Old news: Travelodge has no Bibles

Old news: Travelodge has no Bibles

The Voice of UK faith-heads – the Daily Mail – has worked itself into a lather over a story that has whiskers.

The hotel chain Travelodge is the target of its latest “anti-Christian” rant. The paper yesterday ran this shock-horror headline:


This set the Internet ablaze, with bloggers all using the link to the Mail report (there are no other reports of this “news”) to relay this ghastly development to their followers.

Even “Lady Pauline Maria, an Intuitive Visionary praying for Global Peace and Healing” got in on the act. She was moved to pen this bit of incomprehensible drivel:

The rise fo (sic) people returning to Christ is with those who are going against Christ and those who are misleading the sheep to maintain their blindness – many already have been led to slaughter.

But as far back as February it was known that Travelodge had dispensed with Bibles: This from outraged “Bus Traveller Phil” on Trip Advisor:

A good location. Like many I have found the ‘help’ pages within a hotel Gideon bible immensely valuable, yet no bibles are, I was told by the Manager now allowed within Travel Lodge hotels.

They have literally been removed as a result of Travel Lodge corporate decree. When I pointed out that in a cathedral city such as York there would be many Christian tourists and that many of Travel Lodges competitors have not banned bibles she was very nice and sympathetic … but she explained had no discretion to allow bibles to be reintroduced. This seems utterly wrong.

This is Britain, not China or some regime in which such freedoms are not permitted.

I arrange numerous seminars and courses for corporate clients and whilst this policy lasts will now opt for Premier Inn or others for their future bookings.

People are also yakking about it on the Digital Spy forum. “Robin of Loxley” commented:

Bible pages are useful when you run out of Rizlas or want to snort some Coke.

You know how these late night hotel parties get …

What IS news that the US Navy is putting Bibles are going back into its lodges after the Navy Exchange had ordered all religious material should be removed them from its worldwide network of military hotels.

Hat tip: Angela K and BarrieJohn

22 responses to “Old news: Travelodge has no Bibles”

  1. Broga says:

    In my occasional excursions into mail online (non recent so I may be out of date) I find the readers comments are predominantly securlar/atheist regardless of the proselitising articles. Is there still hope for a rational life in the UK?

  2. barriejohn says:

    Like many I have found the ‘help’ pages within a hotel Gideon bible immensely valuable, yet no bibles are, I was told by the Manager now allowed within Travel Lodge hotels.

    Then take your own fucking copy with you! Wouldn’t anyone expect “Christian tourists” to have a Bible anyway? Why should the hotel provide one?

  3. Angela_K says:

    The whining christians have a misguided sense of privilege believing they have a right to put their disgusting books anywhere and everywhere. They can’t understand that by having no religious texts in Hotel rooms every belief and non belief is treated as equal. When I used to travel a lot I’d make a point of putting the bible in the waste paper basket, where it belongs.

  4. tony e says:

    Fortunately there are easily available stickers online, with phrases like ‘this is a work of fiction’, that can be stuck into the front of bibles.

  5. Paul Cook says:


    the book that is the most stolen in the USA — the bible. They could go to WH Smith’s and just steal one if the hotel doesn’t have it.

    I recall in Singapore they have the writings of buddha at the bedside . I recall being there a few years ago and was astonished to find a section on how slaves should behave to their masters.

    In the more savvy Hong Kong hotels they have the mini-frdige bar menu.

  6. barriejohn says:

    There are, for example, warning stickers you can place in the Bible to send a message to future readers and perhaps make an impact on their thinking. There are also warning stickers about the Gideons themselves. If you don’t want to go so far as putting a sticker on the Bible, you can just leave a freethought bookmark in it.

    (Links provided)

  7. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: The Bible also contains such advice.

    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” (Eph.6:5 NIV)

    Great, isn’t it? As the Gideons say on their own website:

    The Bible, God’s Holy Word, has the answer to every situation in life.

  8. AgentCormac says:

    @ Broga

    Indeed there is still hope for a rational life in the UK. I do my bit to promote it by binning any gideon bible I find any hotel room.

  9. ‘putting are bibles back…’? I think you need to write that again.

  10. Sorry, ‘putting Bibles are going back…’. Still wrong.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Not only do the Gideons support Biblical views on slavery, etc, but they also keep their women in the place that God intended.

    The Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through sharing personally and by providing Bibles and New Testaments.

    They continue to be an organization solely made up of Christian businessmen and professional men. In my days as a Christian, when they put a lot of pressure on me to join them, the wives had a separate “fellowship” which supported the work of the men!

  12. Paul Cook says:


    Those women had better have been in the kitchen being useful.


  13. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: That word fellowship send a shiver down me. I had the misfortune to work with a fundie Christian and he bored and irritated everyone by incessantly asking us to “share my fellowship.” I never did so I don’t know what they did. I assume they prayed and read bit from the bible. I would have paid serious money to avoid his fellowship.

    He seemed to think that repetition would lead to conversion.

  14. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: Reminds me of my Brethren days. The women made the tea! At the Annual Missionary Meetings in Swindon (held at a local comprehensive school), it was deemed improper for a woman to be in charge of the catering, so a lovely man called Harry Brain was given the responsibility. The hapless but imposing Mr Brain stood, attired in long white apron, in the middle of the kitchen, with a somewhat dazed expression on his face, while his wife scuttled around barking orders and ensuring that all went like clockwork. Yet after the interval the chairman inevitably stood up to say: “We would like to thank our brother Harry Brain for organizing the tea with the help of the ladies”. As Eddie Izzard would say: “True story”!

  15. barriejohn says:

    Broga: They have a terminology of their own. It says: “We are different”!

  16. Barry Duke says:

    The way I deal with any Bibles I find in a hotel room is to call reception, and say: “I’ve found something incredibly offensive in my room and I want it removed immediately”.

    Normally the person who comes to deal with the problem thinks, I would guess, that I’d found a pair of soiled knickers in the bed, or a used condom. But on every occasion the book was been removed, mostly grudgingly.

    The one high five I got was in a hotel in Dallas, where the bellboy told me how glad he was that I complained. He took it out in a small bin liner.

  17. Matt Westwood says:

    “… no bibles are, I was told by the Manager now allowed within Travel Lodge hotels.”

    Indeed, this is the case. They search your bags before you’re allowed through the door, and any Bibles, and indeed *any* works of fiction, are confiscated.

  18. Norman Paterson says:

    “Like many I have found the ‘help’ pages within a hotel Gideon bible immensely valuable, yet no bibles are, I was told by the Manager now allowed within Travel Lodge (sic) hotels.”

    Is there something about Xianity that means you can’t punctuate? Or is it the case that no bibles are immensely valuable, and that Travelodge managers were not previously allowed into their hotels?

  19. Robster says:

    Well done Travel Lodge. About the only positive thing we hear about the bible is that it’s said to be “the worlds best selling book”. It would be good to be able to get rid of that boast and Travel Lodge’s actions gives me an idea. Why not get all the unwanted bibles, we’ve got a pile of them here and there must be millions more lurking in dark corners all over the planet, all the unwanted bibles from all the hotels and give them back? We could drop them off to that Archbishop fellow at the big churchy building in London or ship them over to Rome for that wrinkly catholic pope person. Given the state of catholic finances after all the child rape payouts, they could put all the bibles in a big furnace and use the energy to generate power. I know it would take a lot of work to round them all up but in the long run it would be worth it, they’ll have to change their boast to “one of the words best sellers” lots of unwanted bibles will be recycled, perhaps into Stephen King novels and otherwise wasted resources will be put to good use. Waddya recon?

  20. barriejohn says:

    Robster: Well said. The Bible is NOT “the world’s best-selling book”as I was told when a young man, as most copies in circulation were not purchased in the first place. The same is true of other ideological works like the Koran and Chairman Mao’s so-called “Little Red Book” (figures of over 5 billion claimed by some, but who knows?). Mein Kampf had a very high circulation in Nazi Germany, but then married couples were offered a free copy, and who was going to be seen to turn down THAT offer? Made a multi-millionaire of Adolf Hitler*, of course – their selfless and sacrificial leader.

    *£3.6bn according to a recent Channel5 documentary.

  21. Brian Jordan says:

    I find the readers comments are predominantly securlar/atheist regardless of the proselitising articles.

    I’ve noticed that too. The Wail has been know to point out, for some reason, that the web site isn’t just another edition of the print journal, it has a life of its own. I sometimes think it enjoys provoking its opponents into retorting, because it bumps up the hit count.