‘UFO’ brought down church building

‘UFO’ brought down church building

The Founder and General Overseer of Nigeria’s  Synagogue Church of All Nations, Temitope (T B) Joshua, has linked the collapse at the weekend of an uncompleted church guest house to a ‘strange aircraft’. Seventeen people died.

Joshua, who believes “holy water” can cure Ebola, said that the plane hovered around the collapsed building for over 30 minutes.

The pastor spoke just as emergency officials revealed that 17 people died in the incident while 123 others were evacuated alive and rushed to hospital.

Briefing journalists on the incident on Saturday, the pastor played a CCTV footage of a flying aircraft to back his claim.

In the footage, a plane was seen flying over the collapsed guest house at four different times on Friday morning — 11: 30 am, 11: 43 am, 11:45 am and 11: 54 am.

The building collapsed at 12:44 pm Friday afternoon.

In his speech, Joshua insisted the aircraft was responsible for the collapse of the building and that he was the target of the attack.

Immediately I left the prayer room (which is a 10-minute drive form the church) for the church, I got a call that a jet was hovering over the prayer room but as I finished bathing and moved to the prayer room, I got another call that the jet has moved to the church and that was it.

Joshua called on security agents to study the CCTV footage as they investigate the incident.

The rubble of the collapsed building.

The rubble of the collapsed building.

He also apologised  to the press following the hostile treatment of journalists by members of his church.

We are very sorry on their behalf. Our members are not hostile. The Bible is our standard …

According to the TB Joshua Watch blog, journalists, who initially tried to cover the collapse of a building:

Saw hell in the hands of the church members … Some journalists got their cameras smashed and other were seriously beaten for attempting to steal some shots of the collapsed building. A particular TV station had the windscreen of its car smashed by the members. What they were trying to hide is still difficult to understand.

The blog author added:

Even if we entertain this ridiculous [UFO] hypothesis for one moment, it still doesn’t let SCOAN off the hook one iota. Is he saying that the buildings on his multimillion dollar church compound are so shoddily built that the noise of a nearby aircraft could cause it to fall? Or is he saying that the UFO had some alien, invisible ray gun technology that remotely disintegrated the foundations of the building?

Far be it for us to make fun of this dreadful situation, but how else are we meant to understand his explanation?

Secondly we should note that not once did TB Joshua express any sympathy or remorse for the senseless deaths caused by his shoddy buildings. Nor has he even acknowledge that anyone had died, even though official numbers are now listed at 17. Instead he waffles on about madcap conspiracy theories based on the fact a mysterious surveillance camera was discovered on the church site, and an unidentified flying object was nearby when the building collapsed.

The deaths were incidental to him, the real victim of this attack is TB Joshua. You can see exactly this attitude on the TB Joshua facebook page, I challenge anyone to find a single comment expressing sympathy to the bereaved families.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

15 responses to “‘UFO’ brought down church building”

  1. Rob Andrews says:

    A good example of the use of the devices of communication in place of the truth. This time all at once. Such as:

    Propaganda: Blame it on UFO sor something else.
    Censorship: Brake the reporters cameras or beat them up to silence.
    Secrecy: Never say anything about shoddy construction.

    Catholic kid to Jewish kid. “My priest knows more than your rabbi”
    Jewish kid. “That’s because you tell him everything in confession”.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Our members are not hostile. The Bible is our standard.

    “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the Evil one.” (I John 5:19; Weymouth)

  3. barriejohn says:

    Is he illustrating the size of his cock in that pic, or maybe his IQ? I guess both are minute.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    My guess, BarrieJohn is that he is telling the wee willie winkies in his congregation that if they buy his magic ‘holy’ potion that will grow to this size:

  5. barriejohn says:

    My father worked for some years in Xian, and my mother was there with him. They brought back pictures of the Terracotta Army, but they didn’t say anything about that one!

  6. AgentCormac says:

    I assume TB stands for Total Bullshit?

  7. L.Long says:

    “…Our members are not hostile. The Bible is our standard …”
    You mean the book that talks about killing 100s of people on every other page???

  8. Norman Paterson says:

    Jets can’t hover (except the Harrier, and I doubt it could last for 30 mins) so if the report is accurate, it is genuinely an unidentified flying object. UFO does not mean it is aliens with unknown rays – just that it is unidentified. For example it could have been drone under Boko Haram control, and it could have dropped an explosive device that brought the church down. I’m not suggesting that it was these things, just pointing out that it is possible to construct a hypothesis that does not depend on unknown technology, magic or supernatural effects. Joshua does not suggest anything other worldly either, good for him.

  9. 1859 says:

    No, no no – the good pastor is wrong. A UFO can’t be a jet as was scientifically prooofed by Professor Patterson (above). Everyone knows ‘UFO’ stands for ‘Unusual Ferocious Orangutang’ – that’s wot brought God’s church down…hic!…hic!…

    Don’t worry – just drunk on bad irony….apologies.

  10. kimitho David says:

    Time will tell us , let’s wait and see!

  11. Adam Tjaavk says:

    Security Footage Of Synagogue Collapse
    & ‘Strange Airplane’ Allegedly Behind It


  12. barriejohn says:

    Oh, no; “miraculous survivals”!

    From a tiny hole at the far side of the wreckage, a body was being brought out. “She’s alive,” a man beside me reassured. Straining to look closer, I saw the woman, who was being stretchered toward an awaiting ambulance, waving her hands. “God of T.B. Joshua, you are wonderful,” the rescued lady exclaimed, her voice extraordinarily strong. She had been in the dark, under the rubble for over 24 hours…

    “The situation could have turned out much worse,” another member of the rescue team named Sunday corroborated. “If not for God, we could be talking of over 100 fatalities.”

    I’m lost for words.

  13. barriejohn says:

    It was human sacrifice:

    According to him, Pastor TB Joshua is a principality fervently working to attract as many people as he can, to Satan.“

    …this is evil hands at work because I know people who have to make human sacrifices in order to be promoted in the spiritual realm…

    Rev. Owusu Bempah further stated that he has the permission of God to disclose the demonic deeds of the SCOAN Founder and leader.

    He claimed that the incident and subsequent death of people, was an act of human sacrifice.

    You have to feel sorry for the poor, benighted souls being influenced by such maniacs..

  14. Ogbodo wisdom says:

    I dnt think dat all this unnecessary remarks ar suitable 2 be made off, let all giv time a little permission 2 determine.

  15. Robster says:

    A quote “What they were trying to hide is still difficult to understand”. Oh really? Perhaps it was that the collapse of a house of ‘worship’ being yet another overt example of the jesus/god’s complete impotence or non-existence, or the pastor paid a pittance for a jerry built facility and spent the rest of the money on rent boys, it could be any number of dodgy things, remember this is a church and pastor so trust has to take a back seat.