The suicide of a preacher’s kid

The suicide of a preacher’s kid

Did Braxton Paige Caner kills himself because of a Baptist preacher’s bullying?

ON Tuesday this week the oldest son of Dr Ergun Caner, Baptist minister and president of Brewton-Parker College in Mount Vernon, Georgia committed suicide.

His death came shortly after a fresh bout of invective was unleashed against his dad by fellow Baptist minister, J D Hall.

Hall is the lead pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana, and in a despicable move recently used Twitter not only to play Braxton against his father, but, at the beginning of July accused the youngster of “gross immorality”.

Hall, who holds a BA in Religious Education from Williams Baptist College and MA from Arkansas State University and whose hateful rhetoric has been compared to that of the late Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, wrote on his “Pulpit and Pen” blog:

What was found there [on Twitter] was a grave cause for concern; certain four-letter words of profanity, a profile photo of the young man in a deep kissing embrace of his girlfriend, a Twitter name that translates to a vulgar phrase that would set off your pornography internet filter (if you had one), among others.

J D Hall pictured with his family

J D Hall pictured with his family

He added:

Ergun Caner has employed vulgarity for some time in both public and private discourse … His love affair for certain forms of entertainment that most would consider less than sanctifying (to say the least) in which he includes his sons has been public record. And now, we see the ungodliness in his son’s Twitter account.

This leaves us with strong concern regarding Caner’s leadership, and anyone claiming his son’s immorality isn’t relevant or pertinent to his leadership need to consult 1 Timothy 3:4-5. Notice, these examples of clear immorality have been publicly broadcasted in a public forum. And so, I made a public comment, pointing out his son’s already-public behavior.

My comment was, ‘Why is @Ergun Caner’s son, @braxtoncaner89, posting make-out pics and profanity on his Twitter? The immorality surrounding Caner is astounding’.

Braxton then responded with understandably aggressive comments … I then told him that if he ever wanted to speak or seek truth concerning his father to email me. That was the extent of the conversation.


Hall’s latest attack on the boy’s “charlatan” father was prompted by Ergun Caner preaching in Woodstock on July 27 at the invitation of pastor Dr Johnny Hunt (a video posted of the event on YouTube is headed “Unrepentent Liar Ergun Caner speaking at First Baptist Church of Woodstock”. Two days after the event Braxton was dead.

Ergun Caner

Ergun Caner

Hall wrote of the Ergun Caner’s Woodstock appearance:

This came as a shock to many of us who held Dr Hunt in high esteem. It came as no real surprise that Pastor Hunt had been silent on the Caner situation; he simply followed the path of many pastors in the SBC who have no stomach for calling Caner to repentance or are unwilling to even take five minutes to investigate the facts about Caner’s lengthy trail of lies and deception.

In a comment below Hall’s original attack on the teen, someone called “Paul” wrote:

Let me get this right …

– You are not his parent
– You are not his pastor
– You are not his friend
– You have no invested interest in this child
– You do not even know this teen
– You spent time searching and reading the twitter feed of a 15-year-old (which is not necessarily considered a public venue)
– You decided his picture and tweets were inappropriate
– You engaged another man’s 10th grade son in conversation online
– You asked a 15-year-old to private message you so you can correspond with him about his father
– You also stated that his mother and father are separated (which is a blatant lie)
– You have no God-given authority over this child in any way ….

It is not surprising to me you did this – it is typical JD and generates more publicity for you and your radio program. But I am somewhat surprised how quickly a few people came to your defense and tried to justify it.

For someone who loves to call people to repentance, you sure have a tough time acknowledging when you crossed a line.

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  2. A Confused Atheist says:

    Words fail me. How a father can choose to surrender his nature to question things, and instead listen to the evil emitted from the sick mind of such a tyrant as J. D. Hall, whilst inflicting harm onto his own flesh and blood in such a manner.

    The pulpit has a lot to answer for.

    How, in the 21st Century, people can be dumb enough to listen to lies rather than work it out for themselves.

    I would say that this kind of stupidity can only exist in the United States, but sadly, it continues in the UK as well.

  3. Paul says:

    Can you add reblog share buttons?

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