Bible college chief exploited students

Bible college chief exploited students

Foreign students who attended Cathedral Bible College in South Carolina, headed by its founder and president Reginald Wayne Miller, above, were forced to live in squalor and work long hours for little pay.

According to this report, after initially denying charges of fraud, Miller pleaded guilty earlier this week in federal court to Fraud in Foreign Labour Contracting, Visa Fraud, and Willful Failure to Pay Minimum Wage Fraud.

According to a news release from the United States Attorney’s Office, evidence presented at the hearing showed that Miller recruited foreign students to attend Cathedral Bible College where he was president by means of false representations and promises regarding employment.

The release also says that Miller also made false statements on the related immigration documents for these student employees.  And that once the students arrived in the United States, Miller violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay the students the applicable minimum wage.

The maximum penalty for Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting is five years in prision and/or a fine of $250,000, the maximum penalty for Visa Fraud is 15 years in prison and/or a fine of $250,000, and the maximum penalty for Wage and Hour Violations is imprisonment for 6 years and/or a fine of $10,000

According to the initial indictment, eight students at the college said Miller were threatened with expulsion and the termination of their legal presence in the United States for non-compliance with his demands.

The international students worked on the Marion campus on student visas, and the warrant says they were paid below minimum wage. It also says they endured work schedules that were outside the bounds of those permitted by federal regulations.

United States District Judge R Bryan Harwell of Florence accepted Miller’s plea and will impose sentence after he has reviewed a report from the US Probation Office.

Crooks and Liars has more details:

Miller falsely claimed on the F-1 forms required by the federal government for admitting foreign students that these students wouldn’t work more than 20 hours. Instead, the students reported they often worked over 40 hours per week on campus for $25 or less per week.

The criminal complaint stemmed from interviews Homeland Security investigators conducted in May with at least eight Cathedral Bible College students. Those students told investigators that the classes offered at the college “were not real” and the main focus of the school is having students work full-time hours.

The eight-or-so students who filed legal complaints also say they lived in substandard conditions without basics like heat, hot water, or air conditioning.

The students also told investigators that their living conditions at the college were substandard, including long periods of time without any hot water, heat or air conditioning. They also stated that the food provided by the college “was expired or insufficient for consumption and nutrition,” according to court documents.

This is Miller’s second run-in with law enforcement. In 2006, the Horry County Police Department charged Miller with lewdness and prostitution, saying he exposed himself to an undercover police officer in a bath house at Myrtle Beach State Park. Miller entered into a pre-trial intervention programme and the charge ultimately was expunged.

15 responses to “Bible college chief exploited students”

  1. Broga says:

    Sounds like just the man to be President of a Bible College. There is a great career option available for anyone lacking qualifications for real work. Either start your own religion or become the founder of a Bible College. Throwing in some claims to perform faith healing or swear to an appearance from Jesus or Mary (great example at Lourdes) will immediately add to your lustre.

    The gullible are so eager to be gulled, so ready to believe comforting superstitions that they will throw their money at you. No need to flog through three years or more for a degree. Earn zillions the easy way and you can stay ignorant and wealthy.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Disgusting creature. The only people who would attend a Bible College, as Broga has pointed out, are either the naive and gullible – like overseas students with little idea what they are in for – or Christians of limited intellectual capacity who know that it’s an easy route to some sort of academic recognition (at least in the Christian world). There are some such seats of (l)earning in this country, and I know from those whom I have met that standards were very poor and intellectual rigour notable by its absence. Unsurprisingly, Cathedral College (whose website seems to have disappeared!), is very small and rated very low:

    According to another site:

    The mission of CBC is to glorify God by assisting the Church to evangelize the world in this generation, through helping God’s people grow in spiritual maturity, Bible knowledge and ministry skills.

    Just another money-making scam.

  3. barriejohn says:

    PS Others have picked up on the point that the college is “not for profit”. Hahahahahahaha – pull the other one!

  4. The Vicar says:

    What sort of person travels to America to attend a bible college? Why didn’t they just stay at home and find a local scam, instead?

  5. barriejohn says:

    Pastor Miller scam = So crap small-timer

  6. TrickyDicky says:

    He made them live without air conditioning!, what a bastard.

  7. Broga says:

    @The Vicar: Iain Paisley, the ranting, hate filled, bigot is the kind of person who goes to a bible college. He got a doctorate from some low life college in the American bible belt. And ranting, roaring, ignorant Paisley loved his doctorate.

    The BBC, who else?, indulged him endlessly by calling him “Dr” Paisley and he preened himself endlessly before their obsequious interviewers. Paisley is a particularly ripe example of a man who not only poses as an intellectual but is so stupid he thinks others are taken in.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Paisley’s doctorate – of which he is very proud – seems something of a mystery. He didn’t gain it in Wales, where he attended a very third-rate institution, and may have been awarded it by Bob Jones University (the people who found Billy Graham too liberal!). Some have suggested that it was awarded by distance learning, partly on the basis of his “pastoral work”, and others that it is merely honorary. Nonetheless, he is no fool, and whilst in prison penned a commentary on the Epistle to the Romans which is highly regarded.

    Billy Graham and Franklin Graham both hold honorary doctorates. Billy Graham attended a Christian College (Wheaton), where he amazingly gained a degree in anthropology. What sort of anthropology do you study when you believe that the entire human population is descended from Noah’s three sons who lived about 4,000 years ago?

  9. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Thanks. Interesting and informative. I think I read that Paisley got his “doctorate” from the Bob Jones outfit. I kind of wondered whether Paisley had fallen off the perch. I think he had a heart attack some time ago.

    Seems he hasn’t departed for the Great Dog Kennel in the Sky. (Family joke: it’s where my children consigned dead pets of which there were many of all shapes, sizes and species.

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    Those from outside the USA could bring such a lawsuit. US citizens could not. Religious institutions in the USA are exempt from labor laws. No minimum wage, no affirmative action, none of that. Religious institutions in the USA are at liberty to discriminate in hiring and firing.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Trevor Blake: Good point.Tax breaks too!

    In the USA, some Bible colleges and institutes purposefully operate without conventional educational accreditation, or even governmental licensing. These institutions typically claim exemption due to the religious nature of their programs, that involving an outside agency in this capacity would compromise their missions. Dr. Paul Chappell, founder and president of West Coast Baptist College explained the basis for his refusal to seek accreditation for that school, writing: “The local church should have no approving agency over its ministry. I believe this position to be consistent with the Scriptures and with our Baptist distinctives… A study of history would reveal that educational institutions begin to waver when they become more interested in what the world thinks of them than what God insists upon. …For the accredited college, the approval of an accrediting agency becomes its ‘life’s blood.’ …It is my firm conviction that the ‘life blood’ of a Christian college should be nothing other than the living Word of God itself.”

  12. Paul Cook says:

    Paisley’s great degree is nearly as good as that of the wonderful and fantastic world humanist Jeffery Archer.

    He had a ‘degree’ from (I think it was) the Charles Atlas ‘university’ (some may recall Atlas used to have adverts in boys comics for body building), Archer never attended university at all, he ordered this body building course. Anyone could pay the fee and take a ‘course’ and get a certificate!, Archer did, and put some letters after his name. Bit like MA, or Ph.d or BA etc., Quite Hilarious).
    You know the Jeffrey Archer who attended the Distinguished Conduct Medal annual get togethers for recipients of the UK’s second highest medal award for bravery, he would go to the ceremonies, attending on behalf of his father who Archer said won the DCM during WW2 – odd that, as his father was a news reporter in Weston Super Mare during the war.

    The Jeffery Archer that went to prison for perjury.

  13. barriejohn says:

    Paul Cook: Archer has always claimed that he “went to Oxford”, whereas he only studied (possibly fraudulently) for a Diploma in Education there, after claiming to have some sort of a BSc degree already:

    Archer studied for three years, gaining an academic qualification in teaching awarded by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. The course was based at Brasenose College, Oxford, although Archer was never registered as an undergraduate student of the College. There have been claims that Archer provided false evidence of his academic qualifications, for instance the apparent citing of an American institution which was actually a bodybuilding club, in gaining admission to the course. It was alleged Archer provided false statements about three non-existent A-level passes and a U.S. university degree. His website includes references to his Oxford ‘Principal’, yet omits that he was not a full undergraduate at Oxford. (Wikipedia)

    More here:

    How do these people get away with it?

  14. Robster says:

    Really, it’s nothing more than the religious person’s desire to emulate his bible thingy and get into some biblically sanctioned slavery, just like all his heroes used to have, back in the good old days when the magic jew was still wandering around and snakes talked. I’m surprised he hasn’t been caught with a harem of chattel women doing the laundry and cooking.

  15. Ex Patriot says:

    Just another case of a religious wacko thinking he is above the law and can do as he ‘pleases. I hope they throw the key away.