Muslim circumciser guilty of misconduct

Muslim circumciser guilty of misconduct

UK psychiatrist Dr Hassan Abdulla  ritually mutilated 41 boys at a ‘non-sterile’ clinic in a terraced house  in Leicester.

Abdulla, according to this report, was not registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) when he operated at the Al-Khalill Clinic, where he performed non-profit operations for Muslim and Jewish families who could not afford to have them done privately.

Circumcisions for non-medical reasons are not offered in most NHS areas.

A tribunal in Manchester was told Abdulla, of Sudbrook, Lincolnshire, had applied for CQC registration to perform the procedure, but was refused.

He was fined £2,700 and ordered to pay more than £30,000 costs in July last year at Leicester Magistrates Court after admitting six charges of circumcising the boys between October 2011 and January 2012.

Nigel Grundy, for the General Medical Council, told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) Fitness to Practise panel the clinic operated from a house on Conway Road, Evington.

He said officials from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust visited in 2012 after concerns were raised about an operation on a baby.

Abdulla failed to gain informed consent or take a full medical history from the five-week-old boy’s parents.

Officials found there was no separate area for the surgeon to scrub, only a basin in a separate shared toilet room and he did not maintain clean or sterile instruments.

Stephen Brassington, defending, said Abdulla formed the clinic when the NHS stopped providing the service.

He knew and knows that people have this procedure done and many cannot afford it if done privately by medical practitioners.

But his failure to provide a clean and sterile environment and his treatment of the baby were determined to amount to misconduct.

Fitness to Practise panel chairman Gill Mullen said she acknowledged he was “providing a non-profit service to the community” and that he made:

Some attempts to meet the required standard.


He ultimately failed to do so.

The panel is now deciding what sanctions to impose on Abdulla.

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14 responses to “Muslim circumciser guilty of misconduct”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    Is this a classic example of ‘community integration’ at work, into acceptable British society.

    Really? “Circumcisions for non-medical reasons are not offered in most NHS areas.”
    It shouldn’t be available for ‘fun’ ANYWHERE at my tax paying expense.

    A psychiatrist. WTF is he dong!!!! He is an ANIMAL a typical religious BUTCHER. He should be struck off lose his ‘job’ not be allowed to practice any form of ‘therapy, and locked up. The low life scum.

  2. Ivan says:

    If I went out there today and cut the finger-ends off 41 children would I get:

    a) a £2,700 fine; or
    b) committed to a secure mental hospital.

  3. Broga says:

    This man deserves far more severe punishment. Psychiatrists are unlikely to be competent to perform clinical procedures.

  4. Newspaniard says:

    Ah, but he’s a muslim and therefore doesn’t come under the authority of the British legal system. I wonder how many FMG “operations” he has also performed. What do you call someone who takes a delight in mutilating children? (Other than “an islamist”)

  5. L.Long says:

    And of coarse because we have to have extreme RESPECT (gagging!!) of religion none of the dimwited delusional parents of these kids are not to be charged with endangering a minor. Because we all know how rational it is to cut off the end of some baby’s dick just cuz??? GAWD!!!!

  6. Broga says:

    OT: Ranting, raving, foaming at the mouth Ian Paisley has departed into oblivion. Shame he won’t discover his heaven is a fantasy.

  7. Lucy1 says:

    Broga…I know. I just wish there was a moment when people like him realised….

  8. chrsbol says:

    Ranting, raving foaming at the mouth etc. Wait for it,coming anytime soon ‘A man of great convictions’

  9. Robster says:

    This bloke, apart from mutilating the genitals of boys and girls too young to give their consent, probably wraps his missus in a black bag with a slit before chaining her to a stove, bangs his head on the floor five times a day and really, really believes that dodgy prophet they all offer “peace be upon him” to flew to heaven on a flying horse. How on earth do people believing in such childish nonsense get a licence to practice medicine?

  10. barriejohn says:

    Ian Paisley and convictions? He didn’t know the meaning of the word. All those years of “No surrender” and he’s suddenly best pals with Martin McGuinness, of all people. They used to call them “The Chuckle Brothers”! Nick Robinson (BBC) said that on one occasion Paisley had been ranting and raving into the microphone at a million decibels, allowing no interruption, and when he had finished his spiel of bigotry looked at Robinson and gave him a big wink. That just about sums up these people. Just like Billy Graham, who built a career on telling everybody that Jesus was “the only way to salvation”, and then suddenly decides that “God” is going to accept anyone who has been sincere in his life!

  11. Broga says:

    The BBC (who else?) are already broadcasting flattering interviews of the raving bigot and world class hypocrite Paisley. Paisley was a self centred clown, a parody of a of himself. He made Elmer Gantry look decent. I know we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead (I don’t know why?) but with Paisley an exception is justified.

  12. barriejohn says:

    He keeps his job:

    The General Medical Council had called for him to be suspended after he was found guilty of misconduct at a Fitness to Practise hearing in Manchester this week.

    But the MPTS panel determined that patients could be protected by imposing a string of conditions that the doctor must abide by for the next two years.

    “Nothing to see here; please move along.”

  13. Matt Westwood says:

    I feel sorry for the kids. But what can you do? If stupid sadists want to mutilate their children they will make sure it’s done no matter how illegal it is.

    Mind, we have a precedent: if a doctor believes that the parents are going to get their child circumcised, he has the right to alert the police who could then arrest the parents and put the child into care. They did it the other week with a couple who took their child out of hospital and took him to Spain.

  14. Frank says:

    And why hasn’t this man’s medical license been revoked by the board?