Turkey tackles butchery blunders

Turkey tackles butchery blunders

As Turks gears up for Eid al-Adha, the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, the Government is running courses for the public on how to slaughter animals safely.

The BBC quotes The Daily Sabah newspaper as saying:

Turkey has a bad reputation when it comes to slaughtering animals for the feast because ordinary people attempt to slaughter the sheep and cattle themselves, instead of hiring a professional butcher.

State-run public education centres are now conducting courses ahead of the October 4 festival to end the phenomenon of:

Blundering butchers who often end up in hospital emergency wards when a misplaced blow injures them.

The centres will run 40 courses nationwide, covering slaughter, skinning, removal of internal organs, meat storage, hygiene during slaughter and, not least:

First aid in the event of accidental maiming of the amateur butcher.

The courses will also cover the Islamic rules on selection of the sheep and bulls suitable for slaughter and how to divide the meat – a third is traditionally given to the needy.

The teachers are professional butchers, Islamic scholars and paramedics, who will conduct the lessons in classrooms and “practicals” in licensed slaughterhouses.

Students are told to pay particular attention to handling knives and cleavers properly, as lost fingers feature regularly in the Turkish media. Other frequent causes of urgent hospital visits are poorly-tethered animals

Sensing their impending doom, breaking loose and butting their cleaver-wielding owners.

According to the Occupy for Animals website (warning: horrific images):

Holidays are supposed to be joyous times, but for animals, they are often the worst of times no matter what religion is celebrating the holiday. During the Muslim holy days of Eid al-Adha, millions of animals, including camels, lambs, goats, and cows, had (sic) their throats cut in memory of Abraham’s sacrifice of a sheep.

Camels typically have one of their front legs tied up and their rear legs roped together so they can hardly stand, and their mouths are often tied shut. Surrounded by a throng of onlookers, the terrified camels are held down with ropes while someone plunges a knife into their throat. Braying and thrashing in pain, the camels slowly bleed to death. Thankfully, some Muslims are questioning this practice.

If the way that animals are killed during Eid al-Adha disturbs us, what about the millions of turkeys who are slammed into shackles, dangled upside-down by their fragile legs, and killed when their throats are cut open while the birds are still conscious—just so that they can end up on someone’s Thanksgiving table?

Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate all holiday ‘traditions’ that cause animals to suffer and die. 

The author, a Muslim, added:

I read somewhere that the Prophet stated ‘La taqtolu  bil-la iza’a’  if you must kill,  kill without torture.

I don’t see any concerns among Muslims honoring Prophet’s words.  We Muslims are very good in cherry picking things; we choose what suits us and disregard those that hinder our ways of doing things.

I often wonder what if God had asked us to sacrifice our children to make him happy. I doubt any commandment like that would have seen the light of the day. 

The issue of animal sacrifice is often debated among Islamic scholars, and opinions are divided.

While most animals are publicly slaughtered for this disgusting annual Islamic blood-fest, the law in the United Kingdom only allows these sacrifices to take place in an official slaughterhouse. In France, too, public slaughter is banned, but it appears that it is tolerated in Spain. Occupy points out:

On the morning of November 7th, 2011 Animal Equality documented the ritual lamb slaughter on the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ (‘Eid al-Adha’) or ‘Fiesta Grande’ (‘Eid-al-Kebir’) in Melilla, Spain.

This gruesome slaughter of 6,000 animals was carried out in full view of locals, including children, and animals who were tied up waiting helplessly for their turn. 

This report says that the slaughter again took place in Melilla last year, and we assume it will happen again next month.

Hat tip: Ivan Bailey


12 responses to “Turkey tackles butchery blunders”

  1. L.Long says:

    I remember when the voodoo people here in the states were slammed for killing sacrificial chickens, and it was stated that you do not get privilege to kill the chickens. And these stone age maroons kill wholesale in cruel disgusting ways that american hunters would find cruel. And when told they can’t they start yelling religious intolerance!!!!!! well to bad I have no tolerance for ignorant BS killing just cuz some stone age dude thought he heard gawd. Anyone get hurt doing this crap, well good the beast had some small satisfaction.
    Its nice to know they are also desensitizing the next generation of suicide bombers by having the kids watch.
    Ya I know they were not really stone age.

  2. Robster says:

    Were those poor sheep apostate or something? Good to read those charitable muzzies doing their bit for the poor,”a third is traditionally given to the needy”, gotta wonder which third but at least it’s the thought that counts. I hope the needy aren’t fed bits of offal or the whatever the feet of sheep are called. Got to be better than a sip of a nasty red with a cracker.

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    “Holidays are supposed to be joyous times, but for animals, they are often the worst of times no matter what religion is celebrating the holiday.”

    Quite true! Just the other day I saw a Jain tell a dirty joke to a cat, and a Buddhist cast a sideways glare at a parrot. Well, not quite the same as animal sacrifice, yes. But don’t get any ideas that some religions are more savage than others.

  4. Paul Cook says:

    I have seen this in Istanbul many times.
    I like it. It is a good tourist attraction.
    Corals of animals tied up in open spaces next to busy roads near homes etc.
    The animals slaughtered – often poorly – in the road so the blood flows down to the (usually blocked) drains. And then flows out and about. The offal stripped out and left to steam – when it’s cold- and fester by the road. Not cleared up until much much later. If at all.
    The street dogs and cats and there are many of them do enjoy this festival too.

    I look forward to it each year. Hamdullaarrrgggghhh.

  5. Broga says:

    Sick bastards. I hope lots of finger get chopped off.

  6. barriejohn says:

    I don’t see any concerns among Muslims honoring Prophet’s words. We Muslims are very good in cherry picking things; we choose what suits us and disregard those that hinder our ways of doing things.

    Precisely – and that’s just what HE is doing. So do Christians and Jews, otherwise they wouldn’t have any coherent sort of philosophy at all. All their sacred texts contradict themselves over and over again, and the Koran is the very worst. Both Muslims and Christians tell us that later texts cancel out the teachings of earlier ones; well, if that’s the case, their “god” has a very disturbing habit of changing his mind about “eternal truths”, hasn’t he? How can anyone take any of it seriously?

  7. barriejohn says:

    This was in the news recently, but I can’t locate a non-subscription reference to the research at the moment!

    The religiots are putting their own spin on it, and saying that it proves that ritual slaughter is not detrimental to animal welfare. Oh, well.

  8. barriejohn says:


    Shechita UK spokesman Shimon Cohen told the Times that the study was “not relevant to the debate about religious slaughter in any way”.

    “I’ve got my fingers in my ears and I’m shouting Lalala, so I can’t hear you.”

  9. Frank says:

    The only excuse (and it’s a bad one) these people have for senselessly killing animals is ‘tradition’. Well guess what, dumbass traditions are made to be broken. So come out of the desert and step into the 21st century people.

  10. Vanity Unfair says:

    To barriejohn:
    The bad news: The times is, unfortunately, secreted behind a paywall.
    The good news: if you have a (UK) public library ticket there is a good chance that you will have home access to Proquest UK Newsstand. This is a computerised text-capture programme that includes nearly all national and many local newspapers. And it’s free.
    I have just read the report.
    Support your local library. It’s not just books; it never was.

  11. Vanity Unfair says:

    Unfortunately, The times’s report does not give a citation of any sort to the research. Standards are really slipping there. The report is said not to be peer-reviewed. It is not on PubMed.
    It is possible to trace the earlier report from the All-party Parliamentary Group on Beef and Lamb to: Beef_and_Lamb_APPG_-_Inquiry_into_meat_slaughtered_in_accordance_with_religious_rites_FINAL.pd. It is interesting in itself but not what the later report is really about.

  12. barriejohn says:

    Vanity Unfair: I’ll look into that, though I don’t leave the house much now due to my mother’s condition, and when I do I’m usually in a hurry to get back!

    I did wonder why the report didn’t seem to appear elsewhere. How strange.