Girl killed after UK mum rejected Islam

Girl killed after UK mum rejected Islam

A seven-year-old East Sussex girl died in hospital yesterday after being gunned down by her father, who then killed himself.

According to this report,  Mary Ann Shipstone – pictured above with her mum Lyndsey – was shot in the head by Egyptian Yasser Alromisse, 46, after his English convert wife rejected Islam and left him.

Lyndsey Shipstone, 42, married Alromisse in Liverpool in 2005 after Miss Shipstone converted to Islam, friends said.

But she later rejected the faith and left him, prompting a bitter custody dispute over the children.

Further legal action had apparently been planned in the past few weeks. While together, their daughter had been known by the traditional Islamic name Maryam. After her mother moved she started calling her ‘Mary Ann’.

Alromisse fired the fatal shot while his daughter played outside her house in the quiet village of Northiam, East Sussex, on Thursday afternoon. She had returned from school and was excited about celebrating her eighth birthday next week.

Yasser Alromisse

Yasser Alromisse

Her mother, Lyndsey Shipstone, 42, screamed: “He’s got a gun” before her estranged Muslim husband shot Mary Ann and then killed himself.

She raced outside, gathered her daughter in her arms and laid her on a sofa inside. Neighbour Helen Barber, 38, said:

I ran out up to the house and went in. Mary Ann was on the sofa. There was blood everywhere.

Her new husband, Stuart Barber, 46, added:

The car stopped. There were two shots. No one went to the car. Within minutes armed police turned up and surrounded the car.

Miss Shipstone has an older son, Stephen, 21, who has autism and was with a carer when his sister was killed.

He arrived home 15 minutes after the shooting and was taken away from the scene by Mr Barber.

Alromisse had reportedly spent a week trying to locate the home the family had moved to. It is thought he also staked out their home in his Toyota Rav 4 car.

In a statement the family said they were trying ‘to come to terms with what has happened,’ adding:

We are today grieving the death of our beautiful and loving Mary.

After the tragedy it emerged the family had been hiding from Alromisse for several years.

Miss Shipstone married Alromisse after they met in Skelmersdale, her home town in Lancashire. Having been a practising Catholic, she converted to Islam and quickly became devout. A family friend said:

She started wearing long robes and only eating halal food. Her son Stephen began using the name Adam.

He added:

He used to hit Stephen. Stephen used to say ‘He’s a bad man’.

Meanwhile, we learn that next month an Australian Muslim is to be tried for the fatal stabbing last year of his wife just weeks after he converted to Islam.

Daniel Munoz, 41, allegedly said when questioned by police over the stabbing death of Melissa Munoz on October 20 last year:

Allah told me to kill her.

Mrs Munoz had taken out a number of apprehended violence orders against her husband of 22 years after feeling threatened by him.

Police said the unemployed Munoz went to the family home in Hobartville in Sydney’s northwest where, at about 3.30pm, screams were heard.

Munoz is accused of standing over the 40-year-old mother of seven in the lounge of the home, holding her by her hair and stabbing her more than ten times in the head and chest with a knife he had taken from the kitchen.

He was arrested and first appeared in court last October, when bail was refused.

Barrister Belinda Rigg said her client had been examined by a psychiatrist and would be pleading not guilty by reason of mental illness.

The Crown did not object and the case will return to court on October 13 for a two-day trial by judge alone.

14 responses to “Girl killed after UK mum rejected Islam”

  1. Broga says:

    Vicious, deluded, pitiless – led by his insane faith to behave like a monster.

  2. barriejohn says:

    David Cameron said today that the killers of David Haines “are not Muslims, they are monsters”. He reiterated the statement that “Islam is a religion of peace”. Well, it’s not, and neither is Judaism, but then most Western followers of these primitive Eastern religions practise very little of what their sacred books teach. In fact, they are, in the main, ignorant of most of it. Undoubtedly, in many cases like those featured above a degree of mental illness must be operative, and the old question arises again: does religion cause mental illness or is it simply that the mentally ill are drawn to religion? Whatever the case, the books in question contain barbaric and unacceptable teachings that are responsible for much of the tension and violence in our world, and it’s high time that the human race grew up and put such primitive writings to one side in its quest for a workable morality.

  3. L.Long says:

    Sorry Mommy but you’re an idiot!!!
    You CONVERTED to a religion that treats you like crap and ignored all the evidence that says ‘DON’T TRY TO LEAVE!!!!’
    Then you tried to LEAVE and get a divorce!!!!
    And then did not RUN at top speed away from the area!!!!
    Yes the dude was a royal piece of schite and hope there is a hell.
    But you Mom are an idiot!!
    This is not blaming the victim!!! The victim is the little girl who was placed into a BAD situation with a crazy ass maroon and put there by an idiot mom!
    Is mom suffering the loss of her girl?? Yes??? Good suffer!

  4. Norman Paterson says:

    A very sad story. Fathers killing their children in these circumstances is not a particularly Muslim or even religious behaviour. Just google “fathers killing their families” to see.

    Lazarus – “[…] the family had been hiding from Alromisse for several years.”

  5. Matt Westwood says:

    “40-year-old mother of seven”

    Sheesh. Yep, that’s their little contribution towards the drastic overpopulation problem on Planet Earth.

    Breaks my heart when otherwise apparently sane and moderately intelligent people convert to Islam. A little bit of me dies inside and wants to do a little sick.

  6. Trevor Blake says:

    Is violence in the name of Islam against women committed by Muslim men a pattern? Perhaps…

  7. 1859 says:

    @barriejohn: I concur. Is religion a symptom or a cause or perhaps both at the same time? It certainly is one fucking problem – that so many people unthinkingly gravitate and accept the crap that’s peddled. I feel so sorry for this little girl – gunned down by an immature male whose head was full of religious BS. What could possibly have been her ‘crime’?

  8. Ex Patriot says:

    Score one more hidious crime for the religiion of peace. Religion is just plain evil, all are the same

  9. Har Davids says:

    If you’re into a killing spree, whether as an individual or as a group (IS, anyone?), the Abrahamic faiths are there to offer any kind of justification.

  10. Philip Smeeton says:

    It’s called the Stockholm Syndrome. We have been taken hostage by the multicultural idea, and when resistance proves futile, we surrender to it. Even though this means our own destruction. The country of Sweden (capital Stockholm), like Britain, is drowning in a flood of immigration.

  11. Paul Cook says:

    @Philip Smeeton

    I think you are mistaken on analysis of the Stockholm Syndrome, it is actually a syndrome for the captives or hostages of madmen/women, where they take on the identify of their captors, nothing to do with immigration.

    As to this killing I wonder why he shot and killed his little girl. What insanity is that.
    I doubt the cause was his islamic faith. rather he was totally deluded. And whilst islam makes him more deluded than most, linking his religion into the crime needs evidence. Where is it?

    As to the autistic boy making those comments, that is quite telling and astute. Poor poor lad. How hateful this man was.

  12. Rob Andrews says:

    The fact that he had a gun in England to begin with probably means he was hooked up with some kind of radical group. I don’t picture him clearing the tough backround checks required to get a gun in England.

    It didn’t say if it was a handgun or not, but I know they are very hard to get there.

    There’s no correct interpretation of a mytho-poetic book the the bible or qu’ran anyway.Anybody can get whatever thy want out of it.Witness Boko harams really teisted reading of the Qu’ran.

    “I know your religion isn’t true, the same way you know other people’s isn’t rrue”–Mark Twain.

  13. Maggie says:

    We are constantly told “it’s not the religion!”. Well it is the religion. It’s all about control, fear and violence – mainstays of Islam. I’m fed up with Cameron and his ilk talking about the ‘religion of peace’. Nothing I’ve seen about this religion suggests peace.

  14. Rob Andrews says:


    Non of the Abrahamic religions are peaceful. Not if you look at their histories. Holy wars; crusaids; witch burnings; persecution of heretics, such as Galeleo.

    Christianity has been tamed because of the rise of science and democracy.(the two most important ideas in human history). But in islamic countries their true colors still show through. It’s quite a shock when they find themselves in western countries accused of murder.

    In relatively modern Pakestan, they still can get away with this–and that’s a relatively western country, founded in 1948.

    “The old testament shows Jehova as a teenager. The new testament shows Jehova grown up-after he got religion”–Mark Twain