Thousands injured in barbaric Muslim rite

Thousands injured in barbaric Muslim rite

A few days back Turkey warned of the dangers of amateurs slaughtering animals to mark the Eid al-Adha celebrations. Judging from the headline above – ‘4078 injured’ – it clearly fell on deaf ears.

The injuries mainly involved cut fingers, or being gored by angry bulls.

But, according to this report, there was only one fatal Eid-related incident. 62-year-old Habip Bostan died in Kayseri province October 4, after suffering a heart attack while slaughtering an animal.

The bull pictured above in the eastern province of Sivas was caught soon after it managed to escape. Police – along with its owners – helped catch the terrified animal, after which municipality officials shot it with tranquilliser darts.

Several social media users reacted angrily to photos showing the animal being dragged upside down behind a tractor for one kilometer.

In Istanbul parts of the Bosphorus flowed red on yesterday with animal blood from slaughters. Despite official warnings, many Muslims on Istanbul’s Asian side opted to slaughter their animals themselves, allowing the blood to freely flow into the city’s sewers.

Some 20 activists from the Independent Nature and Animal Association’s “Veganism is Freedom” group staged a protest Istanbul yesterday.

One animal rights spokesman said:

The Feast of Sacrifice happened to be on World Animal Day this year. These massacres are not in accordance with our religion.

Hat tip: Paul Cook.

12 responses to “Thousands injured in barbaric Muslim rite”

  1. Norman Paterson says:

    Mass killing does seem to be par for the course in Islam. But I was not aware that veganism was a religion. Have the vegans been offended? On behalf of the animals? Will they riot?

  2. Broga says:

    Muslims. In their own backward countries they seem happiest when the streets are running in blood. Human or non human doesn’t matter. Just as long as it involves slaughter and suffering.

  3. John C says:

    Animal cruelty on an epic scale, no doubt these are the “peaceful majority” of muslims in that country,even the less violent ones are uncivilised.

  4. Apettway says:

    Wow. I thought we were free thinkers not rabid racists. The three previous posters should be ashamed. While I have no sympathy for religion and despise these cruel acts, to paint with such broad brush strokes just looks zenophobic from here.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    Eid honors Abraham, a man willing to stab his son to please an invisible monster that lives in the sky. The progressive element is that stabbing an animal was deemed a pleasing enough substitute for the monster so the boy got to live. As long as somebody got stabbed Muslims seem content.

  6. Toto says:

    Primitive,cruel, barbaric, bloodthirsty……typically muslim.

  7. Paul Cook says:


    you are correct. this ‘holiday’ is sacrificing animals in place of humans as did abrahim his son. It so closely follows judaism most likely as islam itself is (when it was ‘created’) a jew religion.

  8. EJ says:

    Only thousands? Millions is probably nearer the mark.

  9. Toto says:

    Turks should be more concerned about the islamic fundamentalist death squads on their borders. Whist the turks are happy to watch the massacre of the Kurds they should realise that the lawless butchering barbarians will not stop at a line in the sand. The whole region is going to be subsumed in an orgy of wanton murder and destruction. The Middle East and perhaps a wider hinterland is going to be reduced to a smouldering wasteland littered with millions of charred mutilated bodies. What a fucking waste. This is the reality of islam…this is what you get when primitive resentful people with nothing better to do are brainwashed by the pious followers of a totalitarian death cult. I sometimes think that the only solution is to let the warring factions ethnically cleanse each other into mutual destruction.
    Let them see what the concept of hell looks like in the real world.
    Islam is a pox on humanity.

  10. Newspaniard says:

    @Toto. Well Said.

  11. Ex Patriot says:

    I agree with what you said. Let them destroy each other, but we must do whatever is needed to make sure it does not spread, to far. This is what religion does to non thinking people, it is a pox on all humanity.

  12. Paul Cook says:

    “The whole region is going to be subsumed in an orgy of wanton murder and destruction. ”

    It already is.