Fury follows mosque rape of a girl aged 10

Fury follows mosque rape of a girl aged 10

But it’s aimed at the Afghan victim and those who stepped in to protect her from an ‘honour’ killing

THE mullah at the centre of the case – Mohammad Amin – denied rape, saying the sex was consensual, and when it was revealed that the girl’s family intended killing the victim, he offered to marry her instead.

According to this New York Times report by Rod Nordland, matters became even worse when local police in Kunduz removed the girl from the shelter that had given her refuge and returned her to her family, despite complaints from women’s activists that she was likely to be killed.

The head of the Women for Afghan Women shelter where the girl took refuge, Dr Hassina Sarwari, was at one point driven into hiding by death threats from the girl’s family and other mullahs, who sought to play down the crime by arguing the girl was much older than 10.

One militia commander sent Dr Sarwari (pictured above showing a photo of the victim) threatening texts and an ultimatum to return the girl to her family. The doctor said she now wanted to flee Afghanistan.

The head of the women’s affairs office in Kunduz, Nederah Geyah, who actively campaigned to have the young girl protected from her family and the mullah prosecuted, resigned on May 21 and moved to another part of the country.

Wrote Nordland:

The case itself would just be an aberrant atrocity, except that the resulting support for the mullah, and for the girl’s family and its honor killing plans, have become emblematic of a broader failure to help Afghan women who have been victims of violence.

The result challenges hopes that Western aid and encouragement can make lasting headway on behalf of Afghan women, particularly in remote parts of the country where traditional customs are still stronger than modern law. Here, Taliban insurgents and pro-government elements often make common cause in their hatred of progress in women’s rights, most of which has come about with international funding and pressure.

The accused mullah was arrested and confessed to having sex with the girl after Koran recitation classes at the mosque on May 1, but claimed that he thought the girl was older and that she responded to his advances.

The girl’s own testimony, and medical evidence, supported a rape so violent that it caused a fistula, or a break in the wall between the vagina and rectum, according to the police and the official bill of indictment. She bled so profusely after the attack that she was at one point in danger of losing her life because of a delay in getting medical care.

After Nederah Geyah and Dr Sarwari began speaking out about the case, they started receiving threatening calls from mullahs — some of them Taliban, others on the government side — and from arbakai, or pro-government militiamen. One of their claims was that the girl was actually 17, and thus of marriageable age, not 10.

Photographs of the girl that Dr  Sarwari took in the hospital clearly show a pre-pubescent child, and the doctor said the girl weighed only 40 pounds. Few Afghans have birth records, and many do not know their precise ages. But the girl’s mother said she was 10, and a forensic examination in the hospital agreed, saying she had not yet started menstruating or developing secondary sexual characteristics.

In the photographs, which Dr Sarwari displayed on her laptop computer recently, the girl has beautiful alabaster features and inky black hair cut in a pageboy style. She lay in her hospital bed under a quilted blanket with cartoon characters on it.

When Dr  Sarwari, who is a pediatrician, arrived to pick up the girl at the hospital, a crowd of village elders from Alti Gumbad, the girl’s home village on the outskirts of the city of Kunduz, were gathered outside the hospital; the girl’s brothers, father and uncle were among them. Inside, Dr Sarwari encountered the girl’s aunt, who told her she had been ordered by her husband to sneak the girl out of the hospital and deliver her to the male relatives outside.

She said they wanted to take her and kill her, and dump her in the river.

In the hospital room, the doctor found the girl’s mother holding her child’s hand, and both were weeping. “My daughter, may dust and soil protect you now,” Dr. Sarwari quoted the mother as saying.

We will make you a bed of dust and soil. We will send you to the cemetery where you will be safe.

Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, head of the Kunduz police criminal investigation division, said:

The girl’s family gave us a guarantee that they would not harm her. We would not hand her back unless we were sure.

Dr. Sarwari has accused prosecutors and religious officials of siding with the accused rapist and ignoring the child’s plight.

“There are a lot of powerful people behind the mullah,” Dr  Sarwari said. The girl’s family knows they cannot do anything to Mr Amin, she said, but:

The girl is easy. They can get to her; she’s their daughter.

She said she feared the girl would either be killed, or forced to recant her accusations against the mullah.

“Honour” killings in rape cases are common in Afghanistan, and are often more important to the victim’s family than vengeance against the attacker. Human rights groups say about 150 honor killings a year come to light, and many more probably go unreported.

• Photo of Dr Hassina Sarwari by Bryan Denton for The New York Times.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake.

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  1. Norman Paterson says:

    This turns my stomach. It is a perfect example of why emancipation of women is a vital target for humanity.

    I see Cameron has raised FGM to international status for action. I had no brief for Cameron when he came to power but he has seen one or two quite radical measures through with remarkable determination, so I have my hopes he might be able to achieve something with this one too.

    Women are treated like shit over most of the world, and religion is largely to blame.

  2. barriejohn says:

    We will send you to the cemetery where you will be safe.

    Well, that just about takes the biscuit. For years we cynics have been saying that Islam is “The Religion of Peace” because everyone winds up dead, and now the stupid woman confirms it!

    Meanwhile, two women are allegedly stoned to death for adultery but I don’t see any mention of the men involved. Maybe it was a lesbian affair.

  3. Angela_K says:

    I just read in the Daily Mail that ISIS are forcing shopkeepers to veil the face of mannequins; oppressing women is not enough so they have obliterate any female likeness:

  4. barriejohn says:

    I wonder whether they will be making a move on ventriloquists’ dummies next?

    this is a cursed soul trying to make money to insult islam & god.
    this cursed soul will regret his racist action soon in his grave.

    followed by brainwashed americans controlled by the zionist jewish media?

  5. barriejohn says:

    I’ve just had a thought: wouldn’t ventriloquism be the perfect vocation for a Muslim woman? This was from the Biscuit, so be warned:

  6. Mephisto says:

    Well worth the 1000’s of lives of Soldiers to protect these uncivilised monkeys. What do you expect from these animals…they’re only following the example of theirs paedo Prophet.

  7. Angela_K says:

    Mephisto, how could you offend monkeys with a comparison like that, they are our relations; not sure about the Islamic extremists though.

  8. Trevor Blake says:

    Let it not go unsaid that the founder of Islam “married” a nine year old girl. Since he is considered by Muslims to be their moral standard, they too are free to “marry” or “be married” at that age. This will not change until Islam as it stands is… protected by soil and dust.

  9. L.Long says:

    what’s the big deal? These people believe the irrational BS of their irrational religion formed by an irrational bigoted child rapist making the rape of the kid the kids fault because ??? Well she’s a girl so totally worthless.
    And this is what happens when you have a bigoted delusional system in charge of a delusional bigoted gov’mint. I find it amazing that a system that believes that cutting the hand from a thief is OK but wont cut the balls off a rapist but would kill the little victim instead???? And these delusional schite4brains Aholes are trying to convince us that it is the religion of peace & love!!!!???!!!.

  10. Robster says:

    Are we seeing examples of devolution here? This society, its religion and the population seem to be heading backwards to the seemingly oft missed Dark Ages, the last time religion was in command. I wonder if creationists are watching this? Perhaps they should concentrate on devolution because they have lots of evidence for that unlike their *poof* the Universe was magicked into existence.

  11. Ex Patriot says:

    Religion is a foul, corrupting, evil entity and it ruins every one and everything it comes into contact with, this is just another example of it, an extremely foul example of what it does.