‘It’s all about homosexuality’

‘It’s all about homosexuality’

Problems faced by Minneapolis/St. Paul Archbishop John Nienstedt have arisen because he dared to criticise Brokeback Mountain, and he’s the victim of a gay vendetta, says Catholic League head Bill Donohue.

Calls for Nienstedt to resign for the the atrocious manner in which his diocese has dealt with sexually abusive priests have come from a variety of sources, ranging from Minnesota Public Radio, from the editorial board of The Star Tribune, and from his own former chancellor for canonical affairs, Jennifer Haselberger.

And, according to The New York Times, he has faced mounting demands for his resignation from laypeople. Furthermore, on Wednesday, the Rev Thomas V Berg, a moral theologian at the seminary of the Archdiocese of New York, tweeted about The Star Tribune piece:

A remarkably thoughtful editorial by secular paper. I must agree: best for the Church that Bp Nienstedt resign.

So far, it seems, the gay community is the only grouping which has steered clear of this mess, even though it has attacked Nienstedt in the past for his vicious homophobia.

That’s not how Donohue sees it. In a press release he issued on Thursday, he said:

It’s all about homosexuality. Ever since Archbishop Nienstedt criticized the pro-gay film, Brokeback Mountain, he has been targeted by homosexual activists all over the nation. So it is hardly surprising to read a story on him in today’s New York Times that cites his take on the movie. Had he liked it, and had he been silent on the subject of gay marriage, no one would be calling for his resignation.

Further proof that homosexuality is the real issue driving the foes of Nienstedt can be found in today’s Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, two newspapers in the Twin Cities. Both asked him yesterday what he does in bed and with whom. He told the former, ‘No, I’m not gay. And I’m not anti-gay’.

When the latter asked if he had had sex with men since becoming archbishop, he said, ‘No. Not even before’.

We have hit a new low when journalists descend to the level of probing puritans. They would put a camera in his bedroom if they could. If these same reporters spent more time trying to out Nienstedt’s anonymous accusers – instead of trying to out his sex life – justice would be served. But that is not their interest, which is why injustice reigns supreme.

The New York Times report said that Nienstedt is refusing to resign, but had acknowledged errors in his diocese’s response to abuse allegations, saying:

It is very clear that we did not handle all complaints the way we should have in the past.

And he revealed that he had only recently removed from ministry several priests accused of abuse.

I have never knowingly covered up clergy sexual abuse. I have, however, been too trusting of our internal process and not as hands-on as I could have been in matters of priest misconduct.

He did not directly address accusations that he himself had had inappropriate sexual relationships with adult men, other than to say that he commissioned an investigation

Because I had nothing to hide and wanted to be vindicated from false allegations, as anyone would.

Barbara Dorris, the outreach director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, said in a statement:

He continues to pretend that his deliberately deceptive behavior – over years – is just well-intentioned laxness, when ample evidence shows that’s just not true. He has repeatedly and knowingly protected predators and endangered kids.

And Jeff Anderson, a Minnesota lawyer who has represented victims of clergy sexual abuse around the country, said the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was facing a problem that was:

Among the most grave we’ve ever encountered. This guy is every bit the center of a serious and longstanding problem.

Writing in a column for the diocesan newspaper, the archbishop said he would not resign because:

I am bound to continue in my office as long as the Holy Father has appointed me here.

He said he would instead work to win back the trust of his parishioners.

He also said he had adopted a new “victims first” philosophy for his diocesan leadership, would hire a new liaison to victims, and would consult with victims for advice.

I am sorry for the distractions I have inadvertently caused that have taken the focus away from the challenging and rewarding work we do as the Catholic Church in our local community. We must continue to address head-on the terrible scandal of clerical sexual abuse.

Hat tip: Ivan Bailey

8 responses to “‘It’s all about homosexuality’”

  1. Broga says:

    This is another test for the Pope who keeps mouthing platitudes and backing off from taking action. If Nienstedt continues in office then every day the Pope must be seen as insincere and cowardly. Going through the motions, prating about what must be done and taking no action.

  2. . says:

    The rcc is riddled with hypocritical disingenuous sexually repressed old men. It is also riddled with hysterically strident bigmouthed lying bigots ..and none more so than the contemptible Bull Orally. Now he is my odds on favourite to be the next sex crazed bead twiddling self proclaimed puritan to be found on his knees enthusiastically felating in some tawdry garret. Now when this atheist speaks out the hateful belligerent Irish Billy Boy Orally will shut his foul mouth, listen up and choke on the truth.

  3. Broga says:

    .says: These sexually repressed old men must hate the idea of married priests. After all their self inflicted, pointless, unnecessary suffering they want younger priests to have to suffer in the same way. To see young priests, I assume there still are some, shagging nubile young women would be like a torture all of its own.

    The same feelings must apply to old gay priests. However, the idea of married same sex priests is probably still way over the horizon.

    What a mess the RC Church is in. Lucky it still has the BBC to allow its PR men to present it as a kindly, progressive force for good.

  4. . says:

    Now let’s get this straight. Ratzinger had to go…he was pushed out…and replaced by the most benign looking cardinal. That was the only criteria…someone who looks as wholesomely harmless as Ratzinger looked evil. But the new incumbent is no different in reality. Oh yes he is ever so humble but he is not about to hand over the mountains of pedophile priest records. No change then at the vatican. But it’s only a matter of time as the evidences of new scandals come into the public domain to ratchet the strain on the credibility of this most evil organisation to breaking point. And when the unravelling fraying thread from which it is suspended finally breaks the rcc fall. Now that will be a joy to me.

  5. Matt Westwood says:

    All that will unravel is the woolly glove over the iron fist. Once it’s all unravelled, it will be iron fist without even the pretence of softness.

  6. Barry Duke says:

    @ “.”: While your comments are welcome, your use of a dot is irritating. Please find a better moniker.

  7. Trevor Blake says:

    The Roman Catholic Church is an international child rape ring. Here is the evidence, in their own words, from their own documents.

  8. Robster says:

    If these people can sincerely believe they’re eating tasty bits of the old jesus while enjoying a thirst quenching slurp of the dead jew’s blood on Sundays, how can they look people in the eye while pretending they’re actually doing something about the ever increasing number of kiddy fiddler criminals in their ranks? ‘Spose if they do believe the eating jesus bit then it would be possible for them to believe whatever other nonsense is trotted out by those overdressed, silly hatted old men running the show.