Iran judge’s savage sentence

Iran judge’s savage sentence

Christian has lips burned with a cigarette for eating during Ramadan

A JUDGE ordered the cruel punishment after the man was found eating during the Muslim “holy” month.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset for the period of a month, but even according to Islamic law the fast doesn’t apply to non-Muslims, in most cases.

But according to a number of media report, including this one, the horrific punishment was carried out on a public square in the city of Kermanshah in front of a large crowd of people who turned out to watch the barbaric display of Iran’s idea of justice.

The city’s deputy governor, Ali Ashraf Karami, confirmed that five other Muslim men were given 70 lashes at the same time as the lip-burning, also for not fasting on Ramadan.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, a political coalition which opposes the government, denounced the treatment as “savage” and called on the west to take action. A spokesperson for the Council said in a statement:

The silence of the world community, especially of western countries, vis-à-vis these medieval punishments under the excuse of having nuclear talks with Iran has intensified the brutal and systematic violation of human rights in Iran. This will ultimately embolden the Iranian regime to continue its nuclear projects more than before.

Iran has already come under some serious criticism from the UN for their open persecution of Christians in a report which was published in March. The report noted that Iran continuously persecutes and falsely imprisons Christians, simply because of their faith, claiming they are:

Threats to national security.

A Guardian report suggests some Muslim residents of Tehran are losing their appetite for Ramadan, although public fasting disobedience has yet to be seen in the country’s capital.

It quotes Hamid, who plans to retire in a couple of years from his telecommunications job, as saying:

Everything is different this year. In 1995, if someone had even a drop of water, everyone went and reported it and that person would get fired, or just scolded if they were lucky. Not any more, though. People are looking out for each other.

I almost miss those days, though. It’s like people’s hearts just aren’t in religion any more.

14 responses to “Iran judge’s savage sentence”

  1. Broga says:

    My guess is that those handing down the punishments are eating freely in secret. The punishments are intended as evidence of a “righteousness” which is spurious. Just like all those bishops and priests who savage gays while having gay affairs in secret.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    What, exactly, do people get out of fasting (apart from the tiny muslim hierarchy, that is, who can revel in the confirmation that their power is so absolute that they can make people actually starve themselves)? Ramadan. Yet another pointless, ridiculous, inane bloody religious practice that needs getting rid of.

  3. . says:

    Go look on u tube under isis atrocities………….and see what other hateful inhuman barbaric vicious crimes against humanity are committed in the name of islam………islam gives anyone divine justification to do anything they want to anyone they choose.

  4. Steven says:

    The idea is to make you experience want and increase your compassion for the have-nots. This is wholly laudable. But those Muslims who can simply pig out after sunset. I’ve been asked not to drink water in lectures where Muslim students are present. Fuck that. If they choose to starve and dehydrate themselves on long, muggy English summer days, that is their lookout.

  5. Jeffrey Jones says:

    Ramadaan is supposed to be a time of spiritual introspection through fasting, prayer and other such shibboleths. Howewver , it appears that for many Muslims it is a time to up the violence and bombing; as someone termed it: it has become the Ramadaan bombathon.
    Here in Cape Town it just seems to me that the Muslim women spend the whole day fasting, and shopping for food for the family to stuff themselves full after sunset. The supermarkets are full of them, as there’s quite a large Muslim population here, and it’s practically impossible to buy non-halaal food in this city at the supermarkets. They even put a halaal sticker on some of the doggy treats.
    The whole thing is a bloody farce.

  6. Norman Paterson says:

    YouTube on ISIS? I would be rather skeptical of anything on YouTube. And of anyone whose name is “.”

  7. zombiehunter says:

    when are the people of Iran goinmg to say enough is enough and stand up to this fucking barbaric regime that they so obviously hate??

  8. L.Long says:

    The Xtians should be happy with the punishment.
    The ‘my stupid bigoted dogma is right and we want laws past to make everyone do the same or be punished’ mind set is exactly what they want for our country; but they will probably revert into hypocrisy and say how horrible the islame are.

  9. Trevor Blake says:

    Near the North and South poles a Muslim could wait for sunset to break his or her fast for quite some time during part of the year. And in space, or on other worlds, dusk and dawn may never happen. How short sighted of Allah to keep his cult tied to a narrow latitude band on one world. Or is it better Muslims starve to death at the poles? You never know what is moral and right when it comes to religion. Food bad, public torture good – oh, why are there angry atheists at all?

  10. . says:

    Paterson…..go look.

  11. Newspaniard says:

    You only have to look at the 2014 Bombathon statistics to see what one of the main activities the religion of peace during ramadan are here I wonder if there will be a climax at the end (eid) like any good fireworks display? Something like launching a dozen rockets from a school full of children and inviting a response from the Israelis… No wait, they do that on a daily basis, it has to be something out of the normal… How about declaring an amnesty for all gays and when they come out, slaughtering them all in one big killathon. Oh it must be wonderful to belong to such a caring death cult.

    By the way, Barry, “losing their appetite for Ramadan”, nice one.

  12. Norman Paterson says:

    . – I did look, right away, after your first post.

    The camera never lies. But photographers do.

  13. Matt Westwood says:

    “when are the people of Iran goinmg to say enough is enough and stand up to this fucking barbaric regime that they so obviously hate??”

    When indeed.

    One might well answer: when the people of Britain say enough is enough and stand up to their own fucking barbaric regime that they so obviously hate.

  14. Norman Paterson says:

    Matt – I don’t understand your point. Care to elaborate?