More Blair blather about religion

More Blair blather about religion

Why, one needs to ask today, is the BBC touting as news Tony’s Blair’s latest call for ‘respect’ for religion when it is simply a rehash of a threadbare and discredited mantra he has been echoing for years ?

When former PM Blair – told to his face in 2007 by another religious zealot, Dr Ian Paisley, that he was “a fool” for converting to Catholicism – insisted at the beginning of this year that fanaticism would only end when people were given the benefit of a good religious education, few burst his delusional bubble more effectively than National Secular President Terry Sanderson.

Sanderson asked:

So what does Mr Blair recommend as the way to stop the world being consumed by religious fanaticism and violence? Why, more religion of course. He thinks that people can be educated to understand each other.

Study religion and understand it properly and everyone will be able to live in tolerance and peace, he says. It is only people who don’t truly understand their faith who ‘pervert’ it and use it for malignant purposes.

Unfortunately for Mr Blair’s argument, the people who are presently engaged in religious warfare are the ones most educated about religion. They are the ones who have studied it and come to the conclusion that their version is superior to all others and must be imposed on the ignorant unbelievers.

Sanderson added:

Let us look at the place where religion holds least sway – in Europe. Over the past few decades, since the defeat of Nazism, Europe has made a real effort to avoid warfare between its nations. It has created the European Union and an economic pact that has unified states for mutual (most of the time, anyway) benefit.

It is far from perfect, but since its inception, the prospect of war between those European nations that are part of it has never in history seemed more unlikely.

And what other factor may be involved in this extended period of European peace? Well, the fact that religion has lost its grip on the European mind. We have become more democratic, free of dictatorships and secularised. The Vatican – proponent of so many wars in Europe – is a shadow of its historical self.

A religious war between EU nations? Unthinkable. Even the troubles of Northern Ireland have, in the main, been tempered. It is only a small faction of fanatics (who, incidentally, take their religion very seriously) who feel the ‘problems’  have not been resolved and would like to resume the bombings and assassinations.

Mr Blair, of course, thinks religion should become important again in Europe. He thinks we should all be forcibly educated about ‘our’ religion as well as about ‘their’ religion. This should preferably be done in ‘single-faith’  schools, the present proliferation of which in this country is of his making.

But how can separating young people from each other on the basis of religion be a means of uniting them? How can the constant reinforcement of religious difference be healthy when you are trying to defuse religious tensions?

How can ignorance and extremism be discouraged when you have unregulated madrassas pumping extreme religion into the heads of the next generation of Muslims in this country? Something like 2000 of these undesirable institutions are operating in Britain and it is only when some brave parent complains publicly about their child being beaten that we get a glimpse of what is happening within.

And he pointed out:

The more we allow our schools to be religionised, the more we pander to the demands of ‘religious leaders’ who are desperate to use our publicly funded education system to sustain themselves, the more divided as a society we will become.

So, no Tony Blair – we don’t want more religion. We need less. Much less.

Note: The Pope-hating Paisley, pictured above, right, with Blair, departed for Protestant heaven in September this year, aged 88.

Hat tip: Marcus Robinson, BarrieJohn, and AgentCormac

28 responses to “More Blair blather about religion”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    Blair deserves condemnation for his creation of (more and more) faith schools.Where religion is key to so called ‘education’. It is actually disrespectful to demand more religion not less – for the reasons Mr Sanderson sets out.

    There are two good islamic examples of countries where religion was given a free hand to create a society that should be shining beacons of religious greatness and how religion can work well. But they don’t.

    And Turkey.

    Iran is a basket case where the drain on young intelligentsia is astonishing and there is a huge void of creative, skilled, constructive members of society. It was thrown back at least 200 years.
    Turkey, allowed too much religious freedom under mega-capitalist right wing Turgt Ozal, has now become a mess of government corruption, lies and deceit and where Ataturk’s true secularism is seriously at risk.

  2. Stephen Mynett says:

    “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.”
    Considering Tony’s strange ideas for English Socialism, agreeing to a futile war to help out his mate in the White House to help free the middle east from terror and then promoting the acceptance of religious oligarchies he would seem to be happy with the ideas in a book by his namesake Eric.

    The tragedy is that Eric saw through the sham of many political systems and was brilliant in his criticism of them, while Tony remains a shameless, self-promoting blackguard with a love of power and willing to support almost anyone who will back him.

  3. Broga says:

    You will notice that the BBC gives license fee funded air time to Blair’s drivel about religion. On the bit that I heard it was reported as if we were being favoured with the words of a Socrates.

    Unless I have missed it, there was no challenge, no rebuttal based on facts and reason. The BBC is a slave to religion and is shameless in its bias. The religious mafia at the BBC broadcast the religious nonsense as if it were truth beyond doubt.

  4. Dave Godfrey says:

    If religion deserved respect, I’d give it. But I simply cannot respect superstitious, illogical, unbelievable rubbish.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Blair was asked on BBC News yesterday why he had not been more active regarding the situation in Gaza (which he has hardly visited) and he just waffled!

  6. barriejohn says:

    Posted this morning:

    “plans have been started to ensure that assemblies and personal, social and health education (PSHE) create opportunities to foster an appreciation of, and respect for, different faiths and cultures”.

  7. Angela_K says:

    When Blair was about to be elected as PM he said of his party that “they didn’t do god” while all the time he was a closet christian; and like Ann Widdecombe converted to catholicism because it was a bit more extreme.

    Blair has a messiah complex, he believes all the World needs is religion and his religious “wisdom” to solve humanity’s problems.

  8. barriejohn says:

    More here:

    They only set up their “faith schools” for one reason, and “appreciation of different faiths and cultures” ain’t it.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    Blair is a bloody idiot. The less we expose our children to religion’s pernicious influences the better chance we have of building a world of peace and understanding. To advocate that this can be achieved by teaching children to somehow appreciate religions other than their parents’ own brand of insanity is bollocks. If a child is brought up to believe it belongs to one faith tribe and that all others are false, then no amount of ‘appreciation’ will stop the hatred, stop the violence, stop the utter stupidity and hinderance that these iron-age morons continue to inflict on our species.

    My only hope would be that if every child was exposed to every religious claim of truth and divine knowledge, they would soon be able to discern that they can’t all be right. Perhaps not even the beliefs of their own parents.

  10. Paul Cook says:


    “…..and he just waffled”…
    He is a politician.
    When have you ever heard one say anything remotely on the point in question or even remotely honest.

  11. tonye says:

    I have to admit a small degree of frisson on hearing that Blair (who has been more than happy to try to thrust religion upon the masses) has been targeted by a religious nutter.


  12. Broga says:

    @tonye: I suppose the religious nutter is convinced this his God is the true God and his religion the true religion. Tony Blair thinks the same about Roman Catholicism. I don’t know how many different faiths there are but their believers are all convinced that they have found the real deal.

    The situation is more complicated than this as the different religions have vicious divisions with them. “Dr” Paisley, a Christian and recently much lauded on the BBC RPC (Religious Propaganda Channel), said that the Pope, revered by Blair was the anti Christ. What is an anti Christ anyway?

  13. barriejohn says:

    I really enjoyed the St Albion’s section that used to appear in Private Eye during Blair’s tenure in office; it captured him (as the vicar) perfectly. His faith organization is now referred to as D.A.F.T. (Drawing All Faiths Together). I can’t find a link to any of that, but this cartoon is apposite:

  14. barriejohn says:

    This is spot on!

    “The Blair Foundation will work to leverage mutual respect and understanding between seemingly incompatible faith traditions”

    After all, despite our differences, we do have one important thing in common: all of us in the faith communities hold firm beliefs in the total absence of evidence, which leaves us free to believe anything we like. So, at the very least, we can be united in claiming a privileged role for all these private beliefs in the formulation of public policy.

  15. AgentCormac says:


    That is indeed spot on!

  16. 1859 says:

    If Mr.T. Blair can be so wrong about those phantom ‘weapons of mass destruction’ bristling in the deserts of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, then clearly his belief in a phantom in the sky is really not surprising. And the evidence presented for both these things was and is a complete charade….I wonder what sort of sins he confesses to in the confessional?…

  17. Robster says:

    Blair’s missus is a serial godbot too and rather frighteningly, a judge. He’s slipped so far off the rails, given the ever diminishing interest in religious belief in the UK (and elsewhere), Mr Blair should seek another topic to promote. if he’s keen to keep food on the family table, religion really is the last refuge for scoundrels.

  18. Paul Cook says:

    Barriejohn that is quite incredible. For 2014, just incredible. How some in the human race have not moved in 3500 years.

    “The Blair Foundation will work to leverage mutual respect and understanding between seemingly incompatible faith traditions”

    This is like turkey’s inviting the farmer, the slaughter man, the butcher, and the man from Prestige knives over for a christmas drink.

  19. Mephisto says:

    This is a man who should be whispering his opinions through prison bars.

  20. AgentCormac says:

    On the subject of ‘blather’, I had to laugh at UK Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan this morning. Having claimed upon her appointment that ‘My mission in Parliament is to remember the Word of God and serve the Lord’, she has, in the wake of the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ row, now stated that ‘… individuals who try to promote a particular view in schools need to be removed from the system.’ Would she apply that view to christians and christianity? I very much doubt it.

  21. andym says:

    @ Broga. The situation seems to be getting worse,. I’ve just thought , and I can’t actually remember the last time I heard an NSS spokesperson on the BBC-they used to be on occasionally.

    Someone-an insider – once said of Cameron that if you’re not part of a family , you don’t exist to him. With Blair, it’s now the same for people without religion.

  22. Broga says:

    @andym: There may be some comfort in this. The BBC religious mafia are so insecure and so scared of NSS challenge that they desperately censor it. They dare not permit an atheist contribution on the dire Thought for the Day.

  23. Newspaniard says:

    Talking about the BBC (ITV/Sky etc are equally as bad and CH4 worse). I was just reading an article about riots in Hamburg on 7/8 October where 400 islamist supporters of IS were attacking a similar number of Kurds with all sorts of weapons including machetes and knives. Guess what, not a whisper on the UK news media… talk about PC and censorship when it comes to these savages.

  24. A Confused Atheist says:

    He [Blair] may have caused problems in Afghanistan and Iraq, but at least he did something the Tories thought impossible: he indirectly disarmed the Ulster Unionists and the IRA.

  25. tonye says:


    Even among themselves they cannot agree on the smallest detail.

    See this wikipedia link:

  26. tonye says:


    Which reminded me of this piece of genius from Emo Phillips.