‘Kill gays’ pastor is on a ‘pro-life’ mission

‘Kill gays’ pastor is on a ‘pro-life’ mission

Lunatic Harlem pastor James David Manning, above, notorious for his inflammatory anti-Obama remarks and statements calling for the murder of gays and lesbians, is to head a “pro-life” event in Jackson, Mississippi on October 15.

Manning, along with WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie, is taking part in a rally demanding the closure of the only clinic in Mississippi which offers abortion services.

Manning will lead the team of delegates and deliver “the eulogy” for The Jackson Women’s Health Organization. He declared:

A delegation of pastors, politicians, community leaders, and students, reminiscent of the ‘Freedom Riders,’ from all over America will descend on The JWHO to close Mississippi’s only abortion mill.

Mychal Massie stated,

Between 1882 and 1968, there were 3,446 blacks lynched in the United States. That is an 86 year span. Today in the United States there are 1,876 black babies murdered in the womb every day – which means the total known number of blacks lynched over an 86-year period is surpassed approximately every 45 hours. How many of those 1,876 preborn black babies are murdered at the abortion death mill located right here in Mississippi?

Organizers also intend to sign an “Emancipation Proclamation For the Pre-born Child” which states, among other things:

… Our government has been in rebellion against the Law of Almighty God since January 22, 1973.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America declared that children in their mother’s womb were not fully human and therefore were not entitled to the full protection of the laws of our land.

Because of this open rebellion and blatant disregard for the Law of God and for life, our nation is suffering under the remedial judgments of God Himself. Blood is coursing down the corridors of our schools, work places, and streets. Because we have not hated bloodshed, bloodshed is now pursuing us (Ezekiel 35:6).

We the pastors, elders, and citizens of the city of Jackson, Mississippi and these United States, do hereby this day, hold the Supreme Court of the United States in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. We hold it in contempt of the lives of the children it was sworn to protect. We hold in contempt of the Court before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

18 responses to “‘Kill gays’ pastor is on a ‘pro-life’ mission”

  1. barriejohn says:

    He actually called for Barack Obama to be hanged:

  2. Broga says:

    ” blatant disregard for the Law of God “. Ah yes, the old Law of God thing. So selective to fit the bigotry of the Christian and thus so variable.

  3. Toto says:

    Another mind constipated with dangerous dogma. This guy needs to be locked up because he is a menace with a serious mental disorder.

  4. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: I loved the Roger Helmer clip. Wonderfully funny if you have my no doubt perverse sense of humour. He employs his wife as a “research assistant” (at tax payers’ expense of course). Mrs H. seems not to have done any “research” on her husband who works so hard and needs to relax in a “sleazy” massage parlour.

  5. Barry Duke says:

    Broga, I have a perverse sense of humour, and got my arse kicked as a result a few years back:

  6. barriejohn says:

    Re Kyle Lake’s death:

    “At first, there was definitely confusion just because everyone was trying to figure out what was going on,” Ben Dudley, former community pastor at University Baptist, told the Waco Tribune-Herald. “Everyone just immediately started praying.”

    Yeah – REALLY fucking useful again!

  7. Broga says:

    @Barry Duke: These stories confirm my “perverse” sense of humour. I particularly liked the Noel Coward one. Life would be dull without the dash of the macabre humour. I think Deisel Balaam was spot on with his comment about the high and mighty, the favoured of God no less, seeming funny when they are laid low.

    I like the short stories of Saki and his exposure of the airs and graces of the pompous echelons of society around the time of WW1. There is one, I particularly enjoyed, of a man overhearing a conversation in a train who sets up a fake visit from a bishop.

  8. Trevor Blake says:

    The law of God? Only God is allowed to perform abortions, and the mother must at least suffer and hopefully die.

    Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give? give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. — Hosea 9:14

    Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb. — Hosea 9:16

    Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up. — Hosea 13:16

  9. David Anderson says:

    Barry Duke, typo alert!

    Second para should read; “Manning, along with World NUT Daily columnist Mychal Massie,”

  10. AgentCormac says:

    An ‘Emancipation Proclamation For the Pre-born Child’. It would be laughable if the nutters behind it weren’t so effing dangerous.

  11. Barry Duke says:

    Coming up next Agent Cormac … “An Emancipation Proclamation For Every Sperm.”

  12. AgentCormac says:

    It is every baby’s right, Barry Duke, to have such a proclamation. And I shall fight the oppressor to ensure they get it.

  13. 1859 says:

    ‘….Every sperm is holy,
    every sperm is great,
    For every sperm that’s wasted,
    God gets quite irate….’

    This loon says he’s ‘pro-life’? So condoning the death of gay people is also ‘pro-life’? ….There’s something amiss here I don’t understand…

    With his golden tie and ‘O-believe-in-me’ looks I would guess he’s a very troubled person. Poor sod. But, it’s people like him that secularists need. My guess is such people drive more people away from religion than they attract. What do y ‘think?

  14. Matt Westwood says:

    And there are threads where this very discussion is taken seriously by some, less seriously by others …

  15. barriejohn says:

    Matt: Despite the humorous comments, some of these people appear just not to get it.

    Re: Male masturbation is murder regardless of the circumstances. Men have no right to kill another living soul by wasting their seed.


    it is said that the man’s seed is where the soul exists

    it is absorbed and not a sin should the woman catch it into her body or mouth

    #So is throwing them into rubbish bin wrapped with condoms.

    #Another useless thread. It takes two parts to make a human and obviously you need to take some courses in school. (Doh!)

  16. Robster says:

    The bigot says ” Blood is coursing down the corridors of our schools, work places, and streets”. Yeah fellow, the same blood you gurgle on at church each Sunday, while munching on what’s believed to be a tasty fillet of broiled jesus. These people aren’t just sick, they’re idiots.

  17. Matt Westwood says:

    What if you catch it in your hand and re-consume it?