Tables turned on Christian busybodies

Tables turned on Christian busybodies

For almost nine years members of the the New Beginnings Ministries Church in Warsaw, Ohio, have been abusing the performers and patrons of the Foxhole North, a private topless gentlemen’s club.

Those being targeted by the fundamentalist prodnoses decided that enough was enough, and at the weekend they organised a protest march to the church, run by Pastor Bill Dunfee, above.

According to this report about 30 dancers, other staff, family and friends from the Foxhole Club either marched with protest signs or sat in chairs across from the church. Two women were topless for about half of the four-hour protest.

After worship services ended, nine women exited the church and an argument ensued between them and the protestors. A couple of the church members also walked up and down the street with their own signs, declaring outrage at what they deemed was public indecency.

Thomas George, who owns the Foxhole clubs in Warsaw and Zanesville, said his supporters plan to be at the church, with some of the women going topless, for the foreseeable future.

Foxhole strippers and supporters of the club protesting outside the church

Foxhole strippers and supporters of the club protesting outside the church

Dunfee would not elaborate but said he is planning to directly confront the situation next Sunday. He grimly warned:

Next Sunday, those who hate me will hate me even more.

Said George:

We want to let (church members) know how it feels to be under scrutiny. They come up every weekend. They’re very abusive and certainly not Christian-like, not what I read in my Bible. I have to point out the hypocrisy I see and not stand by and let this go on week in and week out.

George elaborated in a video posted on the Foxhole’s Facebook page.

They surround people who are trying to come into my club, and try to shame them into not coming. They call the girls whores, tramps.

George said he was concerned about children being exposed to the nudity. He also apologized to the residents and other churches in Warsaw not affiliated with New Beginnings for being exposed to what he knew was an extreme, but necessary, measure.

Anny Donewald, founder of Eve’s Angels, traveled from Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the protest. Her ministry focuses on strippers, and she came to Warsaw four years ago when the confrontation between church and boobs began overheating.

Donewald and George said they felt the actions of New Beginnings gave other Christian churches “a black eye and a bad name”.

Donewald said that, when she was last in Warsaw, she sat down with Dunfee and tried to make him realise his tactics were not the proper way to reach the dancers and patrons of the Foxhole.

The Bible says, if you’re with someone and they don’t receive your message, brush your feet off and keep it moving. (The church) definitely needs to go away, because they’re causing so much of a problem and there’s no humility in that.

George has simply stated that he wants Dunfee and his followers to stop coming to his business, but Dunfee said the New Beginnings bunch will not stop their protests until the Foxhole is out of business.

Dunfee added that his church opposes sexually oriented clubs everywhere and is simply fighting the one in their backyard. He encourages other churches to tackle such clubs in their areas and called Sunday’s topless demonstration “shameful.”

My question is: how did we get to this point in America? The answer to that question is that we have abandoned the laws and words of God that make for better people.

15 responses to “Tables turned on Christian busybodies”

  1. remigius says:

    “…but Dunfee said the New Beginnings bunch will not stop their protests until the Foxhole is out of business.”

    Bloody hypocrites. The clientele must all be Christians, because they’re always telling us there are no atheists in Foxholes.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Warsaw Uprising?

    (Actually, that could have a double meaning!)

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    What are some of those words of God that make for better people? Leviticus 21:9 informs these good Christians what to do with at least some sex workers – set them on fire. “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” No, not in Hell later on, right now at Christian hands. So get busy you good, good Christians. Sniff out who is the daughter of a priest and set her on fire. Or perhaps you are above Jesus and get to decide which Bible laws you can ignore?

  4. gedediah says:

    Brilliant regimius, just brilliant.

  5. Broga says:

    Gets on your tits, as it were, the way these Christians are not content to live by their weird rules but insist on trying to force them on everyone else. They just know they are right according to the inerrant but contradictory, word of God where slavery and child sacrifice seems acceptable.

    And yet again the thing that gets them upset is sexual. I would guess that the best customers of that club are Christians. They are so repressed and miserable in their dreary private lives that they gain some kind of perverted catharsis by exposing their immaturity in public.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Quite right. Nuns objected to a strip club near their convent because it was “against our Christian principles”. What utter fucking arrogance. This right-wing blogger took up the cause, but it’s interesting to see how many of the commenters are (quite rightly) telling the pious crones to butt out and keep their sanctimonious opinions to themselves!

  7. L.Long says:

    If I was the Foxhole when the bigots came around I would be out there taking pix of them and then posting them on line with buyBull verses illustrating how they do not follow their on buyBull teachings.
    Good for them for picketing the House of Bigot Brainwashing, where the sheeple go to be fleeced & re-indoctrinated.
    If they had a place similar here in wilds of NC that was picked by the bigots, I would go there just carrying a sign with a buyBull quote to tell them to behave and then walk in, I would soon leave as I do not have the money to waste on such trifles.

  8. barriejohn says:

    I would guess that the best customers of that club are Christians.

    How slanderous; Christians would NEVER patronize such a place.

    (Pastor Randy Robertson!)

  9. Paul Cook says:

    It isn’t illegal to have a men only strip club there.
    It isn’t against any planning or alcohol licensing laws or any other licensing laws.

    There’s freedom for you. USA style.

  10. Broga says:

    OT: Robin Williams, who has died, was one of the good guys who was renowned for his kindness, approachability and charitable work. Unless you happen to be a Christian. Robin was an atheist and the USA Christians are drooling about how he is a “lost soul” because he didn’t believe their superstitions.

    They have a consistent meanness of mind that makes them depraved. Being semi literate and unthinking they cannot grasp how alien their viciousness is to what they purport their faith to be.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    “George said he was concerned about children being exposed to the nudity.”

    Because everyone knows the sky will fall if a child finds out what an adult human being looks like under their clothes.

  12. tony e says:

    Further OT:

    I note that the Spanish priest, who contracted ebola, has died in hospital, despite using an experimental drug rather than the 100% effective power of prayer.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if he had survived. No mention of the assistance of science, but the boringly predictable ‘it’s a miracle’ jotted out, with half wits fly around the world to buy the tacky relics pushed out by RC Church.

    A close shave!

  13. Robster says:

    If the strippers and supporters of the club really want to make an impression on the christian bigots, why not install a decomposing deity on a big stick outside the church? A decaying deity would be a lovely thoughtful instillation outside the church, the dead jew would remind people that christianity is first and foremost a death cult best avoided by anyone under the age of 60.

  14. Har Davids says:

    Tony E, when push comes to shove, even the most faithfull would rather take a chance with science than their overlord. Didn’t popes drive around in bullet-proof cars, proving that those are more effective than the power of prayer, even if your top-dog in the organization?

  15. Vanity Unfair says:

    I thought that, in the interests of balance, I should take a look at the New Beginnings Ministry web site.
    In amongst the bad grammar, bad spelling and bad punctuation is a page entitled Resources and Links with links to other sites. All of them lead to parts of the Gov.UK website dealing with fundraising for business, business growth and similar headings. I suspect it might have been hacked by somebody with a sense of humour. It’s still very naughty, though.
    On the subject of humour, there’s little on here that raises the spirit but Remigius made me laugh out loud. Well done.