a mullah, punish a pastor’”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    As ever, provocative work. Not sure about ‘Rape a Rabbi’, however. Ugh!

  2. AgentCormac says:

    OT, but fresh from displaying his woeful understanding of 21st-century values by labelling German footballers as ‘Krauts’ and ‘Fritz’, Potty Hutton’s latest post also demonstrates just how cynical his approach to charity is. If you can’t be bothered reading it (and why would you be?), he proclaims that anyone claiming benefits ‘should not even be allowed to eat (see 2nd Thessalonians 3 v 10)’. How very christian!

    But, woah, do those vulnerable, hungry people present an opportunity!
    As the poor are queueing up to get their food Christian Evangelists can get alongside them and tell them of the Saviour.


  3. Barry Duke says:

    And this brainless turd claimed not to be a racist. Someone should hammer a bratwurst so far up Hutton’s arse that he winds up being choked to death on it. Just sayin’ …

  4. Robster says:

    I dunno, there’s a couple of old white guys, a gender not specific figure with it’s back to the camera and what appears to be a couple of black garbage bags, walking down the street. Is it a comment about elderly Caucasians being unable to keep the country beautiful or is there another message?

  5. chrsbol says:

    You will have to be careful with the final word of your post. It’s ended up just above Barry’s gravatar!