Missionary: ‘A demon made me do it’

Missionary: ‘A demon made me do it’

Matthew Lane Durham, the 19-year-old Oklahoma missionary accused of sexually abusing young children while on a trip to Kenya, reportedly believes that a demon had taken him over.

Newly released court documents outline a series of text message sent between Durham and a friend in which the accused rapist says he believes that a demon named “Luke” had taken over his body and forced him to abuse the young Kenyans.

Asks Durham in one message:

How can I not hate this thing inside of me?. It takes me at night and I am powerless over what Luke wants. Yes I named him I know how crazy that is. He whispers in my ear all day and he is so hard to resist.

Durham goes on to explain the power that his alter ego holds and how he feels he has no choice when Luke takes over.

You honestly have no idea. I’ve prayed so much, but Luke gets what Luke wants.

Prosecutors say that Durham had sex with as many as 10 children between the ages of four and 10, at least one of whom was HIV positive, during his three month missionary trip that started in April. The abuse is alleged to have occurred at the at Upendo Children’s Home in Nairobi.

According to this report, in oral and written statements, the Edmond teen allegedly confessed that he spanked, caressed, and engaged in sex acts with young girls and boys at the orphanage. He also wrote that he would force the children to watch while he touched himself .

Durham has now been officially indicted and sent to confinement in his family’s home whileuntil a trial takes place. Prosecutors, however, are asking that he be detained. An appeal by prosecutors attempting to have the teen detained said:

The defendant in this matter by his own detailed admission both orally and in writing has brutally raped and molested young girls and boys in an orphanage in Kenya. He has confessed his crimes in writing, on video, and has admitted to a life-long struggle of desires to touch children and ‘child predation’.

Durham’s attorney Stephen Jones believes, however, that home confinement is enough for the teen and is urging the court to turn down the prosecution’s appeal.

This litigation, with witnesses and alleged victims in Kenya, will likely endure many months. Further incarceration would violate Mr Durham’s due process right, as he is presumed innocent and will be detained for a prolonged amount of time.

19 responses to “Missionary: ‘A demon made me do it’”

  1. Stephen Mynett says:

    “Further incarceration would violate Mr Durham’s due process right, as he is presumed innocent and will be detained for a prolonged amount of time.”

    The creep has admitted he did it, so he should get a custodial term anyway, or is the asswipe Stephen Jones of the opinion the “Luke alibi” will hold up. I suppose if Cherie Blair was the judge there would be a chance.

  2. barriejohn says:

    What a trajedy that he didn’t come across this in time:

    What do you get when you combine medieval theology with 21st-century technology? The “Shut up, devil,” app! Whenever Old Nick starts creeping into your soul, just start up the app and you’ll be presented with appropriate scripture to drive the Hornéd One away!

  3. Broga says:

    The people of faith have excuses for criminal acts not available to the secular population. An atheist has no recourse to the demonic defence because an atheist does not believe in demons. I suggest that the religious do not believe in them either but when you are charged with sexually abusing children as young as four then it is a case of any port in a storm.

    There could be, I also suggest, mitigating circumstances. These would be that religious indoctrination so confuses the brains of the religious with bizarre ideas about sexual relations that normal mature sexual outlets are warped. The confused, frustrated and scared believer is driven into perversity

    At the core of the perversity is a need for power. And that power is not going to be available in a mature relationship with an adult. The alternative is a helpless victim who is a child. Religious poisons everything.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    BarrieJohn, I’ll see your “Shut Up Devil” and raise you the Atheist’s Ally:

  5. barriejohn says:

    Barry: Gaad will confound that demonic app!

  6. CharlyO says:

    He just may be schizophrenic. Still he needs to be locked up.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Broga: I think a simpler explanation would be that he was experiencing these “perverted” desires, but that, as a believer, he felt completely unable to tell anyone about it. After all, Jesus is supposed to give you “power” over “unclean thoughts”. I’m sure that he really thought the temptations came from the devil. I do feel sorry for him in that respect, as I know what it was like denying my sexuality for years, and earnestly praying for “deliverance”. Religion is a sick joke.

  8. mikespeir says:

    Demons need to get together and sue for slander.

  9. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: I take the point. It is a mindset that is just so outside my experience. I think CharlieO makes a fair point about paranoid schizophrenia. However as has been said here before the beliefs of the literal Christian are difficult at times to differentiate from psychiatric illness.

  10. L.Long says:

    AAAHHH! Come On!! We all know that schizophrenia is a secular invention so the atheists can explain demons. All that is needed is an exorcism and the poor possessed boy can be free of such thoughts and activities and he can continue to fondle er preach to the little children, just like the priests do.

  11. 1859 says:

    He’s a 19 year old male. A ‘missionary’. The real ‘demon’ is his testosterone. Inventing ‘Luke’ is a typical tactic of side-stepping responsibility. He knew (and knows) that what he did was morally repugnant and criminal. I can’t believe that a 19 year old didn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

  12. jay says:

    Could this be schizophrenia? Hearing voices telling you to do things (often vile or violent) is one known symptom. He’s about the age where symptoms often start.

  13. 1859 says:

    Hearing voices can be just one symptom of schizophrenia. But the voices can often be self-derogatory, expletives directed at others or the person him/herself. Not sure if there is evidence of voices urging sexual violence etc. However, given his ‘missionary’ background and age, I’d guess there was/is a very potent cocktail in his mind begging to break out into some sort of psychosis.

  14. Paul Cook says:

    Isn’t it interesting that schizophrenia and religious and sexual abuse seem so often to go together, yet in main stream medical schizophrenic episodes its physical or property harm or self abuse.


  15. Norman Paterson says:

    Given that this is a 19-year old male, he will be awash with testosterone, as already mentioned. But as he is a Christian (?) missionary he is not permitted any sexual relief other than, I assume, wet dreams. No masturbation, no intercourse, no nothing. No wonder he is tormented. He is in an intolerable situation and in his shoes I could well understand his blaming it on a “demon.” Just because he has named it does not mean he thinks it is an actual spiritual demon – he could simply be trying to deal with this unwelcome aspect of his own humanity.

    He is suffering from religion, and it is making him hurt children.

  16. sailor1031 says:

    Odd that this trial is not taking place in Kenya. Why wouldn’t he have just been extradited?

  17. Stephen Mynett says:

    Luke has a lot to answer for. Perhaps Hitler could have used the same excuse, the biblical Luke was about as anti-Semitic as the Nazi leader

  18. Rob Andrews says:

    i feel sorry for this guy. I can immagine what the other prisoners will do to him in a Kenyan prison .If prisons are bad in the US., what must they be like in a third-world country,

    OH MAN

  19. Robster says:

    The deluded fool is a teenager, not even 20, what on earth are they doing sending teenagers out to molest people for god/jesus in bloody Africa? He doesn’t look old enough to shave or vote. The mormons love sending kids out to tout for their belief system and their 10% take, they call them “Elders”, ha! Is this a trend or something?