Sex education? No, just lying for Jesus.

Sex education? No, just lying for Jesus.

Canadian school authority sacks  Christian ‘educators’

The Christian-based Pregnancy Care Centre has been filling Edmonton pupils’ heads with all sorts of  nonsense and misinformation, including the “fact” that gonorrhea would kill them in within days.

Action was taken after an Edmonton teen and her mother launched a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

Kathy Dawson says she attended a class with her daughter Emily and couldn’t believe what she heard.

She said instructors had only negative things to say about contraception and only positive things about abstinence, and they told the kids that gonorrhea would kill them in under three days.

The Edmonton Public School Board says it will now instruct principals to stop using the anti-abortion group to teach sex education in high schools.

Acting superintendent Lorne Parker says parents contacted the board to raise concerns after the Dawsons complained to the Commission.

The complaint says the school district’s use of the Christian-based Pregnancy Care Centre to teach part of a core course infringed on their rights as non-Christians.

Norah Kennedy, Executive Director of the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre said her outfit was:

Shocked and upset.

Kennedy says her group was brought in to teach free of charge and has always been open about its “abstinence-based” teaching.

Parker said that a board review found the group’s workshops followed all guidelines for the sex education portion of CALM — or Career and Life Management, a course required for high school graduation. He insisted:

The information being provided was not of a religious nature and was aligned with the curriculum and scientifically based.

It was left up to principals to decide whether or not they wanted to bring in the group. Parker said guest speakers were brought in to make the subject matter “more engaging” for students, and offer them a “balanced” perspective on a subject.

But starting this fall, schools will have to use different instructors, Parker said.

While Kathy Dawson is happy about that, she says she doesn’t plan to drop her human rights complaint until the school board changes its policy in writing.

She also wants parents to be told about all guest speakers and have the option to opt out.

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15 responses to “Sex education? No, just lying for Jesus.”

  1. why do i have to share this planet with religious idiots says:

    These nasty lying proselytising people sneak in every where. They crawl into every gap and crevice to lie to children. Liars Liars Liars

  2. Sally in MI says:

    Good for them. I pulled my kids out of the school-taught ‘sex ed’ back in the 90’s. Neither of them were responsible for an early pregnancy. Both kids are college grads and married. They had sex in college, but were protected (and only with their future spouses.) Lying to kids and expecting them to ignore their hormones for 10 years is idiotic. I’m betting it never worked for these instructors.

  3. L.Long says:

    “They crawl into every gap and crevice to lie to children.”
    I would compare them to cockroaches but I have more respect for the cockroach!!

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    A bible-based sex ed class would assist young men in getting castrated, as found in Mathew 19:12… “There be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”

    I think it’s more healthy for men to not be castrated. Thus I demonstrate my antichristian intolerance and moral madness. Pray for me, please.

  5. Paul Cook says:

    I hope no one wonders why they wouldn’t say these types of things.
    For hundreds of years cafflick teachings have been saying that a woman can get pregnant by the wind, and her holiness the gawd Mary was made pregnant by the holy ghost through whispering in her ear.

  6. AgentCormac says:

    She also wants parents to be told about all guest speakers and have the option to opt out

    Absolutely agree – and it should be applied here in the UK too.

  7. charlie says:

    Once again organized religion just proves that it is the worst human invention ever. They will sneak into any school or organization and lie to get in, then spew out their vile hatred of all who do not follow their rules.
    There should always be an op out option for every student in all schools for such classes.
    Once again, a pox on ALL religion.

  8. Matt Westwood says:

    “Career and Life Management, a course required for high school graduation.”

    I hate this. When I was at school, there were no requisites for high school graduation. There were just O-levels (and CSEs), since replaced with GCSEs. You left school at age 16 with whatever O-levels (or CSEs) you scored, or stayed on for another 2 years of play, this time doing A-levels, but this time only in the subjects you liked.

    There was never any of this “Until you’ve passed this specific piece of social indoctrination, you will never be afforded a certificate that states you have successfully completed your education.”

    ‘Cos I’ll tell you what, if they’d have enforced fascism like this when I was a kid, I swear I’d still be in fucking school.

  9. Robster says:

    “CALM” More like sleep.

  10. barfly says:

    These moronic idiots seem to get into schools by using a magic word “free” it seems to be ok to take over part of a childs education if you don’t charge I wonder if I could offer to take over RE in some school and lecture on the flying spaghetti monster? Ah I need to work though to ;pay my bills.

  11. barriejohn says:

    @barfly and others: I have posted umpteen links here before to show how Christians still infiltrate our schools as they did when I was teaching. The local church ministers were all ex officio governors, and took it in turns to conduct Friday assemblies, and we know that this still goes on even in “secular” schools. Headteachers can never find enough staff who want to teach RE or take assemblies, so they are over the moon when someone offers to take on the responsibility, even though their sole aim is proselytization, and of course you have many head teachers who only entered the profession because they wanted to “reach the young for Christ”. We also had visits from visiting evangelists (along with their “soloists” and other assorted musical acts) and evangelical singing groups who “entertained” the school for a few hours – always a welcome diversion for the staff. How outrageous in an “educational” institution!

  12. barriejohn says:

    The following page and its links will give you a flavour of what the Plymouth Brethren are up to in our schools. How they get away with it I don’t know, as, despite their high-sounding “principles”, their sole aim is the conversion of children so as to save them from Hell!

  13. lucy 1 says:

    I taught RE in a secondary school for a few years. (Not all the time, more as part of keeping my hand in since I had a management role, and indeed there was a shortage of volunteers) I loved it. I was always extremely clear about my views, and presented the curriculum as just learning what other people think and do. The school were very happy with that. I hope some of the kids took the implicit message…it’s all nonsense.

  14. Canada Dave says:

    @ Lucy

    “I hope some of the kids took the implicit message…it’s all nonsense.”

    Thats just the issue ….not all of them take it up as “nonsense”…some actually think it is true……there is no accounting for the ability of younger people to discern fact form fiction….they re learning as they go.
    They are like little computers…..bad data in ….bad results out.